9/11 Cover Up Still In The News



9/11 Cover Up Still In The News

By ThirdAge News Staff

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We reported yesterday on 9/11 conspiracy theories and a simulcast by Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura promoting a video of firefighters talking about the explosions they heard on the day. That discussion is still in progress, but there is also another that seems to be rising from the ashes.

According to reports, witnesses in the Defense Department say their testimonies have been manipulated and essential information omitted from the Inspector General’s report. One such piece is the existence of operation “Able Danger” which alleges that the lead hijacker was known about a year prior to the attack.

Atta is believed to have been the ringleader of the Sept. 11 hijackers who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center. Claims about how early Atta first tripped the radar of the Department of Defense date back to 2005, but those claims never made it into the Inspector General's report. The report was completed in 2006 and, until now, has been available only in a version with the names of virtually all of the witnesses blacked out.

A Fox News investigation managed to acquire an undoctored report and spoke to several of the witnesses who gave evidence. The witness told Fox News she was interviewed twice by a Defense Department investigator. She said she told the investigator that it was highly likely a department database included the picture of Atta, whom she knew under an alias, Mohammed el-Sayed.

"When it came to the picture, (the investigator) he was fairly hostile," the witness told Fox News. She said it seemed the investigator just didn't want to hear it. "Meaning that he'd ask the same question over and over again, and, you know, you get to the point you go, well, you know... it's the same question, it's the same answer."

She says the final report distorted what she said on purpose. Other witnesses also said that investigators were hostile and the interviews very intimidating. They said it seemed like they were trying to pressure the witnesses to change their story as they were afraid the Defense Department would take some heat in the investigation.

The Fox News investigation continues.

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