9/11 Truth Hits Australian TV - Interview with Activist/Engineer John Bursill

Hello all,

Tonight at 8pm ( UTC +11 hours - Sydney Time - Daylight Savings) Monday 25th of Oct on TVS digital 44, Channel 31 and Live Stream at www.tvs.org.au I will appear in a short interview on a life style program called "Yianni's City Life". This interview is predominantly about the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. This show is quite popular getting out to many tens of thousands around Australia.

See: http://www.tvs.org.au/programs/yiannis-city-life for info on the program.

The show will be repeated on Wednesday 8:30am and Friday at 12 noon.

I hope you will all give Yianni a word of support and also tune in to see the show.

NOTE: If someone could grab the video feed and put it up on YOUTUBE and let me know, that would be helpful so we can make hay while the sun shines!

It has been a great week for 9/11 Truth and you all should be congratulated for the work you have done to raise awareness of this issue, thank you.

Kindest regards John Bursill - Australian 9/11 Truth Movement

A interesting coincidence....

I noticed when Yianni sent me the info for the broadcast that I am on and it's Series 9 Episode 11...lol...thought it was worth mentioning for those that find such interesting:)

Sorry I had to blow my own trumpet with this info....but as you know we have to do nearly everything for ourselves to keep this campaign alive....

Regards John

Here is the video - story coming soon!

Well articulated John

You are able to convey your thoughts very well, and when it comes to presenting evidence about such troubling issues as what had to have actually occurred on Sept. 11, 2001 being quite different from what was presented to the public that is a very important capability.


Definitely a MUST listen.

Thanks John

I appreciate all your efforts. You will deliver.

Thanks again John, hey you're famous now!

thanks to our movement, the most powerful social movement on earth at this time, for inverting the pyramid of power, and making the stone of truth the keystone that was rejected by the builders (their bad), along with we ourselves via our fellow man, both in the twin towers and in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere, since their "shinnaigans" are taking place far and wide, and continuing to do so, and are not restricted "merely" to 9/11 and the 9/11 wars, which still wage on, to this very day. We have to maintain the overall context here, for the "War on Terror" and what it implies, both in terms of armed conflict, as well as the suppression of liberty once enjoyed by the masses, once assumed to be the law of the land, and the fount of all human creative endeavour.

But please remember, that in spite of the rather unusual form of controlled demolition employed for the twin towers, initiating as they did at the areas of impact, that, nevertheless, the sum total of all available evidence and phenomenon PROVE, well beyond ANY reasonable doubt whatsoever, that the twin towers (not just building 7) were demolished not by the plane strikes and fires, but by the use of the explosives, the plane impacts obviously allowed to occur (almost certainly within the overall smokescreen grid of the 9/11 war games ops going on that day ie: no military response of any kind for well over an hour to an hour and a halt, WHILE the event took place. No, I am not bring drones into the argument, or even remotely piloted aircraft.

All we are saying, is that ABSENT THE USE OF EXPLOSIVE, the twin towers did NOT and could not possibly achieve (not in a million years or for the lifetime of the universe) what we witnessed taking place that day - the complete, and utter annihilation, of these two skyscrapers, the ejecting explosive debris wave moving all the way down to the ground, without any appreciable loss of momentum, in about 13 seconds or so.

The entire remaining length of structure, from around the areas of impact basically exploded, and descended, as an exploding debris wave of utter destruction (huge chunks ot steel crashed through the Winter Garden Atrium of low Manhatten, up to 400 feet away from the base of the tower), all the way to the ground (as leaving in their wake little more than mere atmosphere above the remaining structure) - [AND HERE's THE KEY]
- And all this destruction took place to within a few mere SECONDS of the timed rate of FREE FALL (in NOTHING) from the very same height, for any object (like a large steel safe or a grand piano) when dropped simply in AIR alone, which incidentally in a vacuum is 9.2 seconds and then with nothing but AIR resistence factored into the free fall equation, just over 10 SECONDS.
.. let us all THINK about that for a second ...

In nothing, an object takes just over 10 seconds to fall, but in the case of the twin towers of the world trade center, on 911, the buildings disintegrate in not more than three or four seconds, beyond absolute FREE FALL.

What. Were these building detroyed, in the case of the north tower from 96 stories, and the south tower, 79 stories, all the way to the ground, at the SPEED OF SOUND?

No. Clearly, they could not have been, the very laws of PHYSICS plrecludes this possibility, in particular Newton's primary laws of motion and inertia ie: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, for starters.

and so what do we find there? at the scene, aside from the physical, recorded in real time videographic account of the event.

ALL THE EVIDENCE, in fact, shows, quite conclusively, that explosives were used to bring the buildings down. The temperatures which must have been present (not from office fire, even fuel filled office fire), alone PROVE it, and so does the nano-thermite found in the dust samples, residual hot temps producing MOLTEN LAVA. We have first hand accounts of the explosions, at varying parts of the buildings well AFTER the plane impacts, and in areas no where NEAR those impacts ie: lobby and basement.

Just a thought but I'd suggest John not JUST deferring to the professional architects and engineers, nor focusing on WTC7 to the exclusion of, the TWIN TOWERS, since that's the symbol, which is now forever conspicuously absent, the New York City skyline, in perpetuity
...while the 9/11 "war on terror" goes on, both in Afghanistan, and in Iraq (the Wikileak documents now revealing the utter DEPRAVITY that has occured over there, and, which is, presumably, still going on to this day), to this very day...

I'm not trying to tell you what to say here, don't get me wrong, just trying out some language and information dissemination patterning (hey maybe Kevin Bracken could use something like this, a type of "script" of sorts for maximal impact when he lets loose the scientific TRUTH, having set himself up to roll that out as what he "believes" to be the case), like if it were I myself who was preparing for this interview, that's it that's all.

Good luck bro!


Me, and the rest of the 9/11 truth movement.

God Bless.


"NOTE: If someone could grab the video feed and put it up on YOUTUBE and let me know, that would be helpful so we can make hay while the sun shines!"

For heaven's sake John, just have somebody set up a DVD recorder! ;-) (And you'll have great HQ quality to put up on Youtube, although I'd recommend archive.org instead)



I expect

this interview is going to be good... so I'd rather have HQ video than some grainy stream capture. :-)

Relax snow

I don't even have cable.

The whole conversation struck me as funny, and I'm assuming that others have TV and cable.

Humor should not be overlooked. See; Karl Rove.

Even with people who maintain cable TV when they could just download.


I voted you up, I'm not as uptight as you think ;-)


Cheers Snow.

I can't recall a simple, recent post of yours that I disagreed with.

Hi there... I've got the DVD but need to compress and upload?

A few people did grab the footage so hopefully we will get it up asap.

The interview was good and the edit was favourable.

Kind regards John


Great, great job! I expected nothing less. You have the quick thinking required to make your point in the time space allotted to you on mainstream media, which is narrow. It's psychologically difficult for people to accept complex evidence with grave implications in only ten minutes. You made the most out of it! My favorite part, oddly, is where you start talking about "war is racket" to move tax dollars into the hands of the war industry. It's a timeless truism. History repeats. It would be true even if our governments weren't criminally complicit in 9/11, either by facilitation, direct involvement or cover up. which they were. It would be interesting to understand which role exactly the NATO partners and other strategic allies played in 9/11, too. Some of them have motive, means and opportunity to participate in this racket as well, such as Australia.