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Wednesday, October 6 2010 - Open Letters
An Account of My Recent Illness(es)

Published October 6, 2010
by David Ray Griffin
Source: 911Truth.org

I experienced some serious illnesses during June and July that almost resulted in my death. Because many people have kindly expressed interest in my condition, and also because I do not wish to repeat myself dozens of times, I have written up this account.

Background: I had experienced some medical problems starting in 1990 that are relevant to the recent conditions, although these illnesses themselves involved no serious concerns.

In 1990, 1995, and 1997, I had back operations for herniated discs. Although the first of these three operations involved serious pain, there were no complications, hence nothing serious.

Then in 2005, my doctor discovered something potentially more serious: My aortic valve developed serious stenosis (due to rheumatic fever I had as a child). My aortic value was replaced by a pig valve. As before, there were no complications.

However, hospital operations occasionally lead to diseases, so the fact that I had so many operations with no complications must be considered lucky. In 2010, my luck ran out.

In June of 2010, I had a fourth back operation. It was by the same surgeon, and it was quite simple -- so simple that I was able to leave the hospital the third day. Also, during my first week at home, my healing seemed to continue with no problems.

But, things suddenly became problematic. During the following weeks, I became increasingly unable to walk. Finally I was sent to the emergency room, and then into the hospital, where a staph infection was diagnosed in my spinal disc. The staph infection, moreover, had reached the heart value. As a result, I suffered a stroke. This was only a minor stroke, but did produce some aphasia.

Luckily, the doctors, learning the correct antibiotic, began getting the staph infection under control. However, there was another problem: New back surgery was needed in order to clean up the disc.

After I spent five days in ICU, I was considered doing well enough to be transferred from the hospital to the rehabilitation center. But I almost immediately experienced congestive heart failure, so I had to go back to the hospital -- an event that, incredibly, took 12 hours just to get readmitted into the hospital.

In any case, in addition to dealing with the congestive heart failure, my body faced the most dangerous problem: My aortic valve (which had been replaced in 2005) had become infected. And then the infection eroded the tissue under the valve, and the aorta was becoming detached from the heart.

The heart surgeon needed not only to replace the pig valve. He also needed to replace a piece of the aorta. He worked on this twofold problem for six hours.

During this operation, my wife was warned by the surgeon’s assistant that I might not make it. But after several hours during which she thought that I might well die, I did survive.

I myself had not fully understood how close I came to dying. I clearly understood this only weeks later, on the day I was to check out of rehab. Commenting on how well I NOW looked, my back surgeon said that he had figured that I was lost.

Survival, however, was not the end of the journey. For several weeks, I would need to take antibiotics and about 15 additional medications. Also, reading has been made difficult by the stroke, but some new glasses should help.

The most long-term effect from my illnesses will be the aphasia resulting from my stroke. I have been working on this for several weeks, but the failure to find the words I am looking for is still pretty serious. Although I can sometimes talk for several minutes without any errors, at other times I am unable to locate very simple words (often with hilarious results).

I will, of course, not do interviews as long as I am seriously troubled by aphasia, so it will probably be many months before I do any interviews.

To summarize: On the one hand, I went through a difficult period of about two months, during which I could have died from a number of causes. On the other hand, my life was saved by some superb surgeons, with the help of my wife. And so I am recovering. Whether I will do much intellectual work in the near future remains uncertain at this time.

My thanks to everyone who has expressed concern.
David Griffin

People all over the world are praying for your complete recovery

I am sure of it.

God bless

and may you be well.

David, you've done so much already.

No worries. just relax, eat well, and be happy.

God Bless,

Robert Rice

Hope You Make a Full Recovery

Thanks for the detailed report of your recent illness. It's good to hear from you and that you are getting better. Take good care of yourself. You have a lot of people who care about you and hope you have a full recovery.
Take Care Matt
Matt from Milwaukee

Get well soon

Sorry to hear about Davids health,
I dont pray much, but I will pray for Davids recovery.
I just want to tell him how much I appreciate all his work.

John... Pittsburgh PA

Thank you David

I will always be grateful because your first 9/11 book woke me up. And there must be millions of others like me.

Me too

I'm one. And I've bought and read every one since Pearl Harbor. I find the ommision report and PH revisited two of the best. Get well David and thanks.


David, you woke me up. Get well soon and stay strong. Lots of Love.

And thank you so much too

for really holding `their`feet to the fire, on everyone`s behalf.

a wonderful historical contribution you`ve made, you can rest in that assurance as well.

with love,

me and everyone.

Yes, everyone is immensely grateful

...for the excellent work you have done for 911 Truth over the past 9 years; the books, articles, lectures, travel...everything.

What a piercing, probing mind you have. It's as if one of your life's missions has been to expose and checkmate a monstrous lie and a great evil. Thank you.

Many people hold you in high esteem

Thanks for all that you have done.
We are glad that you are still with us.

You are a model and a mentor


You are a model and a mentor to all of us. Your courage and ability to beat the odds is unmatched. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles. We all wish we had one tenth of your courage. Godspeed in your recovery.

--Mark M from Boston

Take it easy

David has done more to expose the evidence than anyone ever could.

His rest is much needed and deserved.

Get Well Soon

Well having just read Cognitive Infiltration and just finishing your chapter in Project Censored 2011, you have been in my mind a great deal these past weeks.

I hope you know just how important you have been to enlightening me and I am sure many others. I am so grateful.

Get Well Soon.


Thank you most deeply, DRG!

Your scholarship and noble presence in the 9/11 truth movement have been a tremendous gift to all of us. I second all the others posting here in praying for your continued recovery, and in expressing deep thankfulness that you are still among us. God bless you, David Ray Griffin. Brooklyn NYC sends you its love...

Professor Griffin, Thank you

Professor Griffin,

Thank you so much for your work, your logic, and your sensitivity. I just finished reading your latest book and found it compelling and convincing. I hope everyone buys this book, leaves positive comments on Amazon and other sites, and promotes it vigorously. Good luck with your recovery. All the best.

Get well soon!

We're all hoping for a speedy and restful recovery David.

Dr. Griffin...We met in

Dr. Griffin...We met in Portland, OR. I drove you to the after-the-event reception at the "church-home" of one of the event's organizers. Also, I've since made the following connection: I dated Dr. John Maguire's daughter in high school, so prior to our meeting, we already had only one degree of separation.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I find you to be a model of Christian courage. You picked up your cross for the truth, with no evident regard for the personal consequences. I don't call myself a Christian, but one would have to be spiritually dead to remain unmoved by such true Christian sacrifice.

Healing, Peace, Love and LIght

Let's buy "Cognitive Infiltration and leave a review

...on Amazon.com

I think that Dr. Griffin would appreciate us doing that as well as all our well-wishing!

The book is phenomenal! We need you DRG!

Get well (and write more books).
Honestly, this book is a masterpiece.
I hope it puts a dead end to any conspiracies that Cass Sunstein wants to embarq upon, or planned to.

I agree.

Ordering this book, sharing it with others, and working to see it climb the Amazon chart and gain increasingly widespread attention, and in the process, acceptance - is the very best thing or action, we can do, not merely in support of DRG himself, but for the sake of what he and every one of us stand for, here at this critical moment in human history.

And future history, looking back, shall applaud the works of David Ray Griffin, in relation to "the catalyzing event", and of course all of our work, both individually and collectively, and he, and we, shall be then viewed, as the first real patriots of the 21st century, and the Cass Sustein's of the world, its first real traitors.

David Ray Griffin, more than anyone, has drawn that distinction, and that line in history, guided by nothing but reason, logic, and a deeply penetrating insight into a major cause of suffering, and delusion in our modern world, and with this new book of his, he lays down the gauntlet..!

Bravo dear Sir!


...he most certainly would, as he indicated in a private email. so let's do it!

What an ordeal. I am glad you are on the mend.

Your work has influenced so many.

Take care of yourself and don't worry.

GET WELL SOON, David. . .

. . . we are forever in your debt.

Dear DRG

This is Paul from WPB FL and we have correspondened
a few times in the past (through e-mail). and i like
to share this one point about DRG...even though
he was in the middle of writing books and lectures
he responded to my e-mails quicker than Rumsfeld told
his subordinates to prove Iraq was behind 9-11.
And as far as your new book goes...i read all your others
about 9-11 so i'll be reading this one also and i'm to
handing out 9,000 9-11 truth DVD's.
Get well DRG! your friend pw

Lots of Love and blessings to

Lots of Love and blessings to you David. You are in my as well as many others prayers.


David, your clear and lucid

David, your clear and lucid thought and your tireless diligent efforts have given the greatest contribution and inspiration to this civil movement.

Perhaps we can make pictures of whatever we're doing and get you copies of those. :-)

Wishing you a speedy recovery, Mr. Griffin

I have several of his books and am going to buy more. I'm writing a book myself, not entirely about 9/11 but there is a chapter concerning this event and I'm making good use of David's excellent research. If people recall, Richard Gage said he never thought twice about an alternate conspiracy theory until he was hearing David on the radio (I think that's right) one day and then he started looking into it. Now Gage is on the case and touring the country. The nation owes David Griffin a debt of gratitude and I'd say the presidential medal of honor.

Best wishes


You Are an Inspiration

Doctor, you are an inspiration to many in many ways. I count myself among the legions of your fans, met you in Keene, NH, got you to autograph one of your books (that was after I had recovered from my own open heart surgery with infected aortic valve and peri-surgical stroke, so I appreciate what you have been through). You have left a trail of investigatory documentation, rebuttal, rhetoric, argument and spirit that will fuel many for years. Because of you, we have the facts, the argument, the high road, and the moral standing. If you have additional energy left, spend it on helping us understand how to battle evil. We are in the fight for the duration.

Best wishes for our dear

Best wishes for our dear David Ray Griffin. He opened my eyes. I don't pray much either, but, Dr. Griffin will be in my prayers. It would be hard to find another Patriot as remarkable as the honorable Dr. David Ray Griffin.

It is time for you to take it easy

Dr. Griffin, I am amazed that you have done so much in the last several years, considering not just your back issues, but the fact that you also had open heart surgery twice now, during that time, to replace a diseased aortic valve resulting from rheumatic fever you had as a child. My father died from just that problem after his second open heart surgery in 1988 to replace a pig valve he had gotten in 1981 that had fatigued. His valve problem was caused by rheumatic fever as a child also. Apparently a lot of people in your generation suffered from rheumatic heart disease due to antibiotics not yet being available or in widespread use when you were children.

You have done more than anyone can expect from one person, to expose the extent and reality of the corruption and criminality which has been occurring at the top of our government off and on for many decades, with a high point in the Bush administration.

I am sure the Good Lord is with you, and that he has kept you with us for a while longer for a reason.

You are an amazing soul and have truly done your part for humanity. It sounds as though you would be able to function at some level in an advisory capacity, but it really is time for you to sit back and allow others to shoulder some of the load.

Best Wishes

Your books are the best on the subject. Take your much deserved time to recover. Whether you do any research again, you have laid the foundation upon which generations of people will investigate not just 9/11 but any historical event that has been presented to us as 'official.'

A chorus of support

I can envision all the souls on the other side, whose lives were abruptly ended on 9-11, joining in a chorus of support for your recovery and continuing pursuit of the truth. ♥

Sending you healing

Dear Mr. Griffin,

We met at your Spring lecture on campus at Harvard. Someone mentioned at the time that you had been experiencing back pain. (I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist). You invited me to the after-party discussion at a private home in Watertown, where I made several new allies in the Truth movement, much to my delight. Admittedly, most of my own activism is done on line due to time and travel constraints.

I'm so sorry to hear the details of your ordeal, but grateful to know you have survived the worst of it. I understand your challenges. While in school again in 2009, we studied Special Populations for Pathology class. I chose to write a research paper on Stroke, due to a family member being a Stroke Survivor. Here are a few organizations you may or may not know about to help you with the Aphasia and post-Stroke adjustments.

National Aphasia Association
Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence. Aphasia impairs the ability to speak and understand others, and most people with aphasia experience difficulty reading and writing. It is usually acquired as a result of stroke or other brian injury.

National Aphasia Association, 350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 902 - New York, NY 10001 • Phone:(800) 922-4622
Aphasia Community Groups - United States
Stroke Smart Magazine
Stroke Connection Magazine

I also would encourage you to receive Massage Therapy in your area, by a Licensed Professional who will be informed of precautions and contra-indications for Stroke Survivors. Here is an excerpt I wrote about Massage Therapy for Stroke Survivors:

Massage Benefits /Indications

Once cleared by a Physician in writing, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and reduction of hypertonicity in muscles will be a benefit of circulatory massage. This is especially important with this population, who may be more sedentary than the average person. The client may benefit from relaxing, rhythmic techniques like those in Swedish or Sports Massage, which should be at light to moderate pressure depending on tolerance. Deep pressure is not a good idea due to ongoing vascular issues, pain meds, stints, possible edema or peripheral neuropathy, and the use of medications that may affect blood flow. As important are the psychological and emotional benefits, that may include increased relaxation, diminished anxiety, and reinforced body awareness and well-being. For an isolated population, this aspect can help to foster a sense of inclusion in the community at large, and help them to function and feel more "normal" than they tend to feel post-stroke. A Massage Therapist can serve as part of a wellness team support system, along with Doctors, Physical Therapists, Caregivers and family, to inspire, encourage and affirm the positive behavior and improvements within the client's experience.

In 2004, a Swedish study showed "that 10 minutes of nightly slow-stroke back massage had significantly reduced pain, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate, as compared to subjects in the control group... At the very least, we know that massage helps to relax, reduce stress, improve circulation, and decrease pain."(18)


It was indeed an honor and a pleasure, Mr. Griffin, to make your acquaintance. I wish you graceful transitions as you recover, and continued improvement of your ability to express yourself in the eloquent manner that we have become accustomed to. Thank you for your service to the cause.

Many Blessings,

Phoenix Boulay, LMT
Boston, Massachusetts

Thank-you so much for sharing this with us, Professor Griffin.

Your prompt restoral to health has been on our quiet prayers. When I read what a hair’s needle you went through, I agree you must have had excellent surgeons and firm support from your wife. It was in the end YOU, and you’re BODY that pulled through this ordeal, finding ways to accept the newly placed tissue, so you are once more my hero, also in being actively involved to heal yourself. I remember when you came to Brussels on your grueling tour of European cities: you took time out to go swimming and do gym exercises invited at the Royal Rasante. This way of actively taking care of oneself is the true way towards better health, and I trust you will be working with the logopedic therapist to help train your speech. Even if you are not doing your usual load of intellectual work or reading, and even with your speech difficulties, we are still looking very much forward to hearing your voice, Professor Griffin! It does not have to be perfect! Milton H. Erickson’s slurs, a remnant of his very serious polio he pulled through, were part of his genius: people heard more healing messages from him, thanks to their own imagination’s capacity to fill in the gaps of the words they were not sure they had heard right. You already have very well integrated the intelligence and the humor Professor Griffin, it is within you, and you are not obliged to read volumes and volumes more every day! We will be looking out for the glorious moment, when we hear you interviewed by Carol Brouillet on one of the major Truth-Teller-Friendly radio-stations! You are in our hearts, Professor Griffin, and we too want to laugh and cry while hearing you struggling to express your Blessed thoughts!

Eric Beeth in Brussels


hope you recover soon!

Dr Griffin,

It was an honor to meet you and hear you speak. I am glad you made it through this ordeal and I hope you fully recover before long.