TODAY: The Psychology of 9/11, An Interview with Ken Jenkins of

The Psychology of 9/11, An Interview with Ken Jenkins

Live internet radio interview today at 2pm (pacific)

I will be guest hosting for Carol Brouillet on her weekly show, Community Currency, and interviewing Ken Jenkins on the Progressive Radio Network

If you have questions for Ken or I, please email me at:

marin911truth (at) gmail (dot) com

We may also do some call in toward the end of the hour.

Hope to get some good feedback from all of you.

Be well and enjoy the day!

John William Wright

[edit -LW] - Here are links to the Ken Jenkin's article we mentioned on the show:

Archive of show:

I'm listening live now at 2:40 pm.

Great show, gentlemen. Thanks.


You're quite welcome.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

I hope that you and yours are well.

Enjoy the day!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I missed it

Please post URL for archived version.

My apologies for the short notice

I didn't have my guest nailed down until late last night (100% my fault), so I didn't want to post anything here until I knew who the guest(s) would be.

Yes, as soon as it is archived I will post a link, but it will probably mean going to:

and clicking on the 9/30/2010 show.

The show should be available tomorrow.

Cheers Chris!

(hope you're staying cool up your way)


Political Ponerology

Thanks to Mr. Jenkins for mentioning this book in the interview. Never heard of it before, but I just read the introduction on Amazon, and it looks like an important guide to WTF is wrong with the world and may lead to empowerment for those of us who want real change.

Ken Jenkins at 911blogger