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Paul Craig Roberts
Fri, 15 Oct 2010 16:31 CDT

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Does anyone remember the "cakewalk war" that would last six weeks, cost $50-$60 billion, and be paid for out of Iraqi oil revenues?

Does anyone remember that White House economist Lawrence Lindsey was fired by Dubya because Lindsey estimated that the Iraq war could cost as much as $200 billion?

Lindsey was fired for over-estimating the cost of a war that, according to Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, has cost 15 times more than Lindsey estimated. And the US still has 50,000 troops in Iraq.

Does anyone remember that just prior to the US invasion of Iraq, the US government declared victory over the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Does anyone remember that the reason Dubya gave for invading Iraq was Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, weapons that the US government knew did not exist?

Are Americans aware that the same neoconservatives who made these fantastic mistakes, or told these fabulous lies, are still in control of the government in Washington?

The "war on terror" is now in its tenth year. What is it really all about?

The bottom line answer is that the "war on terror" is about creating real terrorists. The US government desperately needs real terrorists in order to justify its expansion of its wars against Muslim countries and to keep the American people sufficiently fearful that they continue to accept the police state that provides "security from terrorists," but not from the government that has discarded civil liberties.

The US government creates terrorists by invading Muslim countries, wrecking infrastructure and killing vast numbers of civilians. The US also creates terrorists by installing puppet governments to rule over Muslims and by using the puppet governments to murder and persecute citizens as is occurring on a vast scale in Pakistan today.

Neoconservatives used 9/11 to launch their plan for US world hegemony. Their plan fit with the interests of America's ruling oligarchies. Wars are good for the profits of the military/security complex, about which President Eisenhower warned us in vain a half century ago. American hegemony is good for the oil industry's control over resources and resource flows. The transformation of the Middle East into a vast American puppet state serves well the Israel Lobby's Zionist aspirations for Israeli territorial expansion.

Most Americans cannot see what is happening because of their conditioning. Most Americans believe that their government is the best on earth, that it is morally motivated to help others and to do good, that it rushes aid to countries where there is famine and natural catastrophes. Most believe that their presidents tell the truth, except about their sexual affairs.

The persistence of these delusions is extraordinary in the face of daily headlines that report US government bullying of, and interference with, virtually every country on earth. The US policy is to buy off, overthrow, or make war on leaders of other countries who represent their peoples' interests instead of American interests. A recent victim was the president of Honduras who had the wild idea that the Honduran government should serve the Honduran people.

The American government was able to have the Honduran president discarded, because the Honduran military is trained and supplied by the US military. It is the same case in Pakistan, where the US government has the Pakistani government making war on its own people by invading tribal areas that the Americans consider to be friendly to the Taliban, al Qaeda, "militants" and "terrorists."

Earlier this year a deputy US Treasury secretary ordered Pakistan to raise taxes so that the Pakistani government could more effectively make war on its own citizens for the Americans. On October 14 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered Pakistan to again raise taxes or the US would withhold flood aid. Clinton pressured America's European puppet states to do the same, expressing in the same breath that the US government was worried by British cuts in the military budget. God forbid that the hard-pressed British, still reeling from American financial fraud, don't allocate enough money to fight America's wars.

On Washington's orders, the Pakistani government launched a military offensive against Pakistani citizens in the Swat Valley that killed large numbers of Pakistanis and drove millions of civilians from their homes. Last July the US instructed Pakistan to send its troops against the Pakistani residents of North Waziristan. On July 6 Jason Ditz reported on that "at America's behest, Pakistan has launched offensives against [the Pakistani provinces of] Swat Valley, Bajaur, South Waziristan, Orakzai,and Khyber."

A week later Israel's US Senator Carl Levin (D,MI) called for escalating the Obama Administration's policies of US airstrikes against Pakistan's tribal areas. On September 30, the Pakistani newspaper, The Frontier Post, wrote that the American air strikes "are, plain and simple, a naked aggression against Pakistan."

The US claims that its forces in Afghanistan have the right to cross into Pakistan in pursuit of "militants." Recently US helicopter gunships killed three Pakistani soldiers who they mistook for Taliban. Pakistan closed the main US supply route to Afghanistan until the Americans apologized.

Pakistan warned Washington against future attacks. However, US military officials, under pressure from Obama to show progress in the endless Afghan war, responded to Pakistan's warning by calling for expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan. On October 5 the Canadian journalist Eric Margolis wrote that "the US edges closer to invading Pakistan."

In his book, Obama's Wars, Bob Woodward reports that America's puppet president of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, believes that terrorist bombing attacks inside Pakistan for which the Taliban are blamed are in fact CIA operations designed to destabilize Pakistan and allow Washington to seize Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

To keep Pakistan in line, the US government changed its position that the "Times Square Bombing" was the work of a "lone wolf." Attorney General Eric Holder switched the blame to the "Pakistani Taliban," and Secretary of State Clinton threatened Pakistan with "very serious consequences" for the unsuccessful Times Square bombing, which likely was a false flag operation aimed at Pakistan.

To further heighten tensions, on September 1 the eight members of a high-ranking Pakistani military delegation in route to a meeting in Tampa, Florida, with US Central Command, were rudely treated and detained as terrorist suspects at Washington DC's Dulles Airport.

For decades the US government has enabled repeated Israeli military aggression against Lebanon and now appears to be getting into gear for another Israeli assault on the former American protectorate of Lebanon. On October 14 the US government expressed its "outrage" that the Lebanese government had permitted a visit by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who is the focus of Washington's intense demonization efforts. Israel's representatives in the US Congress threatened to stop US military aid to Lebanon, forgetting that US Rep. Howard Berman (D,CA) has had aid to Lebanon blocked since last August to punish Lebanon for a border clash with Israel.

Perhaps the most telling headline of all is the October 14 report, "Somalia's New American Primer Minister." An American has been installed as the Prime Minister of Somalia, an American puppet government in Mogadishu backed up by thousands of Ugandan troops paid by Washington.

This barely scratches the surface of Washington's benevolence toward other countries and respect for their rights, borders, and lives of their citizens.

Meanwhile, to silence Wikileaks and to prevent any more revelations of American war crimes, the "freedom and democracy" government in DC has closed down Wikileaks' donations by placing the organization on its "watch list" and by having the Australian puppet government blacklist Wikileaks.

Wikileaks is now akin to a terrorist organization. The American government's practice of silencing critics will spread across the Internet.

Remember, they hate us because we have freedom and democracy, First Amendment rights, habeas corpus, respect for human rights, and show justice and mercy to all.

Paul Craig Roberts

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*Changed the source of the story to CounterPunch as opposed to SOTT for quality purposes. Thanks everyone ~ Orang.

Didn't PCR Retire? many of us have tried to retire and failed:) It seems once it's in the blood of a survivor they simply can't stop fighting.

Thank you Mr Roberts!

Kind regards John

retirement is out of the question -

This guy has a real sense of what is at stake in this fight. He continues to impress !!

However, ask him to run for public office

and he's not in for that, sadly.


John, thanks for posting, only please do not link to the hoax site SOTT -- Signs of the Times -- for a story like this that is available elsewhere. It's easy to fall for sites like SOTT if you don't know their history, and of course, they hope for people to have no idea about them, so try to look innocuous by hosting interesting sounding news along with their regular hoax claims.

SOTT is a UFO site which hosts attack essays on people like Jim Hoffman and Daniel Hopsicker and advocates nonsense 9/11 claims.

Here's an example of SOTT's position on the Pentagon evidence -- the plane flew over the Pentagon:

Since the original article was written, Craig Ranke and Aldo Marquis of Citizen Investigation Team have investigated many of the claims by eyewitnesses to the Pentagon strike. Along with a paper recently published by Pilots for 911 Truth, they have shown conclusively that the flight path suggested by the damaged light poles and generator trailer was physically impossible.

This thread on TruthAction describes some of the people and topics involved in Signs of the Times --

An article by Laura Knight Jadczyk on disinfomation was mentioned yesterday and I have just done a bit of digging into the people behind the Signs of the Times site (Laura Knight Jadczyk's news site) and all the following stuff appears to have been written before they adopted Judy Wood's work and also from before they latched onto the "what hit the pentagon" issue. The key person behind this cult is Laura Knight Jadczyk:

"in 1994, after the Shoemaker-Levy comet slammed into Jupiter, Laura Knight Martin began to channel the Cassiopaeans via a trumped up version of an Ouija Board with fellow board experimenter Fred Ireland. The board used the same type of communication techniques as the original Ouija. In 1996 she divorced the father of her five children Lewis Martin claiming he was a reptilian zombie replacement sent to destroy her ability to evolve on her pathway with the Cassiopaeans."

And it goes on from there . . .

Other links for the story? (Interestingly, it appears that SOTT has changed the title to add "is a fraud")

An example of the type of damage

David Icke has done.

I hope the editors will fix the mistake...?

The thing is Victoria the change of tittle through me and I thought that was the original source...I will be more careful in future.

The original link was sent to me by e-mail.

Regards John


John, you could edit the piece and re-submit it, so that the appropriate link URL appears in place of this unfortunate one.

I took care of it.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks Mate!

Got my back as usual:)

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Now I know for certain none us of should have anything to do with You've personally removed any lingering doubt there might have been.

"new-ager grifter-types and suspected pedophiles"?! Who the hell do you think you are with your threats?

I request that the moderators let the above comment stand, as a damning indictment of We needn't say anything else.

Note: I have nothing against Paul Craig Roberts. I can't decide for him where he wants to publish commentary nor do I want to.

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Suspicions from about some people possibly related to one of the links posted in the post on Truth Action.Very interesting.

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Is a crazed cult, and this is WELL established by the thread on Truth Action. I'm am really, really not interested in discussion on this issue, just as I'm really, really not interested in discussing No Plane Theory. I don't pause in the middle of the street to have a profound discussion with the scruffy nutter with a sign around his neck predicting apocalypse either. How I allot my time is my responsibility. And the decision is: I have no time for you and your ilk. Your threats and psychological attack on Victoria rank among the lowest of the low I have ever seen on this site. Get well soon.

A crazed cult? That's hilarious! Anyway, I feel it my duty to ask you if you would care to provide some evidence for your assertion. I mean, any evidence at all? Or are you happy for it to be so obvious that you have no evidence and that you are simply lying?

As for the no plane theory, I'm not interested in discussing it either. I'm simply stating that you and Victronix are spreading lies about on this thread.

But I have one question: is it really your position that my suggestion to Victronix that she be careful not to defame (or anyone for that matter) in a public forum amounts to "threats and psychological attack"??


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seos73 introduce yourself to me
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Good article

I largely agree, although I think PCR exaggerates for rhetorical effect here and there.

E.g. how can a 'puppet president of Pakistan' accuse the US of false flag operations?