MSNBC News poll about conspiracy theories

MSNBC has a poll in progress asking if you believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11.

chance to weigh in . . .

Comments 100% say no way official story true

That's Amazing. How long before the trolls show up?

Notice they're too scared to frame it as an actual poll

which would show percentages.

Someone ought to post a list of every other poll ever done on this subject, all of which show extreme problems with the publics "digestion" of the Zelikow OCT myth.


Again, it should be declared unequivocally we REJECT the word THEORY, with everything we got. That needs to be made clear. ALL commenting need to declare that!

I think "they" are getting very nervous

And while I went ahead and posted a comment anyway, using my real name like I do here, I cannot help but get the impression that this is a data aquisition op run by MSNBC operations mockingbird cointelpro types, to pad their list of 9/11 truther people, for future reference when this thing gets right out of hand, by which time of course, it will be too late.

I always figure that no matter how you try to hide it...........

..........they can figure out who you are.
Might as well put your name right there.

Where is...

...the link located within the MSNBC site that directs to the poll page?

Try here

It's a tiny, hard to find green button top left. The comments are good. the votes are meaningless.

Great comments, should be preserved

I'd like to see a copy of all the comments in this thread, just to preserve them. It appears that the MSNBC "article" is orphaned and not visible to the public. Might as well have the useful summary of best arguments posted here.