FOIA Under Attack

Global Research writer Tom Burghardt outlines a chilling attack on our cyber privacy by the Obama Administration in this new article called "Crypto Wars"

Clamping Down on the Freedom of Information Act

Entreaties by civil libertarians however, are likely to fall on deaf ears in the Democratic-controlled Congress.

In a clear sign that the Obama administration is moving to clamp down further on the free flow of information even as they seek access to all of ours', Politico reported that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) "appears to be on the verge of prevailing in an attempt to put some information it receives from other intelligence agencies beyond the reach of Freedom of Information Act requests."

National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter pushed through an onerous section to Intelligence Authorization Act legislation that exempts so-called "operational files" from four secret state agencies--the CIA, NSA, National Reconnaissance Office and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency--from FOIA requests.

Apparently the American people, long the targets of illegal driftnet spying by the intelligence and security apparatus, will soon find another door slammed shut, even as the administration claims sweeping new powers, including the right to assassinate American citizens deemed "terrorists," in secret and without due process, anywhere on the planet.

And they call this transparency...

Restricting Web To Prevent Wider Public Organizing And Education

The ruling class are or have taken numerous steps to inhibit the peaceful removal of them from power by the public.

Electronic voting machines, unlimited corporate financing of controlled political parties that ensure third parties cannot compete and finally internet restriction.

The internet allows the public to politically organize and educate like never before. Keeping us isolated and uninformed are keys to their continued control.

hypocrisy of a democracy

it's so simply to made a FOIA request, but it's so hard to obtain something about...

We really and truly need to

We really and truly need to investigate other ways to connect. Mesh networks, Ham Radio modems, expanded wi-fi networks,
low power fm, name a few and new encryption modalities.

FOI and internet

Nothing comes close to the internet for communication, and FOI is essential for obtaining the material to communicate. They must both be defended ferociously.