How Iran Portrays the US: Accusing the US of Carrying Out the Attacks

This is an excerpt from an article in Middle East Media
Research Institute report.  It is all about how the US is portrayed in Iran, by Ahmadinejad and by the press.  I haven't posted the whole article, which can be found here:

This is the part of the article that concerns 9/11 and the problems with the official story given the world by the US government:

III. Accusing the U.S. of Carrying Out 9/11 Attacks

In his September 25, 2010 speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Ahmadinejad gave the first signs of openly accusing the U.S. of carrying out the 9/11 attacks. Immediately afterwards, various Iranian regime spokesmen reiterated his accusations. Since then, Ahmadinejad has developed the accusations further, saying that the American 9/11 conspiracy had two goals: first, to take over the Middle East and thus solve its own economic problems, and two, to rein in the spread of the Islamic Revolution in the Middle East and in southeast Asia, as it threatens the U.S. and the West.

In his accusations, Ahmadinejad has claimed that the U.S. administration had planned the deed so perfectly that no one dared to raise doubts about who had perpetrated it, and that everyone believed the dubious evidence presented by the Americans as "proving" that Afghans and Arabs were the ones who carried it out – even though their bodies were not found at the scene. Iran, he said, has documents attesting that the U.S. administration warned "the residents of the Twin Towers" to evacuate prior to the attacks.

Following are the main points of Ahmadinejad's statements in an October 5, 2010 speech in Golestan, northern Iran:

"Prior to the attack on Afghanistan and on Iraq, the Americans were in economic crisis, [so they] planned an attack on these two countries to solve it. They carried out their goals using the pretext of a terrorist threat against America and the world.

"The Americans implemented well-thought-out propaganda, and planned the 9/11 events so precisely that none dared to raise questions regarding the reasons for these events, or their main perpetrators; everyone merely identified with [the Americans'] pain and condemned the incident.

"With advance planning, the American administration pointed an accusing finger at the Muslins and the peoples of the region, and American officials said that the perpetrators were some Afghans and Arabs.

"In order to prove their claim, they said that they had found several passports belonging to these men in the ruins of the Twin Towers... How is it that the bodies of the perpetrators were never found at the attack scene, but scraps of some passports were? How is it that some of these men, who had allegedly managed to enter America from Afghanistan and passed through several of the country's labyrinthine security barriers, left no trace?

"After [9/11], they launched a military attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, and then-president [George W. Bush] threatened Iran several times. We have in our possession reliable documents showing that prior to [9/11], the U.S. authorities warned residents of the Twin Towers against being there. Without this warning, the number of people killed would have been greater than what they announced – 3,000. "

In his speech, Ahmadinejad went on to explain that the American attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq were because of "the spread of the Islamic Revolution and of the [ideological] movement of the Iranian people in the region and in the world." He added: "The Americans realized that the mighty waves of this movement were like a gigantic cultural deluge spreading throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia, that would quickly conquer all the continents, and the nations would join, one after another, the enthusiasm and the effervescence of the Iranian nation.

"The Americans realized that the way to fight this mighty revolutionary wave was not with military schemes and political propaganda, and that the Zionist regime was no longer capable of implementing its aims. For this reason, they thought that a military attack was the only way, and [thus] put into action their extensive attack on Afghanistan and Iraq, by planning the scenario of the attack on the Twin Towers in New York. They attacked the Middle East with several hundred thousand troops in order to take over the oil resources and to rein in the spread of the Islamic Revolution.

"In perpetrating the events of 9/11, the Americans were so calculating, and the American media published the news about the incident so extensively and exclusively, that none dared to raise questions about the truth of the incident or [to suspect] the role of the Americans in creating it."[2]

Ahmadinejad: Israel's a Wild Dog Unleashed By The Americans

Ahmadinejad said, during the inauguration of a housing project in the city of Karaj, that the Americans have dragged the whole world into the mud, that for 60 years they have been threatening the countries of the region using the pretext of the Holocaust, and that they have unleashed a wild dog (meaning Israel) to plunder the region's resources. He expressed a wish that they would quickly die.

He added that the Americans used the excuse of 9/11 to attack the region and threaten it, and demanded that they thoroughly investigate the events of 9/11 in order to determine the truth and "answer our questions regarding the perpetrators of the attacks..." He called on the Western countries to leave the region of their own volition, otherwise "the countries of the region will expel" them.

Source: ISNA (Iran), News Online (Iran), October 3, 2010

Ahmadinejad Calls For Reexamination of 9/11 Black Box

The official Iranian news agency IRNA reported on September 25, 2010 that Ahmadinejad has called for a reexamination of the "black box" from 9/11, "so that all facts will be revealed." According to the report, "he reiterated that on the pretext of the September 11 incident, all nations, including those of the Middle East, were exposed to threats and oppression. 'I had previously written a letter to the UN secretary-general and explained in length about the event,' he said."

The report continued, "The Islamic Republic of Iran is against unilateral and unfair management of the world, and believes that developments should be made in the global management structure."

Iranian FM: Americans Distracting Public Opinion From Their Responsibility For 9/11

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has said that the U.S.'s sanctions on eight senior Iranian officials, including Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander Mohammad Jafari and Iranian government ministers, for their alleged responsibility for the killing and torturing of Iranian citizens are aimed at distracting public opinion in the U.S. and in the world from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements about senior U.S. officials' responsibility for the events of 9/11.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry rebuked the Swiss ambassador to Iran, who represents U.S. interests in Iran, in response to the U.S. sanctions.

Sources: IRNA, Mehr (Iran), October 1, 2010; (Iran), September 30, 2010

Obama, Zionists Make Up Their Own Version of 9/11

Cartoonist: Hossein Koshtkar; source: Javan, (Iran), September 26, 2010