Bill Clinton confronted at USF about 9/11 and the NWO

Bill Clinton confronted at USF about 9/11 & the NWO!

Posted by sakerfa on October 21st, 2010

(WeAreChangeTAMPA) – We confront Bill Clinton at the USF in St.petersburg Florida at a Kindrick Meek rally asking him real questions concerning 9/11, nwo, bilderberg group etc…

9/11 Truth Raids the University of Florida Homecoming Parade.

More Florida Action:

Bob Tuskin of Truth Be Told Radio recently attended the University of Florida Homecoming Parade. The parade happened to be on the same road that one of his friends owned a store front. What was a simple trip to a local event turned out to be a major 9/11 Truth event.

In my mind

the minute they started in with Bilderberg and NWO they lost the crowd at the Clinton rally: Better to go with more than 1300 architects and engineers, also intelligence, military, pilots and firefighter professionals are demanding a new investigation. Or tell them to Google.... false flag terror....or wtc7.

Great job at the parade!!

Confrontation without serious evidence is counter-productive

and it actually waters down the argument by making it sound like a conspiracy theory.

How do these people know that Bill Clinton would have any insider knowledge concerning the events of Sept. 11, 2001?

Additionally , how do they know that the Bilderberg group or whoever is imagined to be involved with the nebulous NWO had anything to do with the events of Sept. 11, 2001?

There is serious evidence for the events of Sept. 11, 2001 being explainable by things other than what the present official story is, and a very good case for why a new investigation is needed. However, there is presently no evidentiary linkage to the Bilderberg's or whatever is imagined to be the NWO, and these things should not be brought up in an argument concerning the 911 issue.

If those who want a new investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 are going to do anything about it with people like Bill Clinton in a public venue they should present facts and nothing more. There is also a time when the information should be brought up, and that is when someone like Bill Clinton is taking questions, not by attempting to shout him down in the middle of an unrelated speech.

Mixed feelings about tactics

On the plus side I agree it is important not to be fearful or be intimidated. No profanity was used. No threats were made.

On the negative side, I'm always sad when when one goes against the feelings of a crowd. I generally urge other tactics than trying to shout someone down. It doesn't matter if the speaker has committed such evil acts that you and I could never compete with them in a race to hell.

I attended a talk by Karl Rove last year and watch many peace activist friends try to shout him down. They were removed. I had prepared a leaflet discussing Rove's control of the Kean commission. All leaflets were distributed. Better to have the authorities try to suppress the distribution of that leaflet, which they didn't.

It is possible to generate intelligent dialog from the floor in venues where the crowd is not so large. Jeremy Rothe-Kushel's treatment of Rove in LA is a great example. Jody Evans of Code Pink approached Rove yelling things. Jeremy was more impressive. He stayed where he was and raised intelligent comments.

It doesn't matter that the folks above at USF think they did nothing wrong. I'm glad they won't suffer legal penalties. They did drive people AWAY from 911 Truth.

They, like most truth activists are less concerned about achieving a real investigation with concomitant justice. They are mostly concerned with being able to say from their old age rocking chair," I told you so."

If you are asked for your name and you refuse to give it, you are buying into fear. The vast majority of truth sympathizers are MUCH TOO COWARDLY to be actual activists. People courageous enough to be activists like those above are better off giving their name MAINLY to show the 9/11 truth sympathizers who read 911blogger that it is okay to be activists. If you think a real mobster couldn't figure out who they are and take retribution, you are deceiving yourself.

We as truth activists DO NOT DESERVE to achieve our goals because we are confused about what the need to eliminate fear means.

In the fall of 2006 I leafletted the DOJ and FBI seeking whistleblowers. The FBI police were NOT happy. They asked for my ID. I gave it to them. They came back saying I was clean.

The reason it is not possible to reasonably call for a large 911truth march is that there is not the SLIGHTEST chance we could get more than a thousand demonstrators ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. It's NOT because there aren't people in large numbers who agree. It's because even the daring activists like those above are confused about the problem of fear.

We Are Change... not.

As a whole, the We Are Change concept is definitely welcomed praxis. However, the random 'outfits' of We Are Change are a detriment to the Truth Movement en masse when videos of "confronted" politicians, amount to tripe such as this. There is NOTHING gratifying about this video, only uneducated embarrassment. Parroting Alex Jones, "Bilderberg, NWO's Goin' Down, etc...", doesn't mean dookey to any truly concerned parties. These "dudes" were laughed out of the room and this helps?


...then at 5.05 up pops the website

about mr icke- we shouldnt associate with him

I think David Icke might be a fool.
A fool acts crazy and gets paid- tick and tick
the thing about a fool is they can tell the truth without getting their head chopped off-
amongst the mumbo jumbo he spouts that has us mostly screaming "get it away from me ! " like superman with kryptonite or the wicked witch of the east with water... there is mixed some fact
now many of us feel that mixing fact with straight up .... well, very out there stuff (queen's a lizard!) is something that can make us in 911tm look like nutters but at the same time , when no-one else had, to my knowledge, the fool mentioned the project for a new american century on national uk tv in a follow up terry wogan show.
personally i'd like to see newsreaders reading out "the news today- researchers have compiled sworn testimony and documented evidence in a book called crossing the rubicon that contradicts the official story of 9/11"
but that's not happening
so better someone than no-one
better a fool than no-one at all
and that rhymes

- the fact that the fool spouts truth sometimes is just normal for a fool and i expect some will have thought "this guys mad but what was that he just mentioned- i might not look him up as he's a nut job but i might look up PNAC"
few i know but road to 9/11 truth was via severe drinking after a wedding and somehow a cousin planted a seed of... curiosity in my mind by showing me loose change
teetotal since 3 years now- maybe harsh reality via 911 truth sobers one up! maybe i just outgrew a phase!

im sure ive offended people of all kinds- sorry, im sure there was a nicer way to put it but there's a war on for your mind so have a piece of mine!
(and my mrs is into alien stuff- love her to bits but does my head right in!- just got to make it past 2012 and all being well she'll back down and find another hobby!)

for the benefit of the , well, perhaps those not getting my humour- the queen isn't a lizard- sorry Maam! you're a bald ape like the rest of us!


the fool spouting occasional truth doesn't discredit us

us associating with the fool would discredit us- of course

so, poor fool - he must be castigated as i have done here

he speaks truth too sour

Agree with a number of the posts above, BAD TACTICS!

This "confrontation" is a perfect example of backwards ineffective activism. Yelling names that don't mean anything to most people, yelling 9/11 was an inside job. Confronting people is getting us NOWHERE but kicked out of events. One quality question is worth far far more than any incoherent yelling over a crowd. No minds were opened here. No new info in regard to 9/11 was gained. Mimicking Alex Jones's approach and ideas has ALWAYS led to these adverse reactions towards the truth movement. This is hardly a practice of 9/11 truth activism and certainly not a productive one. I commend the bravery of the activists who stood up in this rally and spoke their minds. I only wish these brave folks would use their efforts to the fullest by studying which forms of activism work and which fail. The results have been consistent for years. There are many WAC vids where we have seen "question asking" rather than "CONFRONTATIONS" and have actually led to retrieving NEW INFO related to 9/11. Compare these to the vids where activists get angry and yell 'NWO, ZOMBIES, SCUM, WE KNOW, INSIDE JOB, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL,' and you see an incredible difference in everyones receptivity. NO ONE likes to open their mind to someone yelling at them, especially when the person yelling is speaking in terms which are not understood or simply prove that the person is in powerful groups (bilderberg, council on foreign relations, these affiliations don't necessarily prove anything and sound silly to just yell out and point).