Bin Laden Returns Again
Bin Laden blames French "injustice" for abductions-TV
27 Oct 2010
By Erika Solomon

* Says French "injustices" prompted kidnappings
* Demands French withdrawal from Afghanistan (Adds France's reaction, paragraph 7)

DUBAI, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden said the kidnapping of five French nationals in Niger last month had been prompted by France's unjust treatment of Muslims, in an audio message aired on Al Jazeera television on Wednesday.

"How is it right for you to occupy our countries and kill our women and children and expect to live in peace and security?" a speaker who sounded like bin Laden said in the message directed to the French people.

"The equation is clear: you are killed as you kill and abducted as you abduct, and as you damage our security we damage your security."

Five French nationals and two Africans were kidnapped in Niger in September, in an operation claimed by al Qaeda's north African wing (AQIM). [ID:nLDE68T1XK]

The September 16 kidnapping was an escalation in the hostilities between the militant group and France. AQIM executed 78-year-old French hostage Michel Germaneau in July after French commandos took part in a failed raid to free him.

"The way to preserve your security is to end all aspects of your injustices against our Muslim nation, the most important of which is for you to withdraw from Bush's loathed war in Afghanistan," bin Laden said.

In Paris, a spokesman said the French Foreign Ministry had "no comment for the time being" on the message.

The al Qaeda leader, believed to be hiding in the mountainous border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, also condemned a French ban on full face Islamic veils.

"You behaved recklessly by banning our fair women from wearing the veil. Is it not our right to expel your invading men by attacking them?" he asked.

His opposition to the veil ban echoes reported demands by the kidnappers for its repeal.


France, where the five-million-strong Muslim community is Europe's largest, became the first country to introduce a ban on the veil after the Constitutional Council, the country's highest constitutional authority, approved it earlier this month. The Netherlands later announced plans to ban the burqa.

The six men and one Frenchwoman, employees of French firms Areva and Vinci , were kidnapped in Niger before being taken to Mali.

AQIM regularly lambasts France in its public statements, reflecting the roots of the group in former French colony Algeria, which has had uneasy relations with its former ruler since it won independence in 1962 after a bloody eight year war.

But al Qaeda's core leaders have also hit out at France periodically from their presumed hideouts in the Afghan-Pakistan border area.

In August 2009 al Qaeda number two Ayman al-Zawahri criticised France over what he called its hatred for Muslims and issued a list of historical grudges he said Muslims should feel for France's colonial actions in the Middle East and Africa over the centuries.

The anti-French content of al Qaeda propaganda has increased since AQIM's predecessor, the Salafist Group for Combat and Preaching, declared an alliance with al Qaeda in 2006, analysts say.

How can a dead man return?

This is crazy. What did they do? Dig up his grave? Sometimes I just shake my head in disbelief.

A Myth lives forever.

This is part of the Mythology of the Official Conspiracy Theory.

Bin Ladin will keep on "living" in the hearts and minds of the those who choose to keep themselves deluded even after all this time and the existence of evidence out there to the contrary.

A key element of 911 was to test te gullibility of the masses as a Psi-War.

They are planning more such "events". Especialy if they can get away with it.

The more naive we are - the more outrageous and terrible will be the false flags of the future.

So it is up to us to wake up those still in slumber and living delusional lives.

The Bin Ladin myth is a gauge of their "confidence" in their Psi-War against the general population.

We are deemed as cattle - to stupid to think for ourselves so we must be herded mentally.

Election Time Again.

"France threatened in alleged Bin Laden tape" - CNN

"French authorities are treating the message "very, very seriously," CNN counterterror analyst Paul Cruickshank said."

"The tape is audio only. The speaker does not appear. CNN was not immediately able to confirm that it is really Osama Bin Laden, the head of al Qaeda."

"But fake Bin Laden tapes have never been broadcast, U.S. intelligence experts say".

Sounds like a

false flag. Or as the French might say, 'faux drapeau.'

drapeau faux

unfortunately i heard Nicolas Sarkozy [ed-LW] got into power on the back of diebold (or similar) voting machines
yay! neocon france- now maybe zey will join ze war on terra

"Maybe not" bin Laden [this time only, it seems]

The report I heard (on NPR?) stated that the "authenticity [of the identity of bin Laden on this tape] could not be confirmed."
Interesting how when bin Laden tapes threaten the U.S., there is never a shadow of doubt about authenticity. Only when they aren't specifically engaging U.S. policy are we told there is some doubt. I wonder if that's because the people who originate the anti-U.S. tapes are the same people who would be authenticating them.

That photo of him in the article

makes me wonder what he's smoking..

If THAT'S Bin Laden. . .

. . . then I'm Al Jolson.

How stupid do they think we are?

village fetes

he'll even turn up to the opening of an envelope these days!- probably tired of only opening mountainside village fetes