W. Va. Sen candidate questions 9/11 account

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October 13, 2010
W.Va. Sen candidate questions 9/11 account

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) - A third party candidate in West Virginia's U.S. Senate race questions whether the Sept. 11 attacks were masterminded by Osama bin Laden and carried out by al-Qaida terrorists.

Mountain Party nominee Jesse Johnson told The Associated Press that he is also not convinced that hijacked airliners caused the collapse of buildings at the World Trade Center.

Calling 9/11 a crime of the century, Johnson said it has never been investigated. He discounts the work of the bipartisan commission that issued a 585-page report on the attacks in 2004.

Johnson at first declined to say what he thinks happened or who was behind it. He later said he did not know who the culprits were. But he also questioned why U.S. air defenses did not stop the hijacked airplanes.

Johnson spoke to the AP Tuesday.



More info on Jesse Johnson


Jesse 4 US Senate
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The Mountain Party

is unique to the beautiful state of West Virgina, and Jesse Johnson will have my vote.

wish I could vote for him.


Affiliated with the Greens

The Mountain Party is the West Virginia affiliate of the Green Party of the United States.

His firefighter and first responder creds are good...

...and also that he is NOT a Libertarian-Ron Paul-Constitution-Tea Party ite...adds solid balance to our position as the 9/11TM has folks from all sorts of backgrounds supporting our positions and inquiries...

Third parties are OK politically...[although I agree with Ventura about eliminating all parties]...and this exposure is of fair quality with him making solid and reasonable statements about 9/11.

Nothing Morgan-esque or Tarpley-esque here.

The media door swings open slowly but surely...

9/11 Truth for World Peace and Justice

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

An FYI: Should there be a TRUE investigation of the flight of AA77, central West Virginia plays a VERY big role regarding WHERE a possible "swap" of AA77 might have occurred...if indeed a swap did happen. Chances are that such a swap took place somewhere at low altitudes [below radar coverage] over the valley which sits in between the two mountain ridges that run northeast-soutwest through the state. The northeast end of the valley floor ends up right near Camp David. Some of the radar data that I have collected supports this possibility IF it is established that AA77 was NOT the airvehicle? that struck? the Pentagon. rdh

"Nothing Morgan-esque or Tarpley-esque here."

Heh, that's funny, but you're right to point it out.

Bottom line - it's totally straightforward. The buildings did not "collapse" that is not what happened, and anyone who looks at it again, and does any amount of research about it, will arrive at the same conclusion.

The twin towers of the WTC were blown up and destroyed with explosives, about an hour or so after the plane impacts, but, the plane impacts were NOT the cause of destruction. Therefore, the Zelikow authored official story myth, isn't true, and indeed 9/11 was an inside job - something definitely requiring an actual investigation.

Votings OK but not enough

People in the vacinity of WV should organize teams of canvasers, etc. Volunteer for his campaign. Perfect way to interface the public - in perhaps the most politically aware populace anywhere in the nation. I know, I've been there supporting the Miners, and other causes.

Looks like he handled the questions

deftly and forthrightly.

It looks like the time has come for 9/11 truth, and like the tip of a spearhead, may it poke those corrupt officials who knew but did nothing for fear of undermining "US national security".

However, there is little in the way of US national security in a complete vacuum of US moral authority..

Well put.

The time for truth has arrived as millions of individuals assume that moral authority. It is breaking into the mainstream more and more. *I just opened a message on Facebook that someone sent today. The subject was "explosive dust." The person just found out about this and was eagerly telling me all about it!

BuildingWhat Update: It looks like the ads will be running just after the Nov. 2 election is over. The ads would have cost triple the normal rate during the election season, according to Ted W. But the upside is that after Nov. 2nd there wil be a significant drop in price and we will get double the coverage--- almost 5 million views.

So let the election play out and let Stewart and Colbert have their rallies first, then we can blanket NYC. The fundraising has continued. Almost $94,000 now.

Another 3rd Party WV candidate for 9/11 Truth

Jeff Becker of the Constitution Party of West Virginia is currently on the ballot for U.S. Senate. He just sent me his reply to questions from the Wheeling Intelligencer and News-Record. Here's his reply to question #1:

After being elected, what would be your first act after taking office?

"On September 11, 2001, three, not two, buildings collapsed. WTC-7, officially known as the Solomon Brothers Building, was located two blocks away from the Twin Towers and was not hit by an aircraft. At 5:00pm, BBC correspondent Jane Standley reported from Ground Zero that this building had collapsed when, in fact, it was in full view behind her. Twenty minutes later, it did collapse. This is clearly fore-knowledge. In a 2002 PBS interview, WTC owner Larry Silverstein said that he gave the order to “pull it” - a controlled demolition term. I will lead a new and comprehensive Senate investigation."

I can vouch for Mr. Becker's credentials on this issue—he's the one who introduced me to 9/11 Truth five years ago.

Those of us who are able

must, in the words of G. Edward Griffin "come to power". "We" must run as Republicans, Democrats and as Independants or 3rd Patry candidates, and, we must educate *one entire generation* of "up and comers" via the institutions of higher learning in the USA. Children of fortune 500 corporations and international bankers, Senators, Congressmen, etc, they must be given to know that their friends and neighbors (any and every man and woman) were murdered, by factions of the US Govt and Military-Industrial complex and Intelligence apparatus, in order to wage an unjust war of agression, which in turn killed over a MILLION more innocents.

History, and justice, even Civility, requires an accounting, and a more accurate record than has been given the world via the 9/11 Commission and NIST Reports, who's claims do not hold up under any amount of rational scrutiny, whatsoever.

Jeff Becker is also a member of AE911Truth

I forgot to mention: Mr. Becker is also a licensed engineer and one of the signers of Richard Gage's petition!

let me see if I have this straight, an ex Klan member holds

this seat for 41 years, as a "democrat". The other senate seat has belonged to jay mother freakin rockefekker for 25 years.

And...david mann says the are "perhaps the most politicaly aware populace anywhere in the nation." Perhaps not.

Now the race is very close with most recent polls giving a slight edge to a republican. Raese, who has come out early and often for more more more de-regulation, over the sitting governor Manchin, a dem.

Enter Jesse Johnson AND Jeff Becker, 2 guys from fringe parties spouting 9/11 truth to some degree.

I agree with Ventura that Demublicans and Republocrats should be banned(then outlawed[me])....but do i smell the funk of another Alvin Greene?

Johnson and Becker will both get only a very small percentage of votes, but who will they "take" these votes from?

Very curious. Yes, our movement should be and at its best is non-partisan and if I hope these two can spread some truth, like maybe at a debate?

Have they been or will they be allowed such an honor? Probably not. Guess I'll go check...back soon w/results.

Well, looky here.....all four gentlemen will square off this

evening, Monday, on WV Public TV. Maybe Cspan will carry it.

If all are given equal time and both Johnson and Becker use every opportunity to shine the light of truth...it could be interesting and important to our struggle.

Still smells cheesy, but it could open a few eyes.

Given the sheer magnitude of our numbers

and influence, as a "movement", provided we don't take sides as a movement, politically, on anything other than 9/11 truth (Alex Jones rightward leaning, Ron Paul supporting, Tea Pary alignment is a good example of what NOT to do) - if "we" got organized, we could field 9/11 truth committed candidates in BOTH parties, and as independants, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY and at all levels.

I think the time has come for us as a movement to re-evaluate our numbers, power, and influence, and then set to work at coming to power - such that Dick Cheney recieves that ominous hard knock at the door during his lifetime, before his ticker gives out, although he's more than welcome to drop of a heart attack at that precise moment..

Sorry to say...

Of course the problem is that the system is so corrupt not coming to power is likely not going to change that.

There is good reason to belief the JFK who came to power had decided to steer the nation on a different course, a course which would back off the cold war, drop the nukes, scale back the MIC and so forth. He was essentially going to change the whole "system" and step of the toes of so many people that he was taken out. And when he was all those "interests" who didn't want the changes he was about to make, were perfectly OK that they didn't come to pass and accepted the official story of the lone assassin.

We don't know that there is a direct connection between those MIC interests then and the ones who were around in 2001 and even today, ie some vast long continuing conspiracy. We do know that the MIC is growing in size, growing in secrecy and growing in their ability to shape the nation's agenda. The MIC has us by the balls and to think that getting a few congress critters in power is going to change this is hopelessly naive. The MIC is so adroit at control and manipulation and have such enormous power that nothing can blunt them and they apparently rub out anyone who they do see as a serious threat... and people know this and especially those who begin to gain a following and support for change. They soon roll over and quiet down and accept the need for a national security state and its bogus reasons for being.

The only real change will come from complete collapse or a second revolution where millions and millions of Americans take to the street and take their country back. Sorry to say, but elections are a waste of time, a pipe dream and the basis for false hopes with THIS America.

I disagree

The "system" is comprised of people, and those in charge will soon pass off the scene.

Furthermore, they are few in number, and we are great in number.

We need to change the game and take the power back, and this can be done and MUST be done.

First we must take back the ship from the pirates who pirated it, and then begin the long slow process of enacting the required changes, and pick up where JFK left off, starting with a reappraisal of the various groups which comprise the shadow government.

At the same time, we must change our way of being and point of view, as individuals, so as to harness a higher power principal and move mountains of historical causation in the process.

Reacting AGAINST things we don't want, in and of itself doesn't work. Somehow, we need to move into a new order of reality, into what I like to call a newfound mutuality of existence, and drive a new arrow of civilized progress.

I am the eternal optimist though.

Robert C. Byrd

Was well loved in this state. Yes, he made some bad choices in his youth, but he had publicly apologized and repented for belonging to that group. He was a good man who spoke out against the war in Iraq and did a lot for the state of West Virginia. He was well loved here, and though he couldn't erase his past, he did what he could to make amends for it.

I will tell you, Governor Manchin will in all likelihood win this race. But nothing would happen if people didnt try, and Jesse Johnson is gutsy enough to at least do that.

When Manchin goes down, will there be a re-count?

No, of course not because that is IMPOSSIBLE with the DRE machines.

Will the results be compared to the exit polls?

No, of course not because exit polls have been ELIMINATED as e-voting has taken over, and the historicaly spot-on accurate exit polls showed many surprising "upset" "victories" were way off the polled numbers, the easiest way to avoid such embarassingly clear evidence of fraud was to just stop doing exit polls.

We must return to paper, hand counted ballots. Speed of obtaining results should have ZERO to do with conducting an election in a democracy. 100% accuracy should be the sole criterium.

Yess! Tonights WVA debate is scheduled to be

broadcast live on CSPAN. We all need to drop Johnson and Becker a line and let them know by our numbers that we hope they take full advantage of this opportunity to rain down some truth on the parched desert of the masses Zelikowian myth.

When the levee breaks, and break it inevitably will, and truth floods us like a tsunami....those who have been loud and proud in the movement will be the only future legislators/"leaders" we will be able to fully trust.


About 3rd party thoughts:

John Stossel's Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics (4/6)

Recommend the whole set - pretty eye-opening.



I haven't watched it yet, so I don't know what issues were covered.

I remember

that a questioner asked the candidates if troops should still be in Afghanistan. Beckers reply was "Three buildings came down on 9/11!" hurr durr

Jesse Johnson avoided coming off like a nutjob, and is a fairly eloquent speaker. Becker was just embarrassing.

Just watched the video....JJohnson was very well spoken and

fairly telegenic. He said some good things about Citizens United, cutting DoD, Universal HC and how the 2 partys suck but not a word about 9/11.

Becker came across terrible at first, unprepared, nervous, out of his element and profoundly UN-telegenic. However, as the evening progressed, he seemed to warm up, gain a little confidence and did in fact mention Bld. 7, Silverstein, BBC's early call.