NIST Video - Noises Heard/Described After First Collapse

Looking through the videos recently released by NIST of September 11, 2001. Here you hear four witnesses to the first tower's collapse. Three of them refer to hearing (1) "boom, boom", (2) "A loud noise", and (3) "a thunderous roar", all before/just as the collapse occurs. I've included the fourth person, the woman, even though her quote it "when it blew." There are (many) other witness reports of hearing explosions before and during the collapses, but these (I believe) are new.

Files used: CBS-Net Dub4 18, WABC Dub1 93, WNYW Dub1 104, WPIX Dub3 70.

Another Good Video for the N.I.S.T. Trials