New Video: 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Huge Explosions Before Towers Collapsed

Paul Joseph Watson - October 6, 2010

Newly obtained video that was reluctantly released by NIST after a lawsuit by the International Center for 9/11 Studies shows two firefighters on 9/11 discussing how secondary explosions occurred immediately before the collapse of the twin towers, providing damning new evidence that explosive devices were used to bring down the buildings.

Spread it.

3rd HUGE explosion

which occurred just before the building came down [pulverized] and an hour after there was no jet fuel. No wonder NIST was reluctant to release this! Good find.

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Zoomed Explosions WTC 7:

9-11 Truth is breaking

The release of these 6500 videos from NIST thru FOIA is the straw that broke the camel's back. This video is a huge break through for 9-11 Truth.

Why'd they do it?

I mean why did NIST suddenly comply with the law after spending years blocking, hiding, obstructing? Who would have known if this one video had been deleted permanently? They're already on the hook for so much malfeasance, what's a bit more evidence tampering going to hurt? I'm genuinely curious if this was a slip up or part of some roll out of a bigger strategy.

Regardless, hats off to to those made this happen. It's a shame we saw Harley Davidson guy telling how it went down the first day, but this took nine freaking years to be released.


I guess it is possible that there are some honest people, underlings, working for NIST, who want the info to get out.

I seem to notice a similar phenomenon in the MSM. May it increase.

It may have come out...........

................because these videos, many of them at least, were official videos of the fire and police departments. Even the FBI and CIA can't fool the departments of their reality. Had they said that these videos don't exist, who fire and police departments would have known they are lying.
I think they figure that it is better to release them, not get into trouble with hundreds or even thousands of first responding police and fire departments, figuring that nothing will come of these.
What the heck.................who is going to see them?
The msm isn't going to show them.
And the alternative media definitely won't.
You won't see these on Counterpunch
or alternet
or commondreams
or motherjones
or nationmag

So who will see them? The people who go to 9/11 truth sites. The choir will hear the preaching. Nobody else.

NIST is not the enemy. NIST is not keeping the 9/11 truth message from the public.
The msm is keeping the truth from the American people, but that is what we'd expect.

The real problem is the alternative media. They are blocking vital information from the American people.
They are the criminals. Alexander Cockburn, Amy Goodman, Joshua Holland, Justin Raimondo. They are purposely censoring this information.

Please, I want to be wrong...................those I just mentioned, I'd love for you to report this evidence, and restore my faith in you all, people who I once trusted so much.
But I'm not holding my breath.
They have sold their souls to foundations that support their venues................foundations tied to Rockefellers and Ford and AIPAC and the rest of the globalists.

Go ahead and give me another explanation. I'd love to hear I'm wrong, and hear something more rational or more objective. But I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I can't come up with something easier to swallow. I wish I could.

Because if this is the case, we are in very, very, very bad shape. If all of our media, our government, and even most of the more successful media alternative sites are completely tainted with lies and secret agenda, there is not much hope.


Not sure if you'll be reading replies to old comments, but here goes.

The trick is not to focus on results. Or so it seems to me. If we focus on hoped-for results, we will find it hard to stay up-beat or even, ultimately, sane.

But look at some of the up-beat folks doing the more visible work for the movement: Richard Gage, Niels Harrit, Steven Jones, Manny Badillo, and so many more. They just do their job. Look at how effective they have been.

I too have been effective, helping just a few friends see things a little more clearly. It is a small arena. I am fine with that.

This is all we can do. Stay positive, and keep at it.

Re: It may have come out

Greatest comment of all time. The movement has a built-in insularity whether intended or not. Alternative media effectively controls dissent for those who can't stand the slop in the trough from the MSM.

As a thought for a possible solution - With controlled dissent, you have to reach for the intelligentsia, the educators. Somehow, the movement has to get through to the teachers and professors of the world. They will, in turn, call out these progressive, highly-manipulated rags, and tell them what they should be talking about.

Final Comment Very Telling

The firefighter who comments that any of the other surrounding buildings could also "blow up" suggests that the "explosions" heard were more than just collisions of large collapsing or falling objects.

The explosions being described seem to be detonations.

Remarkable that NIST claims to have learned of no evidence that supported the view that the towers were destroyed via demolition.

NIST is very politically guided.

This Video will surpass 1,000,000 views

Its adding 4,000 per hour and accelerating.

Zoomed Explosions WTC 7:

Note that there is no smoke streaming from the globs that pop out of the upper floors like on the north face. There is no reason to blow one corner at the top.

It looks like "the blob" tried to escape and got stuck.

AE911Truth stopped referring to this video a long time ago and I suggest everyone else do the same.

can you explain this

a little more?


is their web site. Please sign their petition.

Those NIST fellows ought to be sweatin...

This video is a catalogued fact that NIST knew that there were indications of explosives. It catches NIST owning evidence which they obfuscated.
Another recently released clip about explosives...

And listen to the last part of this video about WTC 7 !!!


that's FDNY Lt. Rastuccio... it's been known for a while

I am slow

Thanks for pointing that out.


I'm sure you also know about Indira Singh:

I think that it is often a good idea to repost videos.

Snowcrash, I remember the Indira quote.
Thanks for putting it up.
Usually, I ask Joe "Where is ____?" ...the guy is a library of references.

You bring up something important.
Many new people have come on the line in the past few years.
By reposting related videos or links, this helps newcomers become familiar with topics.
I follow 911blogger EVERYday, and I still can't stay abreast of all the info.


Each thread should be a reference of available information that pertains to the topic at hand, as well as any new analysis on the topic. This will keep old members sharp on the resources we have accumulated and provide an awesome introduction to new members.

FDNY- Explosions

I just posted these two on a message board along with the featured video.


At about 0:40 there is a shot of rising dust, "like a volcano" as the announcer says. I've never seen this long view of WTC7, it DOES look like an explosion, with thermal plumes (from explosives) pushing dust vertically (duh, like a volcano). Just amazing.

You are right in what it proves.................

................but as long as the alternative media and msm keep it out of the public view, who really cares?

They don't have to sweat.
Only us "conspiracy theorists" will see it.

Counterpunch and alternet and democracyNow won't air this information.
9/11 truth sites and Alex Jones will.
But the followers of these sites are a tiny minority.

Our real chance for a breakthrough lies with the Muslims of the world. One billion of them. All of them suffering the horror of a world suspicious of them and hating their culture and religion because of 9/11.
They should and must and I think WILL DEMAND public acknowledgement of the lies of 9/11.

Meanwhile, watch Cass Sunstein try his best to block any publicity of these videos.


"it will come down on its own, or it will be taken down..........."


inside WTC7 between tower collapses, CBS-Net Dub 9.avi until 19.avi 4:45 pm central time : "We have 11,010 guests online"

Gurney loaded with medical equipment

is being removed from the loading dock area after the South Tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m. [@ 0:40] this is consistent with:

NCSTAR 1-9 Vol.1 pg 296 [pdf pg 240]
At 9:30 AM, the FDNY Emergency Medical Service (EMS) established a Division at WTC 7 for assisting victims. An EMS triage center was established in the lobby of WTC 7 as occupants from WTC 1 and WTC 6 evacuated through WTC 7.
At 9:59 AM, the triage center located in the lobby of WTC 7 was expanded. Operations were being set up on the loading dock of WTC 7 when WTC 2 collapsed."

Here's Willie Rodriguez

Collapse of 65th Floor, North Tower

For what it's worth Boeing occupied the 65th Floor of the North Tower (Rodriguez says that he overheard from firemen that this floor had collapsed).

It is well worth listening to the Alex Jones show..............

...................for Wednesday. He goes on an hour long rant about 9/11 that is excellent. You can go to his prisonplanet site or ITunes podcast. Worth it.

Very large, BLACK plane

UA 175

flight ua 175,wtc 2,wtc impact study

There is no point whatsoever in singling out one witness account and assuming it trumps both the video data and all the other witness accounts. This type of reasoning is, unfortunately, ubiquitous in the TM. No, the plane wasn't black, and yes, the fireman is incorrect.


I think what impresses people is that these firemen speak of massive explosions. No official report even tried to account for such testimony. Can anyone doubt that these two witnessed massive explosions, devastating the lobby? That is why this video clip gets singled out.

Your point about the color of the jet is well-taken. But if he saw it, the fellow clearly would have seen it from below. The bottom of the plane was almost certainly in shadow, right?

All I'm saying

is that there's no point in claiming, even indirectly, that UA 175 was black. It wasn't. As for what the firefighters were talking about, I presume it was this:

In which case it's nothing particularly new. I've been embedding and showing this clip for years. These are the explosions prof. Bazant refers to as 'sonic booms', using a formula with variables Bazant can 'tweak' to his liking:

9/11,wtc,explosive demolition

This variable, is vent ratio ψ. I don't pretend to understand the physics, chemistry and math, but I understand just enough to know that Bazant can massage the outcome any which way he wants.


This clip (which is new to me) plus the firefighter interview clip make for an open-and-shut case.

Plane witnesses, WNYW Dub2 017.avi

The "Firemen Explosion Testimony" video...

is currently the #4 most viewed of the day in 'Education' on YouTube.


#1 as of this writing, with over 58,000 views.

Error message

Just now when I tried to play the video, I received this message: 'An error occurred. Please try again later.'

Is it just me?

Pass it on !

E mail this to all your friends and family. Post it on you're Facebook. Of the hundreds i tell about 9/11, i convince many. All of them say . Well what can one person do? Pass it on !

Contact these firemen

Anyone in NYC, anyone with NYFD contacts.. pls find out who these firemen are.

- did NIST interview them? what did they tell NIST?
- have they told other people of the explosions?
- has any official person tried to dissuade them from talking about explosions? or tried to explain that they were not explosions?
- do these firemen currently doubt the OCT?
- are there other firemen or policemen etc who were also present when explosions happened?
- so many questions to ask them!

Alex Jones & co, are you guys on this?

AJ has this down to a science

The prisonplanet article linked in this blog post is an excellent example of this technique. So many new people are tuning in that you can never assume anyone has any prior knowledge. I truly admire all the digital jockeys out there who keep all these links and files organized and ready to fire like arrows in the information war.

Information misplaced...

Your right "Each thread should be a reference of available information that pertains to the topic at hand". So it really sucked when i discovered that the thermite paper by Jones et al has gone missing.

The Bentham Paper "Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe" is accessible on their site at this time. For example: is now a 404 error

It looks like they went through a site reorganization and this paper (and others) were lost. The new home for Bentham Open is at and there is a page for The Open Chemical Physics Journal where the paper was printed But there a no papers. I did a site search and it is listed as a published paper but the link leads to another 404 error,

I emailed Betham Open already and there are copies of it in various sites but it really sucks that it is unavailable at the site where it was originally published.

9/11: WTC 7 "Collapse" (Cropped - NIST FOIA, CNN Dub2 04)

DAY 5 Surpasses 100,000 VIEWS

DAY 5 Surpasses 100,000 VIEWS

Someone has done some nice editing to the "Firemen Expolsion Tes

Someone has done some nice editing to the "Firemen Expolsion Testimony" vid.

Here is the next BIG discovery:

CNN is Reporting...21 seconds