Jim Huibregtse clip_15B - Close-Up South Tower Flow

I noticed something in one of my previous clips (Jim Huibregtse clip_15B) that I thought was interesting. This is a zoomed-in view (and then slowed down) of the pyroclastic flow generated by the collapse of the South Tower. I added two red dots to help you locate two distinct 'white trail' ejections (see my earlier posts on white trails coming from the building pre-collapse) coming out of the pyroclastic flow. Do you see them? That seems odd, no? More thermitic reactions post-collapse?

Hi all, Sorry to be the first

Hi all,

Sorry to be the first to comment on my own post, but I forgot to mention this in the original text. One thing that really jumps out at me about this video is the synchronization between these two 'ejections'. It just seems highly unlikely to have occurred by chance, both shooting out at the same time.