Media Roots Radio

These are the first and second episodes of Media Roots radio with hosts Abby and Robbie Martin. We break through the left/ right paradigm and speak the truth about 9/11, Obama, the media, terrorism and pharmaceutical drugs. This radio show airs on shortwave radio Sundays at 6pm central time, following the Alex Jones show on frequency 9.350 MHz.

Media Roots Radio- Intro, Obama Administration by Media Roots In the first episode of the show, we introduce each other and explain our personal political awakenings and 9/11 truth before segueing into the Obama administration's policies and the political climate after the transition of administrations.

Media Roots Radio- Pharmaceuticals, Terrorism & Privacy by Media Roots The second show covers pharmaceutical drugs, the co-opting of the tea party from the neo-conservatives, and goes after "liberal" commentators like Jon Stewart and Bill Maher that frame the debate in a destructive way. We also break down the true threat of terrorism in this country, and the importance of privacy in our lives. The above timelines are interactive. Scroll through them to find out more about the show's music and for the links to resources mentioned during the broadcast.

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Finished the first segment

Very good. I liked the discussion about the fake beheading.. I think it's just sweet to embarrass the journalistic establishment the way you did, Robbie. Especially the rhetoric about having 'discovered' it on a 'terrorist website' or so... what a canard. Thanks Abby & Robbie.

Off Topic

Alex Jones has a fund raiser going on right now. I don't know about the rest of you but I am a huge Alex Jones fan. I just sent him what I could afford. I sure hope other truthers do the same. I am listening to it right now and it's awesome.