NIST Video - Overturned Cars, Post-Collapse

So, looking through the newly-released NIST videos and I was struck by multiple videos shot by people at the scene of the Twin Tower collapses. What you see in these edited (by me) videos is a number of cars and trucks overturned (or completely flipped), presumably by the collapse. Now, I realize the "common sense test" is not the most stringent or scientific, but does it make sense to you that a gravitational collapse could/would generate enough force to literally flip cars? The videos in question were shot before any heavy equipment like cranes and/or construction trucks arrived; as you can see in the first clip, the second tower hasn't even come down. Explosive force, no?

Clips used: CBS-Net Dub3 25, WNBC Dub3_65, WNBC Dub10 80, and WNBC Dub10 90.

I have the same impression

However, to be totally honest, I think that there is also a chance that the force of the falling mass at the end of the collapse pushed horizontally. Just like the smoke that ran on such a distance so fast...

Still, I have doubts, and only someone specialized in physics could answer this.

I remember the video of a cameraman who was close of the collapse and trying to run away. He was saved by a fireman and got down on the ground behind a car and when he got up, no cars were flipped...

It's an important question because it can become another evidence against the official version.

I understand there was a

I understand there was a horizontal push. The videos at Architects and Engineers (and those by David S. Chandler on youtube) clearly show that there is horizontal force all the way down the building (some ejections at 70mph!). My point is that people often respond to the evidence of horizontal ejections/force as simply being air (and smoke) expelled due to the gravitational collapse of floors. What I'm suggesting (and I am not a physicist) is that it seems unlikely that a gravitational collapse would/could generate the sort of force that could literally flip cars and trucks. Perhaps it would, but my gut tells me no. Explosives, however, could/would explain the force needed to flip those automobiles.

Good question - good points

It seems like a lot of force would be necessary.
Hurricanes? they flip cars like that?

Good point

You're right, those ejections are clearly visible. I didn't think about the fact that there could have been explosives down to the ground level. But it makes sense that there was.
I don't think hurricanes' winds flip cars. Tornadoes can easily though.

I would be curious to hear David Chandler or Richard Gage about this.

"Basement" explosions might explain the cars

9/11: WTC2 "Collapse" (WNYW live, basement explosion reported)

This is newly discovered:

Joe, I think you once showed me this...