NIST Video - Malfunctioning Elevator in WTC Tower

More NIST video stuff for you. Admittedly, this goes directly into the "highly speculative" category. Often, people will ask how could people have access to the towers and their infrastructure in order to place the explosives that would be needed for an explosive demolition? Yes, I know about the Securacom Security and Marvin Bush connection, but that doesn't address the practical, logistical manner in which something like this could occur.

Well, listening again to NIST videos led to me this interview that Peter Jennings did live on ABC News with an ABC reporter, Don Daylor, who was near the scene after both towers were destroyed. What does Daylor say? Very clearly he says that he knows that "...for at least a month" one of the towers was having problems with a malfunctioning elevator, and in particular an elevator that went all the way to the top of the building. As I understand it, there were so-called 'express' elevators in the towers that covered lots of distance, and other so-called 'local' elevators that made smaller trips. Presumably, if you were having problems with an elevator for at least a month, that means people were coming and going trying to repair it, right? That would put some people at the core infrastructure of the tower, right? For at least a month... The kind of time needed to get the job done. Top to bottom. As I said, speculative, but interesting nonetheless.

NIST files used: ABC Atlanta2 clip86 to ABC Atlanta2 clip91.

Elevator Modernization

Both towers were undergoing a massive upgrade to their elevator systems, so union workers were present for months before 9/11. Ace Elevator Co. took over from Otis Elevator Co. who supplied the original equipment, but many of the maintenance workers were retained due to union rules. This work would have provided an excellent cover for other 'improvements' to the buildings. Vertical access to the structural core was assured, and prying eyes would be kept away behind closed elevator doors. I'd look here first. has more about the hoist-way modernization.


ACE’s business was, and, to the extent that it still has a business, is, the
construction, modernization, maintenance and repair of elevators in the New York City
area.7 ACE built the elevator systems in the World Trade Center and until September 11,
2001 had been their sole servicer, from which it derived 90 percent of its revenue.8
Unable to make up enough of that income from other sources, ACE filed under chapter
11 on December 21, 2004.

On Sept. 11, the elevator mechanics — many of the same men involved in the rescues in 1993 — left the buildings after the second jet struck, nearly an hour before the first building collapsed.

Elevators were disaster within disaster
By Dennis Cauchon and Martha T. Moore, USA TODAY

A good start for a real investigation, for sure!

WTC worker said passenger elevators 'out of order' for weeks

There's a relevant quote regarding this issue in the book Tower Stories: An Oral History of 9/11, edited by Damon DiMarco.

Nancy Cass, who worked for the New York Society of Security Analysts, Inc., on the 44th floor of the North Tower, recalls: "The passenger elevators on the west side of the building had been out of order for the past five or six weeks and the elevator company had a crew of men working on the scene." (p. 59)