International Center for 9/11 Studies - NIST Cumulus Video Database Released

As we announced on August 31, 2010, the International Center for 9/11 Studies has secured the release of tens of thousands of photographs, and hundreds of hours of video footage, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) under the Freedom of Information Act.  We are working on ways to get this data in the hands of interested researchers, we need the community's help to examine this material, much of which has not been seen before.
We are pleased to announce that we have made our first release of this material available for download.  This first release is the "NIST Cumulus Video" folder which is part of the NIST Cumulus Database we received. It contains over 6500 video clips that NIST used in its investigation.  It is important to note that NIST did not voluntarily turn over the entire Cumulus database to us.  The alleged copyright holders of a small amount of material in the Cumulus database objected to NIST releasing their materials, and NIST complied with all such requests.  We are currently engaged in litigation against NIST, and will continue fighting for complete release of these materials.

The original "NIST Cumulus Video" folder is approximately 924GB. To make it possible to distribute, we encoded it using the x264 software library. The result is roughly 86GB and has no noticeable difference in quality. (See for the encoding details.). If you download the compressed data set and find interesting items you believe need to be examined in their original, uncompressed format, please contact the International Center for 9/11 Studies using the Contact Us page.

We are releasing the Cumulus database using the bittorrent network.  If you dont have a bittorrent client please see to install one. Then click:

to start downloading.  Also, even after your download is complete, please allow your computer to act as a seed for other downloaders in the future.

We will be releasing additional data sets in the coming weeks and months.  If you intend to archive all of this material, plan on purchasing a large storage medium, this release is numbered 14 of 30, so we have atleast 29 (of varying size) more to go. We expect to receive even more data from NIST. We are also working on a wiki-style website where researchers will be able to discuss interesting items that are found in this mountain of data.
One final note: if you do choose to download this data, you will be agreeing to the Terms of Use that are included in the torrent file.  The Terms of Use contain important provisions with respect to the copyrights, if any exist, in the materials we are releasing.  If you download the materials and do not agree to the Terms of Use, please delete the materials from your system.  We regret having to include a Terms of Use with these materials, but NIST has been less than forthcoming with information about the origin of these materials, and we need to protect ourselves.
Our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped over the last month to make this information available.




.. any juicy bits come to light so far.... let us know...

Xenomorph911 has found some molten metal:

short clip

who would stop filming THAT scene..missing footage?


The NIST Cumulus Video Folder

Is a collection of clips that someone seems to have picked from a larger body of raw footage. We don't yet know what uncut footage they are sending or not.

"Freelance WTC7 10.avi"

See: "Freelance WTC7 10.avi" in the Freelance folder.

There seems to be a small portion missing from the clip where a large rectangle shaped object is on top of WTC7 in one frame, and gone the next? Very odd.

Anyone seen this?

I have noticed

In all the videos with sound, the part just before the collapse is missing.
The exception is this one and you can hear an explosion at 0:10

That large rectangle was the east penthouse. [mechanical room]

Suggestions to receive/organize/have discussion on video

- setup phpBB forum ( ) with one topic for each video then people can discuss using posts on that topic

- this will create a list of 6500 topics (one for each video clip)

- this can be setup in automated fashion by importing a list of videos into phpBB database to pre-setup topics eg do not have to enter each manually, as long as there is a complete list of all video

- the topic can have a 'sticky' post that has any descriptive info for that video eg links to other discussion of it on internet elsewhere, etc

- assumes video clips have unique identifier eg file name or other way of identifying them (eg John Smith video 1, etc)

- it could also be setup so that videos can be also grouped under higher level categories eg group John Smith videos under one category

- further, if separate forums are setup (in phpBB 'forum' is higher level of categorization) for example, one for videos reviewed and nothing of interest found, one forum for videos with interesting things found, topics could be moved from one forum to another as required

- phpBB can have voting built in so that people can vote on whether a video is interesting or not (if it becomes necessary)

- phpBB can be modified so that for example
-> a page can show all recent posts
-> a page can show a list of all topics arranged alphabetically
-> a page can show a list of all videos (topics) by category


I sent ya an email. It would also be nice to have a way to generate the pages from the torrent structure. Checking out phpbb.

Great work

Thank you to all of you who have been part of this effort.

Evidence of explosions in twin towers basement before either tow

Here is a new one from the NIST database I just came accross:

Evidence of explosions in twin towers basement before either tower collapsed


Here's the clip:

From The 1993 Attack? WTC 1 Not Burning

This clip strongly resembles scenes from the 1993 sub-level truck bomb attack.

That is from the 1993 bombing;

Hence the snow flurries, the wet ground, and the cloudy skies. On 9/11 it was not snowing, the ground was not wet, and the skies were clear.

Anyone who distributes this video as "proof explosives were used in the basements on 9/11" should be looked at more closely and is guilty of deliberately spreading lies and disinformation. Notice that the comments were disabled for this video on YouTube? That most likely means the person who uploaded the video didn't want the truth to be plastered all over their page.

I bet this video was deliberately added by NIST to fuel the conspiracy theory and to eventually further discredit the truth movement.

It was a genuine mistake. I

It was a genuine mistake. I got exited because I though I had found something important. I had been looking a clips for HOURS by that point. My friend told me about it and I just went ahead and posted it. I am not a disinfo artist. Just trying to help. I apologie to the community if I upset anyone. It was an honest mistake. I have taken the video down now.


It was a genuine mistake. I got exited because I though I had found something important. I had been looking a clips for HOURS by that point. My friend told me about it and I just went ahead and posted it. I am not a disinfo artist. Just trying to help. I apologie to the community if I upset anyone. It was an honest mistake. Didnt even notice the snow. Semms obvious now. Feel like a fool! I have taken the video down now.

Report from Ground Zero clip34

9/11: NIST FOIA Release - Report from Ground Zero clip34

Previously unseen clip with mistimed explosion and audio (unconfirmed). This explosion was noted before, from a different angle, without audio. See:

Original file needs some deinterlacing, can be obtained here (1.92 Mb):

The NIST Cumulus video database is officially released, see details here:

Thanks to Xenomorph911 and those behind this release!

That sounds like

something hitting the ground.

Extremely Interesting

The relatively small "crack" sound seems to coincide exactly with a fragmentation of a portion of the falling glowing material, suggesting that this material was explosive.

If nanothermite, perhaps it was not perfectly tuned, hence the odd explosive reaction. With respect to "paintable" nanothermite and the WTC, think extreme heat, not explosiveness.

The sound doesn't seem to be the result of any collision of objects.


Had thought the location of the camera was in or much nearer to the cemetery NE of and across the street from WTC 2, in part due to the trees in the foreground of some frames. In fact the camera seems to have been at least a few hundred feet from the WTC, based on the embedded image, which seems to be recorded from the same location of the video camera. The sound, whatever it was, also seems much closer to the microphone than WTC 2 is from the apparent video camera location.


Can produce impressive explosions. Per unit mass or volume they have a higher energy density than conventional high explosives. Depending on the specifics, it's my understanding that they can out-perform conventional explosives significantly.
January 21, 2005
Title: Military Reloads with Nanotech: Smaller. Cheaper. Nastier. Those are the guiding principles behind the military's latest bombs. The secret ingredient: nanotechnology that makes for a bigger boom.

more []

4-Ton Girders: Blowing in the Wind?:
High Speed Ejection from WTC1 toward WTC7:

Can One Slow Down Video, Zoom In On Explosion?

While retaining the audio (for timing purposes), could someone slow down this video and zoom in on the fragmentation that coincides with the "crack" sound?


Regarding the video above

With the falling molten metal impacting the side of the building.. or as some seem to have suggested... exploding in the air... video analysis is needed to find out where the camera is and calculate the delay to see if it's possible that it's the cause of the sound. Also, it may be audible in other videos. I dont see any smoke from it... and the sound seems to happen too soon.

Fragmentation May Be A Collision With WTC 2

The video was recorded perhaps a few hundred feet NE of WTC 2 (Park Row), which would generate some delay in the travel of audible explosions, reducing the liklyhood of a general simultaneity of sight and sound .

This GIF does not seem to precisely depict the fragmentation seen in the earlier video.

Could it be an explosion out the window?

It seems unlikely to me that falling material could collide with the building and then explode out horizontally from that fixed position. It seems more like an explosion from inside the building at that point. The explosion is very horizontal, and I would expect a collision to result in much more vertical motion.

We should compare where this happened with later images (though there is little time left) to see if there is some continuation of this event, perhaps with more smoke or fire?

Another video showing this event is Molten metal, Luigi Cazzaniga 46.avi (see below). That video also shows the other event highlighted in the video above. But the video above must have been taken close enough to hear the snap sound simultaneously with the explosion.

There was lots of prior discussion of this explosion/splash event at

Here is a slow motion zoomed in view of the same animated sequence:

Luigi Cazzaniga 46.avi

This looks like Luigi Cazzaniga 46.avi

Found here:\International_Center_for_911_Studies_NIST_FOIA\Release_14_-_NIST_Cumulus_Video_Database\NIST Cumulus Video\Luigi Cazzaniga

However the sound is different from this video PolarBear posted. Why?


11 September video's
11septembervideos's Channel

Good work, liberte,

The first clip is certainly from the same footage as the longer one, it separates the two explosive events, and it suggests the shorter clip has explosion audio added to it.

Ferric Oxide

That's sounds like a themite/thermate cutter to me. You are right about the nanothermite early reaction due to damage effect. But this could also be a weakening cutter. That has never been established.

Here is the reference link to one version of the linear cutter. . I'm sure you've seen it , and you are aware of the beam linear cutter from 1999.

South Side WTC7 Yet?

Have you come across any footage or stills of the south side of WTC7 close up, upper and/or lower lobby areas, interior and exterior., near the sculpture and otherwise? There were camera crews on that side and at least one confirmed photographer (a Mr. Cohen), although many more were likely on that side at some point as a triage center was run out of WTC7 for a time during the morning. I have photos of several of the triage centers running that morning, but not WTC7 yet.

I am looking forward to

David Chanlder and A&E4911T's analysis of this data, should be VERY compelling and ought to leave the so-called "sceptics" with nothing to say.


Andrea Star Reese folder

Someone please have a look at the Andrea Star Reese folder:

...\NIST Cumulus Video\Andrea Star Reese

I only have one clip downloaded from it so far, but it has a close-up of the buildings plus a small portion of WTC7, so this set of clips ought to be excellent for finding mistimed explosions seen less clearly in previous clips.

Electronic Warfare / Jamming? CBS1_clip67.avi

9/11: NIST FOIA Release - ...\NIST Cumulus Video\CBS_Broadcast_8-45A\CBS1_clip67.avi

Previously unseen clip with suggestion of electronic warfare/jamming during plane attack.

NBC Restricted Tape 2 folder

My download is slooooooow, so somebody please check out the ...\NIST Cumulus Video\NBC Restricted - 2 Tapes\NBC Restricted Tape 2 folder - there are apparently several clips that show the damage to the controversial WTC7 corner, plus lots of previously unseen damage & chatter about it.

...\NIST Cumulus Video\NBC Restricted - 2 Tapes\NBC Restricted Tape 2