Blessed Are The 9/11 Truthers

October 13, 2010 at 08:16:36     

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Blessed be the 9/11 Truthers because they are the spirit of freedom preserved. I am honored to belong to them and be free.




It had been an honorable tradition of the great humanists through history to challenge the all- inclusive preconceptions in order to save innocent lives. Such was Voltaire who worked persistently to acquit people wrongly accused and convicted on murder charges- Kalan and the Syrvent family, with the same courage he defended and exonerated general Lally who was accused of treason and executed. Such was Emil Zola, the author of the famous "J'accuse' (I accuse) pamphlet who tirelessly defended the innocence of captain Alfred Dreyfus, eventually gaining the release of the innocent man. When Zola's ashes were put into Pantheon of France it was Dreyfus who delivered the urn. Such was Vladimir Korolenko in Russia who was famous for exonerating the Udmurt tribes accused of human sacrifice and who saved Beilis, the Jew accused of kidnapping the Christian child and performing the blood- sucking rituals.

In the US we have numerous examples, like Georgia governor ( I think his name was Stanton) who refused to approve the death sentence for Mr. Frank accused and convicted of the murder of Mary Fagan. The literary character Atticus Finch in " To Kill a Mockingbird' defends the black person against all odds. He loses but prevails.



In all the cases above the testimony against the wrongly accused seemed overwhelming, the public opinion was fully against them and there were a plenty of "realists' who not only fully believed in the accusations but vehemently defended the punishment. And in all those cases the people were exonerated (sometimes post-mortem) and the truth prevailed due to an unbelievable courage of the true humanists and strife for fairness.



Now here we have 9/11 tragedy and not only a group of perpetrators is accused but also the whole ethnicity and religion are put on a libel hold due to that event. The government version is propagated from every corner and wars had been unleashed due to those perceptions. The whole life had changed on the basis of that.

It is even more remarkable that in the light of that overwhelming political pressure there are people who challenge that perception, who point out the lack of proper investigations, the inconsistency, the blatant fraud., etc. I consider myself one of them. The simple fact that the alleged leader of the group Mohammed Atta spent the night before the action in Maine and actually flew (!) to Boston on that morning tells me that such situation is fishy. No real terrorist will risk a chance to simply be delayed in Maine if he plans to act in Boston on that very morning and on the precise schedule. Not a chance.


But no matter what the final conclusion could be the 9/11 Truthers are the salt of the Earth, the people who must be admired and supported. They act according to the noble traditions of the great humanists. Everyone who does not understand the importance of their activity should go back and reread the cases I mentioned to feel what a great progress had been made since Voltaire in the strife for justice and appreciate the level of effort of the whole Humanity. Blessed be the 9/11 Truthers because they are the spirit of freedom preserved. I am honored to belong to them and be free.



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