Physicist Jeff Farrer - one of the scientists who found thermite in the World Trade Center dust

ae911truth | October 20, 2010

Physicist Jeff Farrer - one of the scientists who found thermite
in the World Trade Center dust discusses in depth his process of discovery
using the scientific method.
This interview is raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in architects and engineers upcoming hard hitting documentary
"911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 0f 3

Very good interview. Thanks for posting.

This gives good background and is an excellent model (not the only one) for how to talk about 9/11 evidence.


Thank you

This is great information for dealing with skeptics

I just watchd the first video, moving on to the second...

One general question that occurs to me is about structural steel temeratures in fires. I know about the parking garage tests, open/closed and loaded with hydrocarbon materials, producing no higher than 650 F steel temperatures.

Q: What about forensic evidence from steel in other modern, hig-rise fires? Has anyone lookd for forensic data there, to show how high those temperatures may have been recorded to go? Just curious.

Link Request

Can anyone point me to the specific papers where Dr. Farrer, et al. presented these findings? Thanks

ETA: Never mind, I realize now it's the Active Thermitic Material paper


Reproducable Results..?

About a year ago, this interview with New Hampshire chemist Mark Basile (sp?) was posted regarding his nearly completed work in verifying the results of nano-thermite paper.

Prof. Jones referred to his work in a lecture recorded earlier this year.

To this date I haven't seen if he has published his results or if he has gone public with his results. Does anyone have any news regarding this front? Having another publication of these results would be huge from another independent source. Please correct me I am wrong but I believe he received sample of his own as well, not samples provided by the team of the first published paper.

Does anyone have any update regarding his work? Prof. Jones if you read this? Thanks so much.



Mark Basile helped prof. Jones look for iron-rich microspheres after ignition of the chips. (IIRC)

So it was a two-way street.

W.r.t Jeff Farrer: thank you for doing this interview. I recall you were reluctant to be 'in the spotlight' so to speak. This is a very valuable interview indeed.

However, you refer to phases indicating a minimum temperature of 1100 °C, while in the paper "Extremely high temperatures during the World Trade Center destruction", in table 1, I see the following:

Table 1. Approximate Minimum Temperatures Required

Process and material °C °F
To form Fe-O-S eutectic (with ~50 Mol % sulfur) in steel 1,000 1,832
To melt aluminosilicates (spherule formation) 1,450 2,652
To melt iron (spherule formation) 1,538 2,800
To melt iron (III) oxide (spherule formation) 1,565 2,849
To vaporize lead 1,740 3,164
To melt molybdenum (spherule formation) 2,623 4,753
To vaporize aluminosilicates 2,760 5,000

Do you still stand behind this table, as it claims there is evidence for temperatures up to 2760 °C / 5000 °F which truly and definitively exclude WTC fire conditions as the cause? I say this because, in table 2, the official estimates for temperatures reached in WTC (without forensic evidence, I might add) are:

Table 2. Maximum Gas Temperature Reached in WTC Fires

Analysis °C °F
Thomas Eager [sic] analysis 1,000 1,832
NIST analysis 1,000 1,832
Torero, Quintiere, Steinhaus 1,100 2,012

...And I although I understand you do not expect these temperatures to be reached in the WTC fire, these (official) sources disagree, and it's easier to present a fatal contradiction using official sources alone (e.g. Eagar, NIST, RJ Lee, USGS fatally contradicting themselves). I know Frank Legge is about this forum, so maybe Frank would grace me with a reply?

Dr. Farrer is a great friend and colleague --

thank you for posting links to his interview with ae911truth.

"Mark Basile helped prof. Jones look for iron-rich microspheres after ignition of the chips."

Correct, that is, Mark was actually the first to observe the iron-rich microspheres in the ash following ignition of red-chips. Then Dr. Farrer and I also looked -- and Mark was right -- the reduced-iron microspheres were there in the ash. (And not there before ignition.) This evidence is among the strongest we have that the red material is indeed thermitic, reacting at very high temps (to produce molten iron).

Mark has given at least one interview, but has not yet published his results. I have hoped he would do so, since he had an independent WTC dust sample and excellent results. Perhaps he will yet do so...

SnowCrash -- pls email me regarding your question -- flesh it out a bit please -- to [edit - use contact form on site- LW]
Note I'm traveling with limited computer contact for ten days...

Steven Jones_Physicist_1_of_2.m4v

Steven Jones_Physicist_1_of_2.m4v


Steven, we will get this a more prominent placement real soon.

Prof. Jones

Thanks, btw, I didn't post this article, Joe did, but I did post the article about Mark Basile.

I will e-mail you, but I replied to myself so that you have the opportunity to remove your e-mail addy from your own comment: you may not wish to be harassed by the 'debunkers'.

I'm very happy about this post: I have long waited for Dr. Farrer's side of the story. A while ago, I read on AE911Truth that you also got one of the chips to ignite using a 12V battery... I hope we'll read more about that at some point... Thanks for replying.

Thank you to both..

Thank you both SnowCrash and Prof Jones for clarifying, it is greatly appreciated. I thought that Mr Basile was also working on the red chips in terms of their energetic properties. I hope we see him publish his results as well.

Not too far off topic, are there any other scientists with samples that may be working along this line research? Has anyone else come forward with additional samples? Has there been any attempt to have any other independent lab contracted to examine the red/grey chips? (presuming one would be willing to; knowing in advance it was WTC dust I can why many labs would turn away the request) I'd be happy to pitch in towards any costs involved. Just curious.

Thanks again for the replies and as well many many thanks to Mr Farrer for speaking out. It is very brave thing to do and we are all deeply indebted.


Scientific experiment is considered more valid when

the experiments are repeated achieving the same results. With each publication the thermite paper will gain more credibility among the skeptics [who are not completely closed off].

Thank you Dr. Farrer for the interview, very informative. Hopefully this will encourage others to speak out.

Beautiful! Jeff Farrer just shifted 9/11T into lightspeed!

How refreshing. A fine presentation. I can't wait to see how the COINTELPRO CREW trips on their shoelaces attempting to discredit this guy---"I don't like his tie, and besides, what's that empty flower vase doin' there?"

Fantastic Presentation

Dr. Farrer, like Dr. Jones, has presented his epochal research in a clear and forceful way, in this super new dvd from A&E. This should have an EXPLOSIVE impact! Thank you, Dr. Farrer!