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A new BlogTalkRadio network, Resistance Radio, just launched last week. Check it out!


Oct 19'th Show: http://www.archive.org/download/WideshutWebcastOct-19-2010ResistanceRadioNetwork/19oct.mp3

All shows Noon PDT, 3pm EDT, 20.00 UK time, 21.00 Amsterdam, 60 minutes.

Matrix USA with Freedomizer Radio's Jay

WideShut Webcast: Keelan Balderson

9/11 In Context With Tod Fletcher

The MistrBrit Show

Join MistrBrit and the Resistance Radio team as we cover the latest anti-globalisation news and expose the crimes, lies and manipulation of our elected governments, banksters, mainstream media, military and intelligence services.

Resistance Radio prefers to deal in hard evidence of governmental tyranny and multinational corporate corruption, is a religion-free zone, and steers away from the more "far-out" conspiracy theories.

Whilst welcoming listeners worldwide and having two hosts from the US, we at Resistance Radio hope to provide a distinctly British and European perspective on the news and events effecting us all in this dystopic 21st century.

Resistance Radio aims to provide you with a credible alternative perspective to that offered by the controlled, corporate mainstream media.

Thursday's edition, "9/11 In Context", hosted by me, Tod Fletcher, will discuss key 9/11 issues in detail, explore the wider clandestine, historical, economic and political context of the events, and highlight breaking news and research results that shed light on the truth about 9/11. I plan to invite guests from the worldwide truth movement to discuss their research results and analyses. Feedback and suggestions will always be welcome.

Please listen to our new Resistance Radio network, and tell us what you think. All shows are archived and downloadable at


Many shows will also be uploaded to MistrBrit's YouTube channel,