Go Green Or Bin Laden Will Get You!


InfoWars.COM Covers WeAreChangeNewJersey’s Article

Here's my advice to the world population

Go green, or die off like the insignificant parasites you are in the face of mother nature and planet earth.

Go green, or become extinct. This planet does not care about your petty harebrained libertarianism. You will be crushed in an escalating worldwide climatic catastrophe, while nattering feverishly in some 'microphone' or 'camera' about your silly human politics. Your bullhorned cries of protest about the 'socialist NWO' will be smothered in the indiscriminate natural violence of a flood, an ice age, increasing tropical storms, heat waves, water shortage, desertification. None of your idiotic, irrelevant political brouhaha matters to the merciless forces of nature. And that will be the end of that. No airplane, no aircraft carrier, no 'full spectrum dominance', no security counsel, no spy satellite, no nuclear arsenal can save you now. Bye bye, idiots.