The Truman Show and 911 Truth

I watched this while thinking about 911. It knocked me over. Enjoy.

ok. I'm dense.

somebody explain the significance.

Nice filming, though.

Since I posted I'll do some

Since I posted I'll do some explaining. The gist of the Truman Show, and its been a few year so forgive errors, is that a media corporation decides to film the life of a person without his knowledge (manipulation for profit). To do this they create a fake world that he's lived in his entire life. He starts to get little clues that things are not as they seem. This short piece is the end of the movie where he tries to escape and hits the wall 'sky'. The media is the short shots inside the 'control room'. For me the shot of him touching the sky brings back of flood of emotional memories of my own discovery that the media has created this fake world. The hopeful end is his step into reality.

walking into darkness SPOILER ALERT

Darkness is defined as anything which is not illuminated. For me, in terms of 9/11 Truth, there is always more to illuminate. The Truman Show has a 'frame' (a la Lakoff) of "Life is an ADVENTURE". At the end, the character walks through the door of darkness.


that's pretty cool.