NIST Cumulus Video - Sounds (and Reports) of Explosions

Looking through the newly released batch of videos from NIST and I found some interesting stuff in the folder "Richard Peskin." I have a edited together bits from four of the clips in that folder where you can hear what sound like explosions (after both towers have fallen), and the videographer (presumably Richard Peskin) saying that he's heard even more. They seem to be located around... Building 7. It all starts moments after the second tower collapsed.

The files I used were: Peskin 25.avi, Peskin 28.avi, Peskin 29.avi, and Peskin 30.avi.

Very Interesting!

I wonder if those are undetonated explosives from the demolition going off? I'm still going through the videos myself. Posted a couple to the 911datasets forums.

On a side note, anybody know why has been down since yesterday?

maybe they were for WTC 7?

As pjcz mentioned, it is speculated that WTC 7 may been planned to have been brought down with the other chaos of the other collapses. The long "gouge" spotted on the south side fueling this train of thought. Just think if it had been successful at this time. WTC 7 is completely hidden from view. When the dust would have settled the building would have been gone and we'd all be scratching our heads thinking a hearty Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! Our only clue to its demise would have been its nice neat debris pile. Thank goodness it failed and put the 'WTF' in the perps court.

Hey is any sound analysis' being done? I just now wondered, NIST said that no camera or recording device was able to pick up any sounds of explosions using a decibel value of 120 (was it 120? I think so). Given the distance of this camera and the clarity of the explosive sounds being heard; could an accurate decibel level be determined? What effect would the dust cloud have had in muzzling the sounds presuming they occurred at the WTC complex. Something to ponder.

Great work, bravo bravo..


explosion times

It would be very helpful if you could try to work out the precise times of these explosions. We have the narrator's reference to "11 o'clock" but it seems a bit informal. The seismic record from LDEO has signals at 11:01:07, 11:15:04 and 11:29:46. Those recording these signals tag them as "further collapse", but there's no way they could know this. So it would be interesting if the explosions heard in these video records corresponded to some of the above times.

There is no sign of time code

There is no sign of time code on the raw files. The only one that you can pinpoint time is the first clip, with the two sounds that occur at :10 and :12 in the video above. Those occur roughly 1 minute after the second tower collapsed. I don't see any other way to figure out the time for the other noises (and for his reference to hearing explosions).


Although it takes a lot of work, it's often possible to work out quite precise times as long as the video clip is uninterrupted during the crucial time period. You get network videos of the same events, looking for a distinctive transient event that is captured by a tlme-stamped video and by the new videos with the explosions. Then you can match the two (or more) videos frame by frame.

Early third building reference, CBS2_clip16-17.avi

Speculation about exposives, CBS2_clip12-14.avi