Facebook Explodes With 9/11 Truth: 40,000 Fans for AE911Truth-World911Truth

Total Facebook Friends of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has now topped 20,000, having doubled in the last two months from 10,000 in early August. Combined with World for 9/11 Truth's 19,400 Fans, we are looking at a total of almost 40,000 friends of 9/11 Truth! Even with the obvious overlap, this is still an impressive figure. The social networking phenomenon is alive and well and doing its part to spread the message of the most important movement of all-- OURS.

Tremendous credit to JF Ranger for updating the Facebook pages on an almost daily basis with the top news stories and action campaigns. The system is oiled and producing results. Friend Us!


Great news!

Some people in our group really utilize Facebook in order to promote 9/11 Truth.


and that doesn't even include the countless fans, like myself, who are so "old school" that we stay clear of Facebook. Truly amazing is that these are real people with real faces and real names, unlike those of us blogging away with pen names like "911Peacenik."

In the 21st century, Facebook "IS" mainstream. F#%k the New York Times.

Speaking of old school

How true.

But speaking of old school, can anyone explain to me why I currently can only access the front page on this site, and am not seeing links to older pages when I scroll to the bottom of the screen? Ordinarily I see numbers arranged as links to pages across the bottom of the screen on 911blogger--from 1 up, going left to right. But right now, nothing. Is it just temporary, or is something not configured right?

Sometimes my computer will automatically install updates, but that can be a pain since it seems I often have to reset all sorts of preferences afterwards.

I'd be grateful for any help (and I'm sorry for this digression).


The same happens for me.

But only for the front page. Blogs work as usual. Since all front page items are also blogs, nothing is lost.

That said, this method seems less than convenient. Maybe it is temporary?

And I too apologize for not staying on the topic of this blog entry.

FB is a networking tool!

I spend an 1/2 hour a day there to spread our message and have built my network to 1,000 over 6 months.

Consider being there in solidarity with other 9/11 Truth Advocates. Inspire action and share thoughts and link to this site!

You can find me there and befriend my friends that many you will already know from around the traps!

Just join and search for "John Bursill" and look through my friends list and get active sharing info:)

Kind regards John

AE911 on facebook

is going to get at least 300 new people today. That's pretty impressive & one of the easiest ways to spread our honest message/eventual criminal prosecution.

Any Time, Day or Night, AE911TRUTH is VERY BUSY

4:pm Tuesday: We have 6597 guests online http://www.ae911truth.org/

Newbie to Facebook

I think Facebook is a very slick social networking tool. I have a stupid question, since I am new to it. I do not know how to ask ae911truth to be a friend on it. I have a facebook page. I go to their facebook page, and can anybody give me a tip? Thx so much in advance -