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So, promoted by Kevin Barrett, Jim Fetzer, and WACLA, among others, updated their site a while back, making it look a bit more respectable and improving it's SEO profile. The point of the site remains the same and that is specifically to blame Israel for 9/11. The site also continues to lack any indication of a solid commitment to 9/11 facts or activities of the movement and has repeatedly attacked and Janice Matthews personally. For more info you can look at this post on Truth Action:

The site now lists a number of other participants. To save you a visit, as there's nothing of interest there and we shouldn't give them traffic, I'll list those people here. Ed Kendrick, Zan Overall, Dr. Tom Tvedten, Wendy Campbell, Judy Kemecsei, Jerry Mazza, Stephen Lendman, Adrian Salbuchi, T. Mark Hightower, and Tim Titrud.

In response to this update and their continued activities I updated my counter site,, adding three new pages that will help my site to remain just under theirs in the search results. Clicking on these links will help the sites ranking.

I also wrote a new post for 911truthburnout. Traffic to that post will also help it show up in their search results.

"Now, I wouldn't suggest that criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic. Zionism is as ugly as Manifest Destiny, and criticizing American imperialism, slavery, and genocide should not be viewed as unpatriotic. But suggesting that we have 'proof' that Israel was responsible for 9/11 IS anti-Semitic as it can't be proven, demonstrating clear bias that is directly insulting to most Jewish people."

If even just a few people could click the links above, it will ensure that anyone searching for information about will also find a clear statement against the promotion of fallacy in the 9/11 truth movement.

I don't enjoy this part of my participation in the 9/11 truth movement, but countering mis/disinformation is truly essential to our continued progress.

BTW, I am aware of most of the facts used to argue for Israeli involvement and have no interest in reviewing them again. They very simply don't prove anything. One piece of a bigger puzzle perhaps. For anyone curious about the facts I suggest looking at this search for "Israel" at The History Commons.


Total success on the SEO front! Thanks for the clicks everyone. They don't get much traffic so every click really helps. is now very solidly at #2 with all three of the new pages showing up. I included Rediscover911 and Rediscover 9/11 in the page titles so that they show up in a search for either term. And I changed the site title so that it's the same as the other site.

I clicked on all links an hour ago or so

Glad it helped! =)