31e Onze Bouge in Paris 911 truth for world peace and justice. (Every 11th of the month 911 truth action)

Our 31e Onze Bouge in Paris at Gare Saint-Lazare for the truth on the 9/11 attacks 2001 for world peace and justice.

We were at least nine at Gare Saint-Lazare between 15h00 and till late As usual Yves Ducourneau had well organised the gathering with his photos and personnel books and documents which he put on exposition.
Some people were shocked to hear that some of us have been

The truth is getting out but if only we could get the journalists to take up the matter the truth would get out quicker.
In the meantime, we need more 911 thruthers to leave their computers for a half day and go down on the street and be seen at least each 11 th of the month.
Below is Yves's report is below in English and French see annex °1 et °2

°1 _ _ _ _ _ Yves Ducourneau's report in English

Thank you John MITCHELL, afsvfr, Buzz, the flash, milongal, The_Flipside, Charles, François and SHA GUA daN to have animated the mobile expo at theSaint-Lazare Station yesterday, and a very particular thanks to afsvfr who fetched the police authorization from the Prefecture and brought this brilliant table on which there were so many things (in spite of its big size it was full, a little like a Demi-Lune editor's stand; -) With such a team the public could not leave with out having been well informed.


We left when night came, without even having the least break. In a local café before a beer, we continued to discuss the improvements we could bring to our action and plan other ones

I think that each of us had noticed how it was easier to discuss the 911 subject when having the photographs just in front of us and when we needed others for the discussion not put up, we had the ring binder prepared by afsvfr with complementary images.

The public is more and more aware of the 911 facts and many have already visited our site http://www.reopen911.info/ and are as much interested in the subject as 9 years ago. Certain people congratulate us, others attentively read all the expo before engaging the conversation.

Many leaflets were taken, as were the Demi-Lune mark-page (they were at disposal beside the books).

Little adversity, whom, as usual, prefer to run away ! We are awaiting with interest for the first contradictor who will condescend to discuss with us, in front of the images if possible...

°2 _ _ _ _ Yves Ducourneau's report in French

John, voici le compte-rendu d'hier, accompagné de photos !

Yves D.

Message du : 10/10/2010
De : "Yves Ducourneau "
A : "John Mitchell"
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Sujet : Compte-rendu “Onze Bouge” d'octobre 2010

“Onze Bouge” du 9 octobre 2010

Merci à John MITCHELL, afsvfr, Buzz l'éclair, milongal, The_Flipside, Charles, François et SHA GUA DAN pour avoir animé l'expo mobile à la Gare Saint-Lazare hier, et un merci tout particulier à afsvfr qui a été chercher l'autorisation à la Préfecture et a apporté cette table géniale sur laquelle il y avait tant de choses (malgré sa grande taille elle était pleine, un peu comme un stand Demi-Lune ;-) ). Avec une telle équipe le public ne pouvait que repartir fortement instruit !


Nous avons plié bagage à la nuit tombante, sans quasiment avoir eu un instant pour souffler. Le début de soirée s'est poursuivi devant une bière, à discuter de futurs ajustements et d'autres actions possibles.

Je pense que chacun a pu constater comme il est plus facile d'aborder le sujet devant des images, au point d'ailleurs que des classeurs préparés par afsvfr en contenaient d'autres, en cas de besoin au cours de la discussion.
Le public mûrit lui aussi, connaît de plus en plus souvent notre site et s'intéresse autant au sujet, même 9 ans après.
Certaines personnes nous félicitent, d'autres lisent attentivement toute l'expo avant d'engager la conversation.

Beaucoup de tracts sont partis, ainsi que des marques-page Demi-Lune (ils étaient à disposition à côté des livres).

Peu d'adversité, celle-ci préférant, comme d'habitude, fuir ! Nous attendons avec intérêt le premier contradicteur qui daignera débattre, devant les images si possible...

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Sorry for the inconvenience to you and all the others.

Yours John

I Appreciate All Your Effort In This Endeavor

to awaken the masses and create real change.