EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! Physicist Steven Jones "911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"

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"911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"


Physicist Steven Jones - one of the scientists who found thermite
in the World Trade Center dust discusses in depth his process of discovery
using the scientific method. Chain of custody of the WTC dust and nanothermite are discussed in depth.
This interview is some raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in architects and engineer's upcoming hard hitting documentary
"911 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out"

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Another great interview

Thanks for doing these. Clearly they have historical significance as well as their value for advancing the argument today.

Very Powerful Presentation

This is an extremely clear and valuable presentation of Jones' and his team's work. Great post!

With these results in hand, we are all on solid ground as we press the case for an investigation. They support and strengthen the arguments on all the different lines of evidence.

Dr. Jones, we are all tremendously in your debt for your world-historic work on 9/11. (And your co-workers, of course.) Our eternal gratitude.

Yes, it is an excellent talk.

BTW Tod, you did a fine job on the radio yesterday yourself.


Thanks Joe!

First rate!

You know, it's not simply that Dr. Jones is so intelligent and thoughtful; it's that he has such extensive, quality experience in physics as well as extensive experience in education, communicating clearly on complex scientific subjects. He's a perfect storm (for the official story, that is). We simply cannot thank Steve Jones enough for his invaluable contributions to 911 Truth. He's a true hero.

Jones seems born for our cause...

...I wonder if he feels such?

Regards John

"Ode to The Neocons" introduced by Prof. Jones

I agree. Professor Jones "seems born for our cause".

"Ode to The Neocons" introduced by Prof. Jones...

It be good if he could pitch the tune...his hearts in it though:

Maybe not born to sing.....ouch...

Regards John

Informative Interview

& very interesting to hear ANOTHER Scientific researcher from New England did the initial findings of igniting the red/grey chips.

I feel so much stronger about the cause when I learn how many people are a part of the search for truth.

Who is Scientist Mark Basill (not sure

about last name) from New England that Prof. Jones mentions?

@8:20 mark.

See this article

Chemical Engineer Mark Basile Discusses 9/11 WTC Dust

I recommend listening to the audio, the transcript is there for Google and copy & paste purposes.

thanks snowcrash


911_EXPLOSIVE_TESTIMONY_EXCLUSIVE_Mark Basile_Chemical Engineer

In the flesh!

Joe, you're the best for putting this up. Finally we get to see Mr. Basile.

Curious about how much of Thomas Cahill's data has been used

I really enjoyed this interview, and will be sure to pass it along to my friends.

I have not seen references to Cahill's work, but it is a huge amount of it. I suppse what is really being supported by it are extreme temperatures. For example, links:
Analysis of Aerosols
PPT download: http://delta.ucdavis.edu/WTC%20aersols%20ACS%202003.ppt
From page: http://delta.ucdavis.edu/WTC.htm#Analysis%20of%20Aerosols%20from%20the%2...

WHat I would also like to understand is this explanation for aerolsolized, or very very fine particulate form of vanadium, osmium and iron, among others. Where is the Vanadium coming from in very fine particulat in the smoke from the cooking debris piles in the weeks to follow? The melting point for it is 3500 F. Other fine particulate includes chromium (first link), which doesn't melt until 4500 F. Instead of melting, the PPT on pg 26 explains the aerosols in general as
" The hot collapse piles are converting some species to gasses that can escape to the surface of the piles and then form aerosols, a process that yields very fine particles "
And that is something I would like to understand. I know that years ago I read Cahill calling it evaprated iron in the air, requiring extreme temperatures. Is this a politicized wording?

Along this line, I would also like to know where the high levels of Vanadium are coming from (in very fine aerosol)/ from the buildings? I once saw a composition of the aluminum cladding, which has a litle mix of its own - that's where the chromium can be found for sure. So, was vanadium in the smoke coming from the cladding as well? What are the possible explanations of this? Is this team looking at this and asking these questions, because if they had to melt to do it, then these are crazy temperatures, and a bit of a smoking gun. Does Cahill or anyone have any positive controls of such aerosolized metals - has anyone produced or measured these in any other place in the world?

Cheers, Mark

Did find one small reference

Did find one small reference at 911research.wtc7.net.

" Some metals in the very fine mode, such as vanadium, were found at the highest levels ever recorded in air in the United States. "

Link: http://911research.wtc7.net/cache/wtc/evidence/ucop_tradecenerair.html

And Alcoa made the aluminum alloy

I was on the Vanadium trace

for some time a year ago, but it leads to nowhere. Don't find the link, but an vanadium aerosol doesn't require melting temperatures. Will search for it.
I forwarded the work of Prof Cahill to Prof Jones 2 years ago, he is certainly aware of it.
And vice versa- I send Prof. Cahill the "enviromental anomalies" and "active thermitic" papers- and ask him what he think of it- never got a reply.
And my own asbestos calculation with more than 500 tons as safe bet doesn't lead to sincere reaction, either. He said I should asks FEMA.



Your efforts are awsome.

Years ago, I was reading about a problem with the aluminum cladding. From what I read then, the cladding was a new concoction that was supposedly not going to react with steel. It had a half-dozen ingredients in it; I think I recall chromium and zinc, but its been a long time.

At any rate, the rumour was that they only gave a couple years testing to the mix they made up, but that much later, they came to find a reaction between the cladding and the steel. What this would mean would be billions of dollars in renovation to relace all of that cladding - such as having to rescaffold both towers to do it and replae it all.

And so instead, they just kept it hush-hush, and went for the insurane money instead.

Is there vanadium in any kind of stainless? There is normally chromium and nickel. Since the levels of vanadium are significant, I think it's just weird, but I would love to find out what was in that damned cladding.
Cheers, Mark

You probaly refer to

TSG affidavit.


Don't know what's majority opinion on 911blogger here on this.
Many of the facts seems to be plausible. The truth can only be found with a new investigation.


This makes for remarkable reading. Why not submit it as a blog?

Or is it disinfo, or suspected as such?

Dr. Jones

.............. A man is defined by his integrity. It seems to me you can add another book to you're list. Thank you !