"BuildingWhat?" TV ad to air one week from today

BuildingWhat? Update

Dear Friends,

We are tremendously pleased and excited to inform you that exactly one week from today, on Tuesday November 2, Election Day 2010, the "BuildingWhat?" TV ad will begin airing on TV screens all across New York City!

The ad will run in 350 spots from November 2 through November 10 and will be seen about 7.1 million times by nearly 900,000 unique viewers at an average of eight-plus times each. And these estimates do not take into account that Election Day and the Wednesday after are two of the biggest days in the year for television viewership.

The ad will appear on thirteen channels including MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, HGTV, Logo TV, Bio TV, Versus TV, MSG, Sports NY, VH1, HLN, CNBC and Bravo. We have “roadblocks” scheduled on Wednesday night from 8pm to 9pm and 11pm to midnight. This means that those of you in the New York area who tune in to Keith Olbermann, The Daily Show, Nancy Grace, CNBC, MSG, The Biography Channel and Versus TV at 8pm, and The Daily Show/Colbert Report, Anderson Cooper, Logo TV, and the Biography Channel at 11pm are guaranteed to see the ad.

Alongside the TV spots, we will be conducting outreach to the media and to the New York City Council to ensure that "BuildingWhat?" gets the attention it deserves. Following the run of the ad, we will commission a new opinion poll by the Siena Research Institute and send the results to every City Council member.

Once again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It is your generosity and determination that have made this campaign possible. We are confident that bringing awareness of Building 7 into the mainstream will ultimately help generate a public outcry for an impartial investigation into what really happened on 9/11.


The BuildingWhat? Team

For more details about the "BuildingWhat?" TV ad campaign, visit BuildingWhat.org

So cool

Congratulations to everyone who made this event possible. Someone in NYC, please record and upload a video of a T.V. playing the ad.


I was wandering what was happening there, i though the boat was missed on 9/11. ut electon time is probably a better time.

Lets hope it gains some good attention and discussion.


An add like this should make people ask questions. It amazes me how many people still don't know about Building 7.


350 spots!? That's outrageous.

Kudos to ALL who had a part in making this happen, large or small.

We DC911Truthers are gearing up for the Jon Stewart rally. Anyone in the area, we could use some help.

We are doing a banner drop at noon, but also staking out a great people passing spots.

Bottom line....we are short handed.

If you are planning to come and would like to lend a hand we are meeting at 9:00 @ 4th & Jefferson. Rally is at 12-3. Click on the DC911Truth link on this page for details.

Power To You in DC

I wish I could join you. I am sending you good energy. Please BRING IT! to Jon Stewart. He's worst than the fake Right because he purports to be the good guy.

This truth is hard for everyone to deal with

It's been reported here and elsewhere (http://911truthnews.com/jon-stewart-i-cant-handle-it/) that Jon Stewart recently revealed this bit of insight: “You know what it is folks? I live down there and its too traumatic… even now.”

I found a video that appears to be from this book signing at Barnes & Noble, Union Square. This is the last of a 5 part series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GdWGGVF1ws The exact quote of what he and others said should be corrected because the meaning is slightly different.

Questions about 9/11 start at around 4:10 ("Why are you (supporting?) Glenn Beck in mocking the 9/11 Truth Movement?"). At 6:50, in response to a question about building 7, he says: "I appreciate your point of view. For many of us who live here in New York, it was kind of a painful day. We don't necessarily have the same conspiracy or inside job thoughts that you do. I respect it, but here's the deal: Let me repress my feelings about it and stop yelling at me about it."

The essence of what he is saying is about the same as previously quoted, but there is more of an attempt at being light and humorous rather than admitting a weakness.

Understand the trauma for what it is, a shield of denial. Yelling doesn't particularly help, except to make people realize we are passionately angry. It tends to reinforce people's irrational bias against what we are really saying. It may reinforce the shield of denial rather than put a dent in it. I don't have a better way, but this way is not working.

He's playing the sympathy card

Better, and I can almost appreciate his comments--but for the fact that his 'respect' for our point of view seems to be reduced in proportion to the size of his audience. When he's in front of a TV camera and a nationwide audience, he shows not 'respect' but mockery, not 'repression' of feelings but rejection of one point of view in favor of another one--which happens to be the official one. There's something more than trauma and denial going on here. Making fun of people kept to the margins has always been a way for people to show they belong with the 'in crowd.' And if he ever finds himself among those people he's mocked, well, then he can just...play the sympathy card, insisting the he's simply 'repressing' and should be left alone to do it.

Of course, you're right that yelling doesn't help.

He may be in an ivory tower

From his comments it is so hard to tell. I think it is possible for these people - the daily show staff - to know some things and still have been insulated from the 911 truth.

For those who don't call it God, "Truth" is going to deal the final blow on this. You may be absolutely right that these guys are shallow and paid. I think there is a strong possibility that they live in an Ivory Tower, but I'm being ever-so-nice to say so.

The truth is going to cause losses to the Daily Show audience, because it is not serving their needs in holding the official story line. That's a long-run reality for them.

And whether they're in a plastic bubble, or just a bunch of shallow opportunists, the truth is going to throw the chips up in the air, and they're going to fall back down where they belong. Either way, greater truth than what they are even remotely willing to broach on this one is going to cost them market share in the end.


This will definitely make some noise. And let's remind the whole world that we're just getting warmed up. Kudos to everyone who helped make this happen.


Hailing from the West Coast, I won't be able to see the ad live, but this is wonderful, exciting news indeed. Bravo! and congratulations to all involved in this heroic effort in laying the foundations for future justice to be served. A big thankyou for all.

Is this only Manhattan?

Or will it be seen by all 5 burroughs? I have friends and contacts in Long Island (comcast cable/FiOS) Would they be able to see it?
thanks much


Great news! Well done

Great news! Well done everybody.

Hello and thanks from Iowa

Jon Stewert is a complete ass. never watched and never will.

I'm with you

I quit watching broadcast and cable many years ago. I've seen a few clips of Stewart and Bill Mahr and can't stand either. I will begin watching TV again when the 9/11 Conspiracy TRIALS begin.


Great news! This is amazing!!!

I am excited about "Building What" and....

am looking forward to seeing and hearing the results.

Thanks to all of you who have contributed to this excellent project.

Great job!