Fresno Famous Web Site: 911 Was An Inside Job


This is an article in Fresno Famous, a regional website.  This is how the site describes itself:  "Fresno Famous is a web site dedicated to cataloging, exploring, and discovering life in Fresno."  Pretty gutsy of them to run this story.

911 was an inside job

Before I start I just wanted to say rip to all the innocent victims of 911 and pray for all those who are affected. I remember the day it happened. I was sitting in autobody class when my teacher ran inside and knocking the desk over. He pulled in the tv and turned it on. The class saw one of the towers on fire then suddenly a plane hits the second tower. My teacher yells and crys out. All the students on that very day changed our lives. I had a lot of questions after the attack. So mad and wanted to get back at the terrorists who plotted the attacks. I was angry and questioed why we had let it happened. After months of researching the attack it just didn't make any sense. All the video that surfaced had its own story. The government failed to let the people know what happened. I wanted to get to the bottom of it and decided to put piece together. After years of heavy research and more questions then answers I finally got a glimps of the unsolved puzzle. The story just didn't add up. It didn't make any sense. The government is giving us bits and pieces which I didn't really click to me because it didn't equal up to the chaos. Then after a couple of years I realized that the government is hiding so much from the american people. I started this in anger of these middle eastern terrorist american killers but soon realized that our own government was behind it all along. What r the evidence? I am just a regular joe what makes me think that I know more then what the government is telling us. Well there is proof and ill tell you a little of it. Don't rely on the government to give you information. Reserch yourself. all I am going to say and leave it at that is these questions. What happened to building number 7. If a boldwin plane hit the pentagon then why is there only a small hole? First the first time in history fire actually melt steel? What was all the explosions before the towers fell? It looked as if it was a controlled demolition. Why did bush lie that he saw the first plane hit the tower when he was only informed when the second plane had hit? So many questions only one answer watch "loosechange" and you'll be puzzled like I am. I don't not believe in conspricy theories just the truth. And now I know for myself that the truth is real ugly it makes me sick. I dare you to do your own research instead of believing in your government lies. Wake up america!