Urgent request for FOIA lawsuit financial support.

Litigation seeking the release of never before seen 9/11 FBI records is currently underway in the federal courts. There is an immediate need for a FOIA attorney to assist the plaintiff with this important case. The defendants have a large body of legal experts working to prevent the release of these records. A public interest FOIA attorney has offered their services at a reduced public interest rate. Will you help to raise the required funds? Release of these requested records may help settle questions surrounding the Pentagon and Shanksville controversies, as well as others. Release of these records could also help overcome future claims of release exemption by the FBI for other 9/11 records requests.

This is important.

The plaintiff in this case has a long history of producing useful results.

Requested records may help with Pentagon / Shanksville ...

"...Release of these requested records may help settle questions surrounding the Pentagon and Shanksville controversies, as well as others.
Release of these records could also help overcome future claims of release exemption by the FBI for other 9/11 records requests...."

I am glad to see this blog entry moved to the top occasionally.
"Repeat the message" is the correct action.


Think alleged flight phone call records, on-scene evidence collection records and other never before heard recordings.


That sounds interesting jkeogh but i would certainly need more information about this before I gave my money away...what 9/11 records are sought? Who is behind this litigation?

Current Cases

Since the cases are currently in litigation, it has been requested that we not directly associate this fund-raiser with them. Previous actions have caused the release of documentation that is still headline news. I would like to be more specific, and as events permit, the complete set of information will be released as it always is. Also, in FOIA cases you usually do not know what exact records will be produced, and this is the case here. For example, the finding that NIST is withholding critical details regarding their computer models was not known to anyone outside NIST until they were compelled (by lawsuits funded the same way) to produce the data responsive to the FOIA request.

This action has tremendous potential

Success with this litigation could grease the lines for other FOIA requests. ...and even if this litigation gets squashed by the courts, we succeed in better learning the ropes. This legal expertise is important.

FOIA requests and legal follow-through can become a tedious, detail-oriented, dull chore.

Some of the people who have worked with the 9/11 Truth legal matters and the FOIA have spent many, many, many, many hours (and their own money) trying to bring about justice.
They are heroes in my book.

The recent NIST release of documents has proven to be a big win for our side. (...and there is so much more which NIST has not yet released.) The many hours of tedious paperwork, culling, and personal funds invested by those researchers is something most of us in the 9/11 Truth community do not see.

This legal action deserves our support.
I would like to see it reposted (or moved to the top) in a week or two.

FOIA Fee Waiver

Have you considered filing for an FOIA fee waiver? You could do this simultaneously to the fund raising.


But this is not FOIA fees, it's for legal services.

money needed

I've been following these fundraisers on AE911Truth for a while, and I must say I cannot understand why it takes so much trouble to raise such comparable little amounts of money. There are 10's of 1000's of people outthere, how many regular contributors does AE911Truth have? And like Justin's writing: "The defendants are operating with a nearly unlimited funding and have a large body of legal experts working to prevent the release of these records". They must be laughing at "us" for having to wait this long for such a small amount in their eyes.

Seems worrying to me that raising these small amounts takes that much effort to achieve. Money shouldn't be making any difference in this case. If it does make a difference then we're still in a pretty bad situation I would say.
Nevertheless, the march goes on, slowly but surely, like it should.

I can only speak for myself.

I am struggling to survive financially. Rent is due and I don't even have that right now. As much as I would love to give money to the cause, I don't have any money to give. I give my time and my shoe leather, (what's left of it) to the cause as much as I can.

I suspect that I am not alone in my financial plight.

Formally of Dallas

Agreed, too many of us have limited means, especially those of us in construction and the many other facets that depends on a consistent growth. Keep up the fight Rob, I know you stay busy burin' up your soles with Joe, Tom T and all the other Truth Warriors at North Texans for 911 Truth.

Yes, of course

there will be people who struggle financially, and maybe I'm wrong to assume this, but a couple of thousands bucks shouldn't be all that difficult to raise. That's why I'm wondering about how many regular contributors AE91Ttruth has. I'm struggling financially a bit as well at the moment, but my 25 dollar per month will remain in place. It just seems strange to me that it would take that long to raise a few thousand bucks, especially considering where it is needed for. This litigation thing is the way forward, without it we won't go anywhere as a movement. But also of course, how corrupt has the justicesystem become? How long can they stall this thing?

It's hard to raise a couple thousand..

without some type fund-raising event. Alex Jones recent money bomb marathon raised over $400,000, however Alex has some 4 million listeners (i've read, i'm not sure the exact number). I'm on the lowest tilt at ae911 at $9.11 a month and as I get more OT I give what extra I can. But like many others, I barely make it paycheck to paycheck. Even those with great resources can only do so much. Jimmy Walter was paying for full page ads in the LA Times and more and damned near went broke. But there should be many more like him. Charlie Sheen for example, makes over $1M per episode for his sitcom.. I was excited when he did the 20 question promo and put up his own money, but it would seem he be able to write check for many causes (that isn't being used for bail and fines).

He doesn't have to give his own money, how about making appearances? fund raisers? Rosie O'Donnell, I am sure she's not rich by any such standards, but lending her name and appearing at fund raising events can go a long way. Even offering some air time on her radio show to promote fund raising efforts would be great. Hey Willie, how about "truth aide" after farm aide. There are popular rappers that know 9/11 truth.

Here is one idea, maybe this could work. What if we had a website with dedicated truthers like ourselves that can be on one list. If we could get 10,000 members on the list. Each member promises to donate $1for certain efforts. NYCCAN raised almost 100K for their publicity efforts and its paying off well. I'd be willing to do that. Of course the act of creating, maintaining, and hosting such a site is expensive in and of itself. I work nights and care for my elderly mother, I have nearly 0 time to offer or I'd be doing street actions myself too (that and I can't find a group near buffalo/rochester ny). And those are costly too, materials for handing out aren't free.

If I hit the lotto, I'd fund every one I could myself, but that's just me. I have more OT and holiday pay coming up, so I'll throw this effort another $50 when I can. That's the best I can do.

peace all


off subject but important

duh! after years of playing one of gatekeeper's on the left and trivializing the 9-11
truth movement,Noam Chomsky has this to say (below) ,....Noam i have a few questions for ya
Which 9-11 truther made you feel like an imbecile and compelled this statement from you?
Was it from a person like me with just one year of college behind him that you had a problem
winning a debate with over the 9-11 truth? or one of these guys "Professors Question the
9/11 Commission Report" that can be found here http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/professors.html

Noam if Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda did not carry out the attacks on 9-11 who did?
for a hint see my "ps" below

Noam a lot of people from around the world have read and listened to every word that you have wrote and said, but for the last 9 years you have mislead them if not by flat out lies then by omission,you sir now have a credibility problem, not with the 9-11 truth movement (we knew you were a bullshiter from the first time you trivialized 9-11 truth) but from the people who read and listened to you the last 9 years.So for them you need to expand on this statement by about 100%..in most case's it is true "that it is better late than never"

Renowned Jewish-American scholar Noam Chomsky says there is no evidence that al-Qaeda carried out the 9/11 attacks.


Well Cowabonga Buffalo Bob

Yes, better late than never. It takes miles to stop and turn around an oil tanker, aircraft carrier, or other large vessel with an enormous amount of momentum. And the OCT certainly had/has an enormous amount of momentum.

Chomsky has no choice, as he, along with many others are slowly leaking out drips and drabs that will allow them to reverse their ludicrous positions with as little embarrassment and loss of credibility as possible.

Better late than never is certainly true and we should encourage Noam, Amy and the other gatekeepers rather than ridiculing and humiliating them and backing them into defensive postures.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies

Here's an example of the effectiveness of FOIA requests and activity:

The Most Cunning Rats usually jump ship first.

It appears as if truth may win out but just what will happen when the bag of crap hits the fan and breaks wide open, will they act against the truth warriors or will they feed on themselves.

FOIA potential

Hoping to find those willing to coordinate with others in volunteer efforts toward FOIA work. I see Aidan Monahan and James Gourley as setting good examples. Whether they or not they prefer to work alone, a coordinated group could accomplish much.


Support from the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

At our regular meeting last night, the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance voted to contribute $300 towards this effort. We are appreciative and support these FOIA requests which really do help to "unearth" the critical information buried beneath the official lies/story...