Jesse Ventura to feature the Pentagon in new season of Conspiracy Theory

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In this interview with Judge Napolitano, former MN Governor Jesse Ventura says he will be covering the Pentagon attack on 9/11. Although the official website for his show does not mention the 9/11 show, Jesse mentions here in the interview.

In all that Jesse Ventura has done in getting exposure to 9/11 issues, he still seems to walk around the fringe topics leaving the easily documented slam dunk topics alone such as WTC 7. With the NIST reports in hand and a panel of informed scientists and engineers such as Prof. Jones, Bob Bowman, Dwain Deets, Tony Szamboti, Kevin Ryan, and the list can go on, he still chooses to stay on more divisive topics where the evidence is not as conclusive. Although there are good points to be made regarding the Pentagon such as the 3 minute 270 degree turn by Hani Hanjour pilot extraordinaire, the re-enforced wedge 1 target, the VDOT antennae in the flight path, confiscated video tapes, Norman Mineta's testimony, April Gallup's testimony, Dick Cheney's arrival time, and the fact it was even hit at all are a few.

However, It would still seem to me that he should start with the basic tenets of the 9/11 truth movement such as WTC 7. Whether he treats the Pentagon topic seriously enough or over dramatizes the episode like his first 9/11 episode on the black boxes of flights AA11 and UA175 remains to be seen. Maybe if he did keep espousing the most egregious and obvious lies such as WTC 7, he won't be invited on these shows? Despite his openness to 9/11 truth, MSM outlets continue to put him on. Does that make anyone go "hmmmm.." just a little? I am certain I might be reading too much into it here, but I don't think I am the only one that has gotten that impression from him. I am confident he is doing all he can to wake up the populous to the 9/11 cover up.

Peace everyone.

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I'm sad that almost ten years

I'm sad that almost ten years after 911 so many advocates for truth are still out there promoting unscientific, speculative accounts of what may have happened on 911. Why lead with the weakest points? Furthermore, it isn't certain that any aspect of the official story is false with respect to the pentagon, for my money I think its true. But what can't be doubted is the demolition of wtc 1, 2, and 7. By pushing these other lines we risk alienating newcomers, its a big red herring, and no of course it isn't a coincidence that the pentagon thing is acceptable to the mainstream media. Anyone who has five minutes on tv should direct people to do their OWN investigation of the video evidence regarding WTC, not feed them some story about the pentagon. The key is to keep urging investigation in light of the obvious anomalies, not pursue false leads. When people figure it out for themselves they internalize the truth rather than having some shill force feed it to them. Stick to the scientific case, its the only way for the truth to come out. People should read the analysis of the pentagon crash on plenty of photogrraphic evidence and eyewitness testimony confirms the official story of the pentagon crash. Of course an effective air defense was stood down, but in my judgment a plane hit the pentagon


Kevin Ryan's approach seems really useful here, if one must speak of the Pentagon.

And I agree that it is much better to focus on what the MSM will not look at, such as WTC 7. Although war games, put options, and NORAD are also 'media taboo,' and therefore quite useful.

The MSM...

Has been more than willing to look at Controlled Demolition over the years, as well as WTC7. The majority of hit pieces over the years have been written to portray us as a group of individuals who think the "buildings were brought down in a controlled demolition," and a "missile hit the Pentagon." Most "debunking" documentaries like that from the BBC and National Geographic have focused specifically on Controlled Demolition. Popular Mechanics, etc... focused on CD. When Betsy and I were debating Dom Giordano on the radio about 9/11, he said "I don't want to hear about WTC7... if I hear about it one more time..." I do agree, however, that "it is much better to focus on what the MSM will not look at." Like most things I promote.

[SARCASM]And dear God in heaven, I hope that Jesse talks about a missile, that 77 didn't hit, and promotes CIT's work.[/SARCASM]


>>a group of individuals who think the "buildings were brought down in a controlled demolition," and a "missile hit the Pentagon."

The pairing of these two is key here.

One of these gets more and more likely when you look into it -- hence over 1200 professional degreed licensed architects and engineers signing onto it.

The other has no such support and evaporates into disputes and nonsense upon examination.

Pairing them helps only one of these.

When average people hear "no plane" and "missile" they tend to discount the whole deal. Demolition sounds equally far fetched so keeping it unexamined is easy when it is paired with a swamp of hoaxes, rather than the list of professionals and the videos of B7.

The reason they paired them together...

Was because that's what Loose Change did, and the media, for a long time, tried to portray us as a group of individuals whose main problems with the official account, came from Loose Change. The MSM love to talk about CD because it sounds "crazy" to a lot of people. As I posted on Facebook, "people believe what the TV tells them, and that the TV has told them that we are a group of people who think that "explosives were planted in the buildings," that "a missile hit the Pentagon," that we are "anti-semitic holocaust denying murdering psycho terrorist sympathizers who drink kool aid," and that it might be in our best interest to act DIFFERENTLY than what the TV tells people."


... Loose Change, at least in its final two episodes, downplays the Pentagon issue and points out, quite correctly, that the main thing about Pentagon is that it was hit at all.

Loose Change 2nd Edition...

Is what the MSM jumped on, and completely ignored 9/11: Press For Truth. I was there.

The MSM have been fairly silent about...

... the third and fourth editions, which greatly improve on the preceding ones. I consider the last - The American Coup - one of the best 9/11 documentaries there are.

Btw, I agree that much else should also be thematized than CD.

"However, It would still seem

"However, It would still seem to me that he should start with the basic tenets of the 9/11 truth movement such as WTC 7"

"The other has no such support and evaporates into disputes and nonsense upon examination.. "

I disagree with both of these statements. The pentagon was not hit by a plane in my very strong opinion. Although i would agree that it shouldn't be the focus of the Conspiracy Theory program.

There are other anomalies with the Pentagon that should be mentioned at every opportunity though. This includes Norman Mineta's testimony and subsequent death toll at the Pentagon. If Cheney knew a plane was '15 miles out' heading towards the pentagon, shouldn't he have issued an evacuation order? The fact that he knew it was headed towards it and did nothing makes him at the very least guilty of negligent homicide.

frankly i think controlled demolition in general has taken way too much of a center stage in the truth movement, i agree with Jon here. I used to scoff at that point of view but now seeing the damage its done i wish it wasn't such a big focus.

Maybe so..

But the reason CD has is because WTC 7 is SO obvious and it has 1300+ and counting Arch's & Eng's saying so. At least half the people out there have no clue about it or have heard about but never seen it. The fact that NIST admitted free-fall adds to openness of the blatant lie they are telling. Once I've shown people bldg 7, I don't hammer it, I move right to the rest such as Jon's fact sheet which is an excellent tool. Everyone at my job thought I was crazy when I wore my first Ask Questions button (which I wear everyday now) but after seeing bldg 7, they know I have valid points. Many just leave it at that however and don't look into it further. Just one colleague does and he was the one that introduced me to Zeitgeist which opened my eyes. Now when I am approached or asked about my views, I need only point out certain illogical facts that they MUST accept if they are to believe in the OCT and my first one is WTC7's freefall demise into its own footprint. Most have a hard time swallowing that pill.

I personally don't have any clue what happened at the pentagon. I am certain a plane hit it, but what plane, I can't say as no proof has been submitted that it was AA77. But the story of Hani Hanjour over powering someone like Burlingame and taking control of the plane only to disappear like a fart in the wind and re-appear over DC is just too incredulous to take seriously. And this takes me back to my original point. JV consistently gets opportunities on these big network TV shows and now has one of his own where he can easily use irrefutable, forensic and scientific facts. He was trained in demolition for goodness sakes, but doesn't use this background to show the obvious. Instead he chooses speculative theories, hearsay, and drama to try and package truth and no one is taking him seriously. These MSM producers that book him know very well what their guidelines are for 9/11 and Mr Ventura often times seems far too willing to stay within those guidelines. Take it for what it is worth.

peace all

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We should support

aviation professionals who have questions about 9/11 as well.

Here is compelling

Here is compelling information from an insider.

Again I agree with Jesse

There is no two or three party system. All there is, is a NWO party run by the Elite Bankers period. As far as the Pentagon goes that should also be discussed. 9/11 consists of many pieces to the puzzle. The Pentagon being one piece. We will never know the truth until there is a "Real Investigation". If that ever happens then and only then will we know the whole truth about 9/11. It will also be the downfall of the NWO boys. All roads lead to them. I am also curious about the JFK murder confession. I always figured LBJ had something to do with it. We shall see.

I'm with Jesse too

Another MSM appearance for Jesse. We should be counting our blessings rather than picking it apart. Five out of the five and one half minutes of this interview were about politics today and Jesse did a great job cutting thru the BS and calling it the way it is in a way that "Joe beer-belly" can understand. And he got a little 9/11 truth in as always. I've met plenty of people who don't get 911 truth yet, but still have serious doubts about the Pentagon story. I'm excited about the former Governor, Navy Seal turned TV producer doing a show about the Pentagon. If the wire-tapping and eves dropping is as thorough as we here all claim, then the Pentagon already knows what's going into that broadcast, which might explain some of their surprising behavior lately. Who knows? But I trust him with the story more than anyone else who has attempted to handle that hot topic. Let's see what he puts out there before we jump all over it.



Gotta give Jesse this much

Even though you may not agree with everything he says, every topic he raises, every aspect he covers, what I think should be at the least respected, at the most imitated is his courage and tenacity. The man does not quit or back down. He seems to drop off for a while, then he comes back. And when he comes back, he gets people to pay attention, ask questions and discuss the issue. To me, that is almost more important than trying to present all the answers yourself. If you get folks to think about this, and to ask each other some real questions about it like we all have, they will become as curious as we have and will hopefully dig a little bit, and we know that's all it takes. Thanks for getting it out there, Jesse. Even if every other episode of "Conspiracy Theory" is complete garbage, and I don't personally believe that, but even if it is, people are asking questions and demanding answers and more and more of us are waking up.