Ahamadinejad in Address Yesterday: Western Powers Use 9/11 And Other Schemes To Plunder Iran's Oil Reservoirs

link:  http://www.presstv.ir/detail/145246.html

'West hatched plots to occupy ME'


Tue Oct 5, 2010 8:19AM
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said Western powers have pursued a "hidden agenda to dominate the Middle East region."

Addressing people in Gorgan in Iran's northern Golestan province on Tuesday morning, President Ahmadinejad accused the Western powers of "orchestrating different programs and schemes" in order to plunder the region's oil reservoirs.

"They [the West] tried to implement their programs through the Israeli regime but they failed. Then they came to the conclusion that they need to occupy our region with hundreds of thousands of military troops to have access to the region's oil in an effort to save their troubled economy," the Iranian chief executive told the crowd.

Highlighting the September 11 attacks on US targets in New York in 2001, the Iranian president criticized the US administration for pointing the finger of accusation against Muslim nations and the people of the region.

President Ahmadinejad raised doubts about the sincerity in the claims of the US government, which he said was used as an excuse to wage two wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

In his recent address to the UN General Assembly in New York, the Iranian chief executive called for the formation of a fact-finding committee to investigate the truth behind the 9/11 attacks.

Ahmadinejad's new proposal triggered Washington's outrage, prompting the state to denounce his remarks as hateful and unacceptable.


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Great opportunity for debunkers to destroy the truth movement

and prove that Ahmadinejad is a madman. Just support a call for a new international investigation of 9/11 with reputable scientists from all around the world. Then all the debunking claims will be seen to be true and the truth movement will be dead and buried. C'mon debunkers - here is your chance. Join us. We all want the truth, don't we?

such a common sense approach..............

but that sentiment is completely censored from our press, including the alternative media.

We are the most dangerous movement that has ever happened in America...................dangerous to those who have an agenda that is secret.
The rest of the world is waking up.
Go Ahmadinejad!

Not so sure..

Ahmadinejad sounds like an OCT defender but on the other side. When he was interviewed by faux news after his UN comments he was asked "what evidence you have the U.S. was behind the attacks?" he could have easily given a lucid and factual answer like WTC7's freefall, but he turns it on US/Isreal relations instead. Of course even if he did, it probably would have been left on the editing floor.

Let's face it, the perps were willing to kill 3,000 of their own on national tv and then lie to sacrifice 5000+ of their own military, maim/wound 10s of thousands more, kill millions of innocent muslim/arab civilians, wiretap, toture, and discredit anyone. I don't doubt for one minute that they won't turn this view against him to invade, assassinate, or who knows what to defend the lie.

You're 100% correct in that we are THE most dangerous movement to the current power structure. But the truth must come from within for it to have any meaningful and lasting change. Unless Ahmadinejad changes the tone of his rhetoric and continues to accuse the US of complicity in the 9/11 attacks without facts, he is only giving the hawks another reason for war. IMHO


We can have all the truth in the world, but............

.................as long as the media, the msm but particularly the alternative media, censors this truth, it may as well not even exist.
We live in a country in which all but a few fringe sites are controlled by those who desperately want to keep the truth of 9/11 from the public.
And this includes those media venues that are supposed to tell us the truth when the msm won't.

So we can know all this stuff, see all these videos, and it goes nowhere because counterpunch and democracynow and alternet and commondreams are all controlled.

All this truth, all locked up in a box, and nobody has the key.

But some of the truth is way out there, in foreign countries, and a few renegades WILL tell the truth, and Ahmadinejad is one.
Bless him. And Chavez. And a few, very few, others.
Nurture these guys and blow off the msm that tells us how whacky they are. They, the msm and alternative media, also told us 19 muslims from a cave attacked us on 9/11. They lie.

pfgetty wrote: "Nurture these

pfgetty wrote:

"Nurture these guys and blow off the msm that tells us how whacky they are. They, the msm and alternative media, also told us 19 muslims from a cave attacked us on 9/11. They lie."

This is a bunk mentality which is illogical and completely isolates the subject of 9/11 truth and cripples its ability to out. You are completely wrong. The movement has developed greatly because of our open discussions and persistent efforts to REACH OUT to the msm and the alternative media even when they react in a closed minded way sometimes (take for instance in San Francisco, we protested outside of CNN for a couple months, then they ran a feature on the group and showed vids of building seven and even clips of our group which made us look as on point as possible). Yelling out gatekeeper the second we receive resistance from the msm and the alt. media solidifies their false views of 9/11 truth. Because of all the audacious behavior of some truthers, we must take it upon ourselves to re-establish ourselves as a non-extremist factually based non-speculative group. The msm and the alt. media would listen a lot more if we didn't yell and come off as radicals. I am now finding that we as a truth movement must apologize for some of the ridiculous extremism which some open-minded msm people have experienced in our name. Take this call I did to Alan Colmes for instance. Instead of calling me a nut and cutting me off (literally like the previous caller) he thanked me. If we take this approach we will re-open up the minds of these folks who have been turned off to 9/11 truth because of people like AJ, or Ahmadinejad (whom Alan had been going off about during this show).


exactly dtg86

Here is the problem: When given a msm platform and asked about 9/11 Ahmadinejad goes off on speculation and anti-israel/zionist extremism. He does not represent the majority of people asking questions about 9/11. This Iranian leader is so crazy gung-ho "it all happened for Israel" that even if you 9/11 truthers agree with the basic idea of him asking questions about 9/11, if you get behind him and push him as a representative of the idea of 9/11 truth, then 9/11 truth gets discredited and set back more months or even years (judging by how much media attention this is getting). Pfgetty you keep posting these articles up like this guy is the hero for our movement, and I and many people within the 9/11 truth movement think this is a huge mistake.

"We are the most dangerous

"We are the most dangerous movement that has ever happened in America...................dangerous to those who have an agenda that is secret."

"Go Ahmadinejad!"

I disagree with both of these.