Jon Stewart's Executive Producer Arrested for Assaulting 9/11 Activist

Everything about this video is UGLY.


I agree, the exchange

wasn't planned out in advance, at all, and the yelling, from a 9/11 truther is inappropriate and it makes our movement look like kooks, which is what "they" want. Of course the violence in return, also highly innapropriate and I'm glad Stewarts guy was charged.

But c'mon we can do WAY better than this.

Next time - Prepare, prepare, prepare! In doing this work, we must be as cunning as serpents and as harmless as doves.

We've got to be smarter than this, and learn that how a question is framed is everything, and that some questions are WAY better than others ie: why did you dis the 9/11 truth movement?, that's a stupid question when there are so many other infinitely better ones to pose.

Next time, please, don't just go in and "wing it", thanks.

That said, thanks for being there and getting in there anyway, all I'm saying is our methods should be honed to a razor's edge and that we've got to start getting way more sophisticated in our grasp of the supreme power of communication, whereby the meaning of communication, is the response you get.

We still need that raw bravery of WAC getting in their face everywhere, while refining of our use of language, and debate methods to a level and a degree, that would make any linguistic or NLP master, proud. In short, we need to outwit them, and not come across as thugs shouting things while pointing cameras, that's absurd! And it makes me sad every time I see it.

Icke-free video

I just checked through it to see if a David Icke website link would pop up at some point, while all heads were turned by the emotive stuff.
Keep it cordial chaps! (Cup o' tea?)
Pacify the herd and relax them as in their confusion they think the bearer of this news is to blame.
I think some comedy tennis would have gone down well - i.e. quip from the stage, heads turn to you for response, quip from you leading to 9/11 truth, heads turn to the stage, etc etc though this is hindsight and anyway, THANKS 4 BEING THERE AND DOING SOMETHING-
Like i say to my kids - I framed the city of london stop and search counterfoil i got on london bridge for holding up a 9/11 truth banner with g and r so when they grow up and ask me (my kids!) "what did you do about the 3rd reich?" i can show them
I certainly thought the first 2 people who told me about 9t were:
a muslim who was obviously using anti- US/UK propoganda (a colleague) though my view was not logical, only emotional (in my mind was"You would say that, wouldn't you!")
and next one:
an idiot though I had not even considered what he said about the collapses and the fact that he had studied achitecture and he was my blood too (In my mind was:"Just because you dropped out of the architecture degree.") again, emotional, not logical.

Probably Better To Pass Out DVDs & Literature

More often than not, passing out 9/11 Truth DVDs and other literature is probably a more effective way of communicating our message and creating new supporters.

Yes, probably--more often than not

I understand that we're looking for opportunities to help spread awarenss of our movement and message, but at events such as these it can defeat the purpose if, in the process, we appear too much to be using the event to draw the spotlight to ourselves, as that can engender resentment, thereby creating or deepening a negative impression--in short, counterproductive, making it harder for us to reach out to people, defeating our purpose for going there in the first place. Politely making information available to people in attendance--even though many will pass by and decline the offer--who knows how many have had their eyes opened this way?

I agree Joe

There was a time I had respect for Jon Stewart. No more. What a turn-coat he turned out to be.

I could not agree MORE with you, Joe

I guess I was under the mistaken impression that these tactics were no longer being used by the major WAC groups.

Perhaps WAC NY could offer to drop the charges if Kevin Ryan is interviewed on the show (I'm only half serious, this is NY we're talking about, right?).

In order to do a truth intervention on a comic, you have to bring better comedy and this is a very difficult subject to make humorous for most people.

Better to ask Senor Stewart if he had science in junior high, then ask if he knows what Newton's Third Law is, then finish with asking him to reconcile Newton's Third Law with the destruction of WTC 7. If you still have him in dialogue, add that there is no real difference between applying the third law to WTC 7 or the Twin Towers.

Don't ask him to tell you where bin Laden is, ask him if he knows what nanothermite is and repeat the word...NANO THERMITE... load and clear.

Next time have at least six people scattered in the audience to provide support and take turns asking him good, short questions in an even tone. Plan it out and practice what you are going to do, scout the venue ahead of time, and if you can't pull of something positive, save your battle for another day.

What happened in this video should not have happened and, hopefully, will not happen again.

We are closing in on the tipping point, now is not the time for this kind of nonsense. Let them be the ones to panic, to act out of desperation, to make bad jokes that more and more people see through. We need to be quietly determined, kind and compassionate, using reason and facts to open them up.

Always remember that we have the family members on our side, let's keep them on our side by acting responsibly and making supportable arguments and statements.

Inflaming popular comics and incurring their wrath in public is not good public relations.

Please take the time to think it all through, we all know about the road paved with good intentions....

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"The light on the sky are the stars..."

UPDATE: I think Matt was not in the confrontation linked below. Oops.

Matt LePacek (the gentleman who was saying " why don't you touch me and be arrested..." is a good man that personally changed my life. When he, Sabrina Rivera and Luke did their magic on Giuliani ("how do you sleep") it was the game-changer. I became intterested in moving to NYC again.... I was living 6 hours away.
We might be living under Giuliani, if it had not been Mr. Lepacek quoting Giuliani as he held a camera. As someone who spent some time in jail because of Giuliani, I say that Matt has some character.

I agree with much of Left Wright & Joe.

I agree, AND....
Far worse that the critiques is the action that is the assault. I think it's great that the cops looked at evidence and flipped the script.

As bad as this is (especially the violence), there is a great chance that more people will talk about it...

I'm hopeful and optimistic and compassionate for WAC. I am a part; and there are some good individuals. There are a lot of people with no lives in the 9/11 Truth Movement. We all need to share our perspectives to make sure that we wake our fellow citizens up!

Chris Defendorf
aka pachamama ("'Mother Earth' in the Schuar language")
aka DJ Green Arrow
aka Old Dirty White Bastard


Check my site, I have a link to a lot of 9/11 stuff.
Building 7 of Hiphop means that I'm the one you don't know about, that is not in the media, within whom Barry Jennings' spirit resides and moves.
if you are in NY and want a Saturday night Legends of Hiphop Halloween party, check out the site as well .
word to Audrey Canady at

"The light on the sky are the stars, and the stars on the earth are the people"- Indigenous South American folk wisdom.

Peace to Ken Jenkins and Kenyon Gibson and MC Ground Zero/Glenn Zarmanov and Robin Hordon... i agree with much of what you write, Robin, especially in light of WAC.

Key points that Stewart's crew will have difficulty

brushing aside.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. &

Agree with all the points on sharpening the various Truth Actions.

However, I will still like to commend the WAC NYC crew for their efforts.

Its not easy and one has to sometimes raise one's voice to be heard especially if you are talking to a crowd from more than 10 feet away.

We have the advantage of hindsight, they didn't.

They did not provoke the physical assualt. The NYPD is NOT stupid. They arrested the right guy.

The Plain Truth is sometimes pretty UGLY.


That's the sad reality.

Expect a worse response from them (the delusional crowd) when the dam breaks at the highest levels in the Military Industrial Complex on BEHALF of 911 Truth.

We have friends in high places who may appear to be silent for now.

This problem has been going for longer thant 30 years. Even before JFK. National AND International Delusions don't last forever. Stewart is half right though. 911 is ALSO an OUTSIDE JOB.

That does not mean there are no INSIDE JOB elements.

We have a GLOBAL Conspiracy at work with American Comedic Delusionals still burying their heads in the sand.

We are heading towards revolution. Even Paul Craig Roberts has alluded to this.

Just as in the case of Nicolae Ceauşescu , lets hope and pray that we can keep the bloodshed if any to a minimum.

I hate to say it, but I think its going to get uglier.

Just like 1776.

Good work towards a difficult task

Those that don't 'get it' yet have been indoctrinated so heavily by the mainstream media and other various attack figures that they find it hard to think of activists as anything other than whack jobs interested in Bigpoot and Elvis-still-lives theories. Then, when confronted with more clear cut evidence, and knowledge of how the victim's families now largely support 9/11 truth, it presses a button and they can only respond the way this idiot producer did in this video. I thought your response when confronted by the shouting producer - "That was an emotional response. Was it the mention of the families that did it?" - was very well handled. I'm not sure if Jon Stewart is going to be jumping on-board all that soon given his largely dismissive stance in this video (though to his credit he did seem to be open to letting activists speak) but watching the situation turn into one where the crowd is laughing at potshots being directed at a lone figure in the back who is shouting (and I guess there's no way to be heard in that crowd other than raising your voice) isn't much fun to watch. Good work though. Congratulations on not punching that idiot producer back, and extra big congratulations on pressing charges.

when did this happen?


& I hope organized & random 911 truth folks are all over Colbert/Stewies rally in DC tommorow!

Agreed, A Great Opportunity to Inform

Too bad so many of Stewart's/Colbert's/Mahr's fans worship them like they are omniscient and truthful and not seeing them for what they truly are..highly paid propagandists.

Stewart is influential.

Very influential.

His recent interview with Obama is a clear example of his reach. His ability to use comedy to project his social commentary makes him someone we cannot afford to simply ignore.

I do agree the best way to reach out to Steward AND the Production Company behind him is to provide the cold hard IRREFUTABLE factsof 911 Truth Architects, Science and Patriots (retired, military, intel proffesionals, family members, journalists etc ) DEMANDING answers and a New Re-Investigation.

Call him on the lies of OCT.

We can put him in a position where he looks silly if he believes and propogates the lies of the OCT.

We can do it professionaly, gently and maybe with the same type of sarcastic humour he does on his shows to expose the ridiculous nature of government at times.

Stewart deserves a good dosage and taste of his own medicine delivered with humour, patriotism and the audacity of activists who will no longer be sidelined from the mainstream.

Remember he started this with his mocking of 911 Truth a couple of weeks ago.

We are just answering his call.

Yes. Lets Rally to Restore Sanity.

The most Sane thing I can think of is 911 Truth.

Let's hope for a strong presence of our people there.

It WILL save the Republic and the Planet if done rightly.

It is the In$$$ane who actually believe the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld Official Conspiracy Theory.

I'm going to respectfully

I'm going to respectfully disagree that our strategy should be to bombard him with facts and evidence. Judging by his responses so far, it's obvious he doesn't want to be harassed by everyone trying to convince him. I figure a more stealthy approach is effective. Let the credibility of the movement rebuild itself and eventually Jon Stewart will have the incentive to look at everything himself. Right now, I would say don't bother him. It'll only worsen his view of us.

IMHO Stewart is a professional gatekeeper.

He knows the truth and in professional Mockingbird style is neutralizing questions using humour and sarcasm.

I don't mean to suggest we bombard him with facts and evidence. Just raise questions & point out the realities. Inform him about AE911Truth, The family members asking for a new investigation etc.

The best method to use is a gentle, professional and articulate manner a.k.a - the way Dr. David Griffin , Richard Gage does.

The Alex Jones method won't work here and WAC NYC has to refine its methods based on specific audiences.

Ignore him?

He has been named most influential man of 2010.

Unfortunately, it was he who decided to mock the truth movement in the 1st place hence the response albeit imperfect - from WAC-NYC

How do we ignore that?

I appreciate your critique, but I don't think the credibility of the truth movement has been compromised.

As in all areas, we can improve but I will still like to commend WAC NYC for the attempt. Its not easy especially in a hostile environment where no one gives you the time or day.I doubt they would have allowed the activists a microphone to ask questions - hence perhaps the reason for the raised voices.

I wasn't there so I am speculating but I would like to give WAC-NYC the benefit of the doubt considering their general composure upon being assaulted.

Lets learn from this experience and grow from it.

All I am trying to get across is that for paid-professional agents gatekeeping 911 Truth - we don't need to convince them. We need to expose them.

Now it is just a question of the style and manner on how it is done.

The Truth hurts sometimes. But its worth it in the end.

I disagree

I disagree that Jon is an intentional gatekeeper.

But there's really no way to know.

"I appreciate your critique, but I don't think the credibility of the truth movement has been compromised."

You don't? In what way has it not been compromised? Hoaxes/disinformation is rampant, the media no longer needs to ignore us because it's gotten to the point that they can just LAUGH at us, and then you've got WAC getting people to shout in crowded areas and being completely disruptive.

I just don't see how you can look at the movement right now and say, "Oh yeah, this is progress."

Zoom Q3

as a trained audio professional, I highly recommend that all 9/11 Truth Movement Activists buy the Zoom Q3. The advantage is the sound.

I've bought 2 of this and 2 of the brother of it, the H4n.

I highly recommend it.. It's one of the best, if not THE best thing I've ever purchased.

Please consider

making and submitting a video review of the Q3 using the Q3 (as a separate blog), as this will give us a good idea of what it can and can't do and how easy it is to use.

Just how easy is it to record a video, edit it and upload to YouTube using the Q3?

The Q3HD looks pretty good for $300, too ($100 more for full 1080p).

Thanks for the heads up, I would really like to hear more about these video cameras.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.



The Court Jester and 911 Truth by Cosmos;

See also;

Dear Jon, Sane People Protest Crazy Wars

By Medea Benjamin

Stewart is attempting to equate activists of all stripes with unhinged wackos; hence the appeal to "sanity", which apparently involves doing nothing and having opinions more or less inline with elites. The term "Slacktivism" has recently been coined to describe Stewart's oh-so-hip brand of do-nothingness. Cool kids don't go to demos or attempt to change their rapidly deteriorating society -- they mock those who do.

Benjamin describes a recently filmed "mockumentary" by Stewart's crew in which herself, a "black bloc anarchist" and a "Tea Party activist" are seated side by side and quizzed by Samantha Bea. None of the three dupes deserve pity imo; they knew they were being set up but wanted to appear on TV. Apparently, by the end of the "interview", all three were busy whacking a giant puppet head of Ahmadinejad.

The overall message is clear; only weirdos and marginal types engage in direct action/activism, "sane" people sit on the couch and eat Doritos. And watch Jon Stewart.

Meanwhile, Stewart recently interviewed the war criminal Barack Obama and fellow war criminal Condi Rice. In both cases he threw soft balls and virtually licked their boots.

Stewart is a cowardly, obsequious little twerp. F'ck him.

I agree Danse. Find ways of

I agree Danse. Find ways of fighting back. This is the NY way of doing things. Kick him in the teeth (metaphorically of course)
Find embarrassing things from his past...old girl friends, etc. Go on the attack mode on this guy. Left gate keepers in many senses are our worse enemies rather than the usual evil opposition.

F'ck Him

These are the sentiments of our movement too much. It's a feeling of "I don't like talking to adversaries and I'm much more interested in being able to say" I told you so" IF I survive long enough.

Stewart is so big he MIGHT be able to get away with breaking ranks.

Let me try to interest you in nonviolence as a tactic of power. The above video is not terrible. I liked our guy saying he was happy he remained restrained. None of are saints. We hopefully do our best.

Here's my paragraph on how nonviolence works

The Power Dynamic of Nonviolence

If you can persist in the face of repression, you communicate to your adversary that what they’re doing isn’t so much bad, which it probably is, as much as it is ineffective. Then you begin to drive a wedge between the liberals and conservatives in power. The liberals moan and complain, ”They’re making us look so bad, can’t we think of something to give them to get them to go away?” The conservatives respond, “No, no, no. If we’re a little more brutal, we can break them.” Nevertheless, IF you can persist in the face of repression, you push that wedge further and further between the factions of power. Here’s the key: the better the nonviolent discipline, the further the wedge will go for any given level of effort and sacrifice. The smoother the wedge, the further it goes. The rougher the wedge, the slower it proceeds.


Hey, buddy, if you like getting kicked in the teeth, so be it. But don't expect the rest to follow.

Most of us have dignity.

read again

read again Danse...metaphorically....


Thanks for the post Danse. This is an great description:

The term "Slacktivism" has recently been coined to describe Stewart's oh-so-hip brand of do-nothingness. Cool kids don't go to demos or attempt to change their rapidly deteriorating society -- they mock those who do.

When I saw that he was interviewing Obama it was suddenly clear what the agenda has become, even if he was something before, he is lost now. He was mentioning in an interview on Fresh Air that his brother is in a high level position in the NY Stock exchange. That too seemed to put things in perspective.

mixed feelings about tactics

I was so pleased our person was more restrained than theirs.

However, I can't help but think Stewart can be cajoled into SOME dialog.

I have just approached the Southern Poverty Law Center explaining how much I've admired them over the years but feel they are in error about 9/11. I believe they will enter into some dialog.

This is similar to our AE911Truth outreach to Congress. No elected official can stand with us until we do better public education. We can develop relations with their trusted advisors.

I'm asking WAC folks in NY to consider agreeing to refrain from public harassment of (JUST) Stewart if there is substantive dialog. They need not promise to agree to anything.

What could they say about

I truly admire the in your

I truly admire the in your face tactics of We Are Change, however I wish that upon initial contact, like at the book signing, delivery of our best evidence...DVDs like Blue Print for Truth etc, would be handed over to frightened propagandists like Stewart with the question, "have you seen the evidence from over 1200 licensed architects and engineers and scientists on why there should be another 911 investigation?"

I probably would not have responded so civilly toward these NY Daily Show Producer thugs. Good for keeping it contained.
Next time try to get Jesse Ventura to go with you.

Activist assault

was an outside job.

Stewart; Jon,9/11

Jon Stewart, you're part of the cover up.

This may sound good to the Choir

But to the congregation assembled there it sounded very out of tune. I admire the courage to confront but this is not the way. NYWAC confirmed that Truthers are rude and obnoxious kooks. Jon easily made them the laughing stock and the congregation laughed. If our goal is to educate, we should not alienate

Jeremy's best and most effective "confrontation" was when he was being polite and just asking questions.
Bob: "The problem is, it's a 30 year old conspiracy."
Jeremy: No, I'm talking about 9/11.
Bob: That's what I'm talking about.!\

agreed . . .

. . . the wac confrontational approach is usually not the best way to win people over. if converting people to 9/11 truth is the goal, then ultimately, the wac approach is proving to be counterproductive, despite noble intentions. very sad to see 9/11 truth become a laughingstock to a jackass like stewart and his adoring audience of ass*****.

A Crack in the Veneer

Comedy thinly masks an agenda for only so long. To me, this event makes the whole John Stewart rally lose its lustre. Here they are, apt to make fun of the 9/11 Truth movement, but they fail to make any hay when seriously confronted with their obtuseness.

What do we get instead? Tempy tantrums. Hmm. Wha' Happened?


"Obtuseness" is such a good word for labelling the writers and producers for the Daily Show at this point. They really are making a case fro living inside of a bubble or up in a tower of some kind.

And the agenda - youre' so right. But maybe we won't agree on how. Somehow, I think their behavior shows them in denial. They don't really know what's going on - they're in the limelight, but in fact it's some kind of slacktivism. Why are his interview questions so often so lame? Because they don't really peel the onions, and they're living inside a bubble, I think, and like jonGirls, they just want to have fun.

They've got 30 million viewers. A quarter-million of them have member IDs at the Daily Show forums. As it is, I've already faced opposition there and beaten back a few with the truth. They have forum adimns that clearly know the truth. But the Daily Show circus of kid-activism isn't going to last, because 911 truth has 150 million followers at least, and Stewart is going to come up totally empty-handed when the truth comes to bear.


In reference to the Daily Show writers and producers....

Maybe, just maybe, when people have an agenda of their own, and they really think they are right, then they get to the point of doing something like this. The thought I'm having is to say that standing up for reason itself could be another name for punching people in the face who have passions of their own, such as when "reason itself" is really a political agenda. I mean, when a person wields it, but doesn't actually bow to it.

In the end, I think the virtue of this staff's stance can be found in what they do, but not in its opposition to what other people do.

Just horrid

Right from the get go we looked like a bunch of lunatics. You can't just go to random events and start screaming 9/11 was an inside job. It makes you look crazy. Honestly, why do some people not get this?


For a lot of people, to get up and say something like that in public is an adrenaline rush, because 'they' are doing something which previously they were very afraid of. Their body releases brian chemicals and tells the body that the body did not die. This energy is what is released and felt by someone who does the screaming of 9/11 was an inside job.....


You're just glad you're surviving long enough to pass that life hurdle of standing up for what you believe in. In that moment where fear meets Love, a great deal of energy is released and often times you're holding on to any word that you can think of.

I understand how physiology

I understand how physiology works. It's really not the point. To go around screaming 9/11 was an inside job makes you look nuts, and it's not productive.

i don't condone the Bullhorn Mentality

with the exception of the Love Police.

I'm a little baffled why Jon Stewart is picked...............

...............for this battle.
He IS a comedian. It is not his job to find the truth.

I admire the courage, and the tactics could have their place.
But there is a much better place for confrontation.

It is the job of the news organizations to present 9/11 truth. THEY are the ones who are demeaning the American public by censoring the truth.

And if we feel it is a lost cause with the msm, then why not confront Amy Goodman and Alexander Cockburn or Justin Raimondo or Joshua Holland or a host of others in the alternative media.

These guys make their money, ostensibly, by providing the truth that the corporate media do not. That is their job.
And for some crazy, unknown reason, they have all decided to censor 9/11 truth. FOR 9 YEARS!

And yet, for some reason, the mention of this gets some in the 9/11 truth movement all nervous and defensive of the alternative media. No, they don't want confrontation with these people. Some in the movement are even adamant about even MENTIONING, here, among ourselves, that the alternative media is censoring our truth information.
Ok if you don't like the idea of confrontation, but why such defense of the alternative media?

Leave comedians alone. Go after the people who are professionally and morally bound to deliver 9/11 truth: the media, particularly the alternative media.
Here are the ones to confront:

Progressive mag

I think it would be

a misinterpretation to construe the down votes as an aversion to criticism of these left gatekeepers. I think it's more likely a response to your continuing baseless characterization of the 9/11 truth movement as 'defending' them. It should have been made clear to you by now just how much the atrocious record of these news/opinion outlets regarding 9/11 truth has been documented and critiqued on this site over the years. There are different views about how to go about countering the effects of these gatekeeping outlets. Some also think its worth differentiating between those 'alternative' journalists who have outright denounced the truth movement and those who simply ignore us. And sometimes, even those of us who have expressed disgust with them take the view that there are better ways to focus our energies. But it is totally inaccuracte to characterize ANY of this as 'defense of the alternative media.'

Restore sanity?

Building 7 becomes trivial to slight degree, when one sees the irrefutable visual evidence contained in this clip from David Chandler.
Is there any trick of the eye here that suggests this is anything other than a rapid cascade of detonations, where the velocity is initially faster than the debris field and ejections? Then the debris obstructs these events.
This video presents a view far burlier, when speaking of smoking guns, than WTC7. Haven't we yet to see a south side view of the Building 7 destruction and implosion?

In regards to the WACNY, nerves rattle when a chorus of laughter denigrates your hopes of reaching out. Stewart should be confronted, but calm should prevail. Stewart claims he thinks Al Qaeda was responsible, let him back that up then. The retort should have been, "where's the proof that Al Qaeda was responsible?"

He's a comedian and phony undereducated progressives would rather have their political views turned into a charade than to take the issues seriously. Evidently, the pain is too great.

visual evidence cont'd

Lower right corner of tower appears to be a massive explosion in the last few frames of this clip.

I've said it

before and I'll say it again Jeremy is a pro when it comes to asking questions while remaining civil and educating the audience in the process. I do appreciate the effort here, but perhaps the Socratic approach would be better, i.e. asking the presenter something like this:

Now that we know the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman stories were fabricated and used as propaganda, do you agree that the public should take the time to do their own research before they accept the government’s version of an event? If the presenter agrees..turn to the audience and inform them of the world wide efforts of independent scientists, building professionals, military and intelligence experts, and pilots, who have done just that but have been censored in the media.


Ask; What do these people have in common? Then rattle off a few names and pedigrees from Patriots question 9/11/01. When the presenter says he/she doesn’t know what they have in common, or gives the wrong answer, look at the audience and tell them that the professionals you just named are but a few among thousands who are demanding an independent investigation into the events of 9/11/01 because the official story can not be supported by science, and if they (the audience) truly supports the military and does not want the troops to be used and abused for profit they should , at the very least, spend a few hours doing their own research before they pass judgment on professionals who have valid concerns. Then suggest they begin by spending an hour or two at ae911truth or firefighters for 911truth.

Sorry to ramble...juts a thought...

Excellent points

Good to include some of the family members like

1.Joanne Barbara, wife of FDNY Asst. Chief of Dept. Gerard Barbara
2.Gayle Barker, sister of William A. Karnes, WTC
3.Michele Bergsohn, wife of Alvin Bergsohn, Cantor Fitzgerald
4.Derrill Bodley, father of Deora Bodley, passenger on Flight 93
5.Kathryn C. Bowden, sister of Thomas H. Bowden, Jr. WTC1, 104th floor
6.Janet Calia, wife of Dominick Calia, Cantor Fitzgerald, WTC1
7.Maggie Cashman, wife of William Joseph Cashman, United Flight 93
8.Lynne Castrianno Galante, sister of Leonard Castrianno, 1WTC, 105th floor ........


9/11 Family Members Jean Canavan, Bob McIlvaine and Manny Badillo asking the unanswered questions and calling upon all New Yorkers to "Vote For Answers"

At least they can't use the "disrespecting the family members" line again.

The shorter the better

If you are going to shout, speak very clearly - enunciate each word. [practice your lines at home]


The FBI has not charged bin Laden with 9/11.

The FBI has charged bin Laden with "conspiracy" to murder Americans outside the U.S.

Did you know that 3 skyscrapers were destroyed on 9/11?

Google "Building What?".

I "confronted" Amy Goodman at a Meet and Greet. When I went too far, I lost the audience of about twenty.
Lesson learned: Know your audience and talk to them in a way they can accept what you are saying.

And counter--don't reinforce--pre-existing misperceptions

I think it's important that we be aware--no matter how unjust, untrue, and maddening it is--that one of the ways the left establishment has been able to marginalize the 9/11 truth movement among their flocks has been to misrepresent us as peculiarly obsessed with solving a single event, to the exclusion of all other concerns.

I would think that the following points would be self-evident, but apparently they are not--and therefore it is important to bring them to the attention of those in attendance when doing outreach at events such as these:

That the official account of 9/11 remains the justification for drastic changes carried out in the aftermath of those events that persist to this day;

That it remains the basis for the open-ended 'war on terror' and 'pre-emptive war doctrine;'

That it remains the basis for continuing assaults on the Bill of Rights;

That it remains the chief source of Islamophobia in the U.S.;

That it is the de-facto rationale for permitting the Bush/Cheney administration to waltz away without prosecution for the admitted crimes of torture and warrantless wiretapping;

That people who are concerned about ending wars and occupations; about lawless government and attacks on the Bill of Rights; about racism and human rights, would do well to reconsider just how sound is the official story which has long served and continues to serve--without any sign of slackening--as the source and justification for all of the above;

That the 9/11 truth movement is opposed to war and occupations of other countries; that it is for civil liberties and government accountability; that it is against racism and Islamophobia; that it is against the divide-and-conquer tactics and the manipulation of terrorist fears on the part of the government and the corporate media.

(Then, if you get that far with them, you might also suggest that they reappraise supposedly progressive media figures who, in the light of all the above, remain indifferent, if not hostile, to questioning the official 9/11 story....)

Poor approach to outreach=Unsurprising response from Stewart&Co.

I applaud the WAC's willingness to go out and attempt to speak to Jon Stewart. Unfortunately EVERY TIME folks go in with this Alex Jones's like approach (yelling during a speech, yelling extreme things and personal insults) activists waste their breath and time and get kicked out events or even assaulted. It was an awful thing to begin by shouting out a comparison to Glenn Beck. This is an awful comparison which is an insult to someone who really has actually created a strong momentum against people like Glenn Beck. Not only that, but NO ONE in the audience will buy such a ridiculous comparison and definitely will not care or respect anything you have to say further. It's obviously an attempt to insult Jon Stewart who is not only hilarious, but very well respected. He even gave these people a chance to be heard!!!!!! Perhaps that is the saddest part about this "confrontation" (a term that I suggest WAC never think about when going into these kinds of events). When given an open moment to convince everyone of a logical valid question, or point, or to ask Jon Stewart a straight forward and ADULT question, WAC missed a huge opportunity for 9/11 Truth to clear its name to the Stewart crowd.

Of course it is great that the violence did not come from the WAC activists. However I can see why Jon Stewart's people would be angry or frustrated with us. No one here presented him with any points that speak to an average person's sense of reason. WAC did not present him with any questions at all except ugly rhetoric and shouting conclusions that most people have NOT come to yet (9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! Yelling this at people cannot convince anyone of anything. It ONLY comes off as presumptuous and never takes into account how sensitive a subject 9/11 is to MOST PEOPLE whether you believe it or not). Jon's people being arrested will only come off to Stewart and people in his circle that 9/11 truthers are going to create SOME kind of problem.

We actually have chances to open uninformed peoples minds up. More and more people now are giving us a chance and are willing to listen. Is the 9/11 Truth movement willing to communicate with them in a RESPECTFUL, RATIONAL and REASONABLE way? Can we breakdown the stereotypes held against us? I SAY ABSOLUTELY! Time to change our act in public! Emotional, angry, or juvenile responses are just that and unfortunately most of the time FAIL to open up anyones mind.


with exceptions... The Los Angeles WAC delivering the WTC Dust Nanothermite white paper directly and indirectly into the hands of Congress and Joe Biden for that matter. The L.A. WAC is a model group, whip smart interventions with Ben Veniste, Karl Rove, and more, not without scuffles in all incidents, but they deliver a cogent message in what they do.

"Jon's people being arrested will only come off to Stewart and people in his circle that 9/11 truthers are going to create SOME kind of problem.". I think of this outcome as advantageous, perhaps to say that he (Stewart) crossed a line in the scheme of things via his mockery.

We Are Change NYC

was very Pro-Ron Paul for Pres in 2008.. yet when FOX asked him a 911 truth question in the SC debate. Paul 100% distanced himnself from the movement.

All Paul had to do was question the 911 commision report, in which a guy he knows ex CIA Mike Schueer, just called a total lie from top to bottom.

Rory Albanese

Rory Albanese Emmy award winning writer and producer for Jon Stewart

and a stand up comic:
"I getting mad... why wouldn't I? It's my right."

The courts are more than likely going to let this guy off with a smack on the hand. I suggest you prepare to sue him and Jon Stewart.

There is no need to hire an attorney, seriously...

EDIT - corrected spelling of ALBANESE

As usual, worry about criticizing the media............ on 911 blogger.

This is in response to rm..........I misplaced this response to that comment.

Criticizing the media is not a demonic thing. Actually, it is hard to find people who do not.
But in this case, the media manipulation of American thought is SO blatant that it should be a mainstay of the 911 truth movement.

Jon Stewart here was criticized and even confronted. I'm not passing judgement on those who do it. I have some problems with in your face encounters, but it has its place.

What I AM saying is that this kind of confrontation would be more effective and more appropriate against the people whose job it is to bring us the news, particularly those whose job it is to bring us the news that the msm does not bring us.
I listed the sites that I have watched for years that have censored 911 and even mocked the movement.
I don't think this is unreasonable.
What I DO think is unreasonable is to be criticized for bringing up this issue. I think it needs to be emphasized, A LOT, and often.

I do not see the movement being the type of movement that needs a few leaders who decide what can and cannot be discussed. If criticizing the media is not acceptable on 911blogger, then tell us all, and all of us can see just what the agenda of 911blogger is. I think the agenda of 911blogger is to get out as much information about 911, and the COVERUP (including media coverup), as possible. If I am wrong, tell me. I will not post anything critical of the media.
But 911blogger is run by a group that has the authority to manage the site as they feel is best. I accept that.
But don't tell me the 911 MOVEMENT and all those in it have to follow some rules proscribed by a few leaders, particularly that the media should not be criticized.

The popular alternative media has censored 911 truth. Period. If you don't like the sound of that, just ignore my posts about it. Go on to something else.

As usual, baseless...

Interesting reply to my comment, in that you seem not to have read or understood it at all. Otherwise, where did you ever get the idea that I 'don't like the sound of' hearing that 'the popular alternative media has censored 911 truth'?

What I 'don't like the sound of' are false claims that the 9/11 truth movement is in denial about this censorship or 'defending' those doing the censoring.

How many times are we going to have to repeat it?:

There has been tons and tons and tons of criticism of left gatekeepers on this site (such as those you have listed) before you ever started posting comments on the subject.

This has not been done in defiance of any 'rules [prescribed] by a few leaders,' beacuse no such rules exist.

Criticism of left gatekeepers will no doubt continue on this site--as will disagreements about how best to deal with them and how best to focus our energies.

Good! Let the criticism of the media continue..............

It is interesting that the popular alternative sites have avoided the issue of Kevin Bracken so far. At least I haven't seen any of those sites that I've listed bring up him and his statements.
That's pretty big. Ignoring Kevin Bracken is a very blatant example of the media censoring 9/11 truth.
Amy and Justin and Joshua and Alexander and the rest should be ashamed of themselves.

I'd love to know what goes through their minds when they decide to block information about issues like this.

I hope...

This incident isn't used against us at the "Rally To Maintain Insanity." That wouldn't be good. When you confront someone, especially someone that could be a useful ally, you don't do it in a way that makes them look good, and you look bad. It should be the other way around.


Will never happen unless his masters approve.

He knows, they all know. Their job is to keep it in the bag.

I'm speaking...

In general. I haven't watched an episode of the Daily Show since he did what he did regarding 9/11. I have posted Cosmos' article several times pertaining to it. I have openly spoken out against this rally to support Democrats days before the elections, that was endorsed by Obama and Oprah. I do not see Jon Stewart as an ally. He might have been... he certainly won't be now.

Jons real life brother is

NYSE Chief Operating Office Larry Leibowitz .

Interesting, eh?

I think our movement should forget about this guy & try & get behind Colbert.


In the sense that he is connected to a "powerful" person on Wall Street, or interesting because it's a Jewish name? Keeping in mind that Stewart had on Anna Baltzer.

both really




I would imagine there is Tremendous pressure in the NYC

power-player Jewish circles, not to look to deeply into 911.

ex. Larry Silverstein, Judge Hellerstein, Stephen A. Schwarzman (CEO Blackstone) etc. etc


But I bet some NYC power-player Christian circles don't want us looking to deeply into 9/11 either. After all... Bush and Cheney were the families' "biggest adversary" when it came to the creation of a so called Independent 9/11 Commission, and last I checked, they weren't Jewish.

Your right

The extreme Christian & Jewish power players are certainly alligned on this issue & thats why it hasn't been fully cracked open.... yet

But the Jewish power center in America is NYC & that is something Stewart would have to go against.

I didn't like the way

Jon Stewart did Rick Sanchez. And then gloated about it together with David Letterman. Nice way to prove Rick Sanchez wrong.

One of the hardest hit minorities in the United States right now are the Latinos, especially in the South. When I read the day-to-day news about the politics of immigration and the comments of the extreme right, who are now fully mainstream in the States, it's crystal clear how Latinos are discriminated and brutalized.

I'm not endorsing Rick Sanchez's world view or politics, this about the 'incident' that cost Sanchez his job, a tempest in a teacup if you ask me.

Apart from that, Stewart sucking up to Ilario Pantano, to Condi Rice, and to Obama ... I say he can go to hell. He's a coward.

It's weird how............

.............years ago the word discrimination brought images of black people.
Now when I hear the word, I think of hispanics and Muslims/Middle Easterners.

Well I'll be damned

"There are terrorists and racists and Stalinists and theocrats, but those are titles that must be earned. You must have the resume. Not being able to distinguish between real racists and tea partiers, or real bigots and Juan Williams and Rich Sanchez is an insult -- not only to those people, but to the racists themselves, who have put forth the exhausting effort it takes to hate. Just as the inability to distinguish between terrorists and Muslims makes us less safe, not more."

Jon Stewart ("Stewart Closes Rally With Biting Critique of Media")

He must have thought he could rehabilitate Rick Sanchez by mentioning him in his speech. Traces of remorse?

Any more pressure

Any more pressure than there is in the NYC power-player Gentile circles? Or would the latter be more lax, more tolerant of 9/11 skepticism? Would Jon Stewart be under any less pressure, and hold out some possibility of one day being an ally of ours, if his and his NYSE chief brother's ancestral name really were 'Stewart'?


Look at the Jewish involvments in the city of NYC, concerning 911.

WTC Lease holder & developer of WTC7, $billion+ Insurance payout awarder:Larry Silverstein

Federal Judge on all 911 cases in NYC:Alvin Hellerstein

911 Compensation & payout master: Kenn Feinberg

Private Investment Bank Blackstone CEO who bankrolled Siverstein for the WTC leases & was awarde $1 Billion to invest re 911 Captive Insurance Fund: Stephen A. Schwarzman

AIG subsids Marsh McLennan, ACE & Kroll all run by members of the Greenberg family @ one time Hank, Evan & Jeffrey.

I know

Yeah, I know. I guess I just see the aversion to having the truth of 9/11 come out to be essentially uniform among the ruling elites, and as not likely to vary according to whether or not they are Jewish.

Jewish this, Jewish that

Not ZIHOP again, I hope?


hiding in the shadows, waiting to jump out and bullhorn the audience.

[Note that this in no way diminishes the clear involvement of some people/entities with clear connections to Israel]

The truth shall set us free (no, we are not there yet).

Love is the only way forward (blaming entire groups is part of the problem, thus not a way forward).

Exactly ! leave religion out of this

It comes off as bigoted and proves NOTHING about Stewart. Neither does what his brother does. These connections a few on this thread seem to be drawing are baseless and filled with conjecture. These kinds of comments are why the left think most of us are anti-semitic. Who cares what religion people are?! I care about how people act and what they say. As far as people just swearing about Stewart and calling him names , you aren't helping and sound immature. Stick to the topic and oh yea...there are children present, wait wait...there are adults present to! Perhaps we should keep that in mind instead of posting 'F him!'

Remember Jon Stewart's anger over the Zadroga bill NOT getting


One way to read between the lines of that very strong outburst is that Jon Stewart knows and cares about 9/11 truth, but feels that is the only way he can get the message out without blowing his gig.

Food for thought, eh?

Remember that these guys have been in the business a long time and are very savvy as to what they can and can't get away with.

Then again, another way to read it is that he is actively gatekeeping, saying go this far (for the first responders) but forget about all that " conspiracy stuff".

I think it always best to err on the side of caution with these folks. Unless they come out hard and belittle 9/11 truth, then we should approach them with the assumption that they want to feel safe telling the truth and find ways to make it safe for them to do so.

At a minimum, try throwing them some softballs they can hit out of the park while scoring runs for 9/11 truth (if only subtly in our direction)

[ Go Giants! - sorry, I couldn't resist, I grew up loving baseball].

Someone should try asking Mr. Stewart if he believes that Muslims can suspend the laws of physics (e.g. "Mr. Stewart, do you believe that Muslims have a prayer for suspending the laws of physics?"). Then bring up WTC 7 and Newton's Third Law. If he dodges the implication, give him an out by suggesting that perhaps he was sleeping during his junior high science class and remind everyone what Newton's Third Law is and how it applies (always practice before you try it live in front of a possibly hostile crowd).

Let's be positive, brothers and sisters, give folks the benefit of the doubt and assume they are on our side. Approach them from that point of view and they are far more likely to respond positively in return (you usually create what you expect, yes?).

If anyone is in Northern California and wants to be part of a 9/11 truth political comedy troupe, I'm putting one together in the hopes of starting to do street theater and some actual shows beginning in the spring. Or, if you are not in the area and want to help write the skits, let me know (I already have the outlines for what I think will be a pretty good show and some great street theater, imo anyway)

I really think we need to base our activism from a mindset that we are the silent majority and take a very positive, humbly confident approach (i.e. not be negative, obnoxious and/or defensive). Americans like confidence and optimism, especially when the msm news is always harping on the negative.

More and more Americans are becoming aware of, and outraged by, the level of corruption that is obvious throughout so much of our society. This is our strongest tie in with main street America, to put it very simply. This is how we reach the Tea Party rank and file, this is how we reach the thinking progressives and liberals, this is how we connect with the high school and college students (trust me, they know and care how messed up things are, they just don't know what to do about it).

We are the leaders we have been waiting for, brothers and sisters, NOW is the time to step up and start creating the world we want to live in.

Truth = compassionate transparency (humility, honesty, integrity, empathy).

The truth shall set us free (but it takes a lot of work to stay true to the truth).

Love is the only way forward (all other routes lead in circles or downhill to nowhere).

Hope to see

some 'smart' truth-activism at the 'rally'

a little ghandi would go along way here

just finished reading a biography written by his grandson, a professor of asian literature at the university of illinois.

it makes it clear that organizing genius begins by searching for as many allies as possible within the
ruling establshment, which normally is riddled with its own tensions and conflicts.

it also requires understanding where your social base is located and what it is, and is not capable of doing, in terms of concrete strategies of resistance.

making spectacles of the movement as irrational seekers of cheap publicity, in front of an ignorant audience re the events of 9-11, is not generally viewed as a winning strategy.

the 9-11 truth movement is growing through the ability of people across the world to learn more about the events and players behind the terrorist attacks, through the dedicated research of thousands of independent citizen researchers, many of whom have relations, past and present, with the government of the united states.

a movement of alternative knowledge, unearthing uncomfortable and deeply inconvenient facts of 9-11, must never reduce itself to crude actions such as those undertaken at the john stewart event.

while it may "fire up" some hard core activists, it also puts forth a way of dissenting from the conventional wisdom that facilitates easy exploitation of the broader movement by those who seek to undermine it, and make it seem ridiculous to large publics.

how are we to know that the next such confrontation is not made even more ridiculous by the work of agents infilitrating the truth movement?

indeed, it is precisely the use of questionable tactics of confrontation which must now be seriously debated within the truth movement.

when you do not control, in any significant way, the environment of confrontation, you make it likely the confrontation will spin out of control in a way harmful to the goals of the activists involved.

much better to stand up, in the audience, and ask a well thought out questuion or two, than shout out something from the back, making one look like a disruption, rather than a person of deep conscience and profound insight.

i hope the direct action sector of 9--11 truth learns from this incident.

in my view, it is a net loss for the movement.

Lots of excuses are out there still!

Stewart is no dummy, he knows the truth. And the truth will only set him free as far as he would be out of a job! Come on folks sure we can be more articulate but people like stewart do not want to be martyrs and most likely feel they can better serve progress by keeping their status. Bill Maher, Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, they know when the fix is in. Stop making excuses like if only we ask nicely I am sure they will be willing to blow up their careers. Officially they will never admit how they most likely really feel! The truth is until most of the people in the audience wake up the one in the spotlight doesn't have to. Judging by this audience I would say we are not close to the tipping point. Among many of the people in various leadership positions including politics and even comedy this is the unspoken truth. Those who feel they can win this one with the facts are being naive. We need more bodies lots of them. When most people in the audience refuse to let him make fun of the 911truth movement he won't. Better wake up your neighbor cause most likely your political leader already knows!

exactly..................and I think the big snowballing........

...........of people who begin to know the truth is going to come from outside of our country.
The Muslim World.
These places are beginning to mushroom with truthers.
As long as our media, all of it with only a few exceptions, in the US, maintain silence about 9/11 truth, the American people simply will not wake up.

This is ALL about the media. And certainly a comedian is not going to be the one to break the ice. Just won't happen. And the rest of the media, begged and befriended and played nicely with, will never change.

But the movement outside our borders is happening, and whatever I can do to help them I will.

Yes I agree, however

the US and it's co-conspirators don't really care if in the long run they get what they want. Who cares about the gulf of tonkin? We sold lots of weapons to the American people and we have plenty more where those came from. The rest of the world is waking up at a much faster pace than the US, but that is predictable. What can the rest of the world do about it? And if someone tries we may just charge them with supporting terror or WMD's or nuclear proliferation. Better put up or shut up it you know what's good for you. The US leads the gang of bullies which run the show for now.

"Judging by this audience I would say we are not close to the ti

"Judging by this audience I would say we are not close to the tipping point."

Just like all the other TOO-Popular Gatekeepers, their herd hangs on every word they smatter.

Yes, I agree.

Jon Stewart probably was not a good person to aggravate with our message. He is so beloved by so many, and the whole atmosphere is fun and joking. Coming up with really serious stuff that is against him doesn't come off well.
But I respect those who had the courage to stand up and make a stand against his anti-truther stance.

I just think we need to change our targets.
My view is we should be doing this to those leaders in the media, both the msm and the alternative/progressive/libertarian media outlets.
The people who are the leaders and movers in these organization really deserve the confrontation, and it would all go over better, as this stuff IS news, not comedy.

One could make the argument that

it is non-productive to confront someone like Stewart who will be forced to make fun of the issue at this time. He inadvertly winds up demeaning the truth out of survival instincts. I think our best tactic may be in marching for the truth and perhaps gathering outside of certain talks etc. In the end a stronger signal is given when people see crowds of people protesting something. They have to wonder why these folks are upset enough to protest and those that are curious may eventually join the movement.

I would argue that our near constant presence in the public

sphere and our ongoing education of the public are far more effective than large crowds once or twice a year.

Our primary mission remains educating the public and the best way to do that is one-on-one every day, day in and day out.

The more times someone comes across a friendly face calmly discussing the facts and physics, the more likely they are to stop, engage and consider what is being said.

We have some excellent educational tools already and are always creating more.

The vast majority of Americans know something is very wrong with our country, they also know the msm is bs. Our job is just to keep on quietly educating the public and becoming more public ourselves, to make this issue not only acceptable, but to make getting to the bottom of 9/11 the critical public issue that we know it is.

When we choose to engage with well known people like Jon Stewart, we have to do it in a way that they understand and makes them feel comfortable.

In Stewart's case, we need to approach him with humor (i.e. "You don't really believe Muslims have a special prayer that overcomes the laws of physics do you? Then how do you explain the free fall implosion of a building that was not hit by a plane?")

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Fair and balanced as always LW

My real point was that under no circumstances will Stewart or someone like him sabotage their career over 911 at this time. If we could organize even 100 people with signs etc outside of his book store appearences with good behaviour and educational materials we may be better off. I don't think having at least 100 people on call for any opprotunity in a major city is asking too much of the "movement" A couple of large marches per year is good but not what I was really thinking.


this made me smile:
You don't really believe Muslims have a special prayer that overcomes the laws of physics do you?

edit: earned corrected to 'learned'.
i think a lot of earned people have no experience in physics. before i got into 9/11 truth, i hadn't considered the word physics since high school in 1985-6.

to interpolate a lyric from Nice & Smooth ("Dwyck"): 9/11 truth is a diamond, the OCT is a cubic zirconia.

We need to have a 9/11 Truth Language Institute. We need to have people (besides myself) looking for ways to say our truths. I suggest we look at George Lakoff's book, particularly "The Embodied Mind".

We need to be able to approach Richard Gage with 5-6 variations on "cuts through steel like a hot knife through butter" and "this stuff is not made in a cave in Afghanistan". You know? those are frames , and we can wake up our fellow citizens.

i like the humor in "you really don't believe Muslims have a special prayer"... how bout finishing that with
* "... that allows for 3 buildings to fall while crashing planes into two of them" (eliminates people's suspicions that we believe 9/11 = no planes at the world trade center)
* "...that can allow a ragtag bunch of people with no planes, no army, no ships, no real solid manufacturing place for munitions, etc. to be on the run from the US Military for more than twice as long as the NAZIS!!! You don't believe that Muslims have some kind of Invisibility cloak, do you?"
* "that can cause the US Military to be foiled after spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands if not millions more dollars than it took to eliminate the Nazis?"


jargon 1 |ˈjärgən|
special words or expressions that are used by a particular profession or group and are difficult for others to understand : legal jargon. See note at dialect .
• a form of language regarded as barbarous, debased, or hybrid.
jargonistic |ˌjärgəˈnistik| |ˈdʒɑrgəˈnɪstɪk| |-ˈnɪstɪk| adjective
jargonize |-ˌnīz| |ˈdʒɑrgəˈnaɪz| verb
ORIGIN late Middle English (originally in the sense [twittering, chattering,] later [gibberish] ): from Old French jargoun, of unknown origin. The main modern sense dates from the mid 17th cent.
jargon 2 |ˈjärgän| |ˈdʒɑrgən| |ˈdʒɑːg(ə)n| (also jargoon |järˈgoōn| |dʒɑːˈguːn|)
a translucent, colorless, or smoky gem variety of zircon.
ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from French, from Italian giargone; probably ultimately related to zircon .

When a New York City cab driver calls out the window, “Hey, wassa madda wichoo?” he is using the vernacular, which is the authentic, natural pattern of speech among those belonging to a certain community.
In some areas of London, on the other hand, one might hear the Cockney dialect, which is a form or variety of a language that is confined to a specific group or locality; it has its own pronunciation, usage, and vocabulary, and may persist for generations or even centuries (: he spoke in the dialect of the Appalachian backwoodsman).
A teenager who tells his parents to “Chill out” is using slang, which is a very informal language that includes “substitute” vocabulary (“wheels” for car, “rug” for toupee), grammatical distortions, and other departures from formal or polite usage.
Argot refers to the slang of a group that feels threatened by the hostility of society as a whole; it traditionally refers to the slang used by criminals and thieves, although it may refer to any peculiar language that a clique or other closely knit group uses to communicate with each other.
At one time cant was a synonym for argot, but now it usually refers to pompous, inflated language or the hackneyed use of words and phrases by members of a particular class or profession (: the cant of the fashion industry).
In contrast to cant, which can at least be understood, jargon is nearly impossible for the average person to decipher. This term refers to the technical or highly specialized language used by members of an occupational or professional group (: medical jargon;: the jargon of the theater).
If you are frustrated because you can't understand the language used by a particular class or group, you're apt to refer to their way of talking as lingo, which is a term for any language that is not readily understood (: she tried to reason with the cab driver, but she couldn't understand his lingo).

Personally I don't see what

Personally I don't see what the big deal is. They were the one screaming and being insulting. They deserved to be called out for covering up the truth. They are the ones that look bad for having to resort to violence, albanese looked like a total nutjob in those videos. The video has 11,000 views in a few days, with many more likes than dislikes, not bad at all, like it or not people who watch you tube like "drama" and are more likely to watch videos with Drama then not. And once they watch it they might if they've never heard of the 9/11 controversy might look into it, I know I would. they are movies at the end of the video that you can click on.

The argument that this will make truthers look like nutjobs isn't true in this case, if you see Alabanese veins pop out of his neck and look like he's about to kill somebody, he's the one that embarrased himself and Jon Stewart by being an executive producer and assaulting people for questioning the 9/11 fairy tale. I mean these guys are so in love with the 9/11 fairy tale they look totally irrational defending it.

The best news comes at the end

because it wasn't one of our guys going to Jail! That only helps us as more time and coverage on why the real "nut job" got arrested gets discussed.

We need to make sure that we are NEVER the really bad guys.

We CAN look like disrupters and loudmouths, but hopefully NEVER violent.
If we go to jail, it should only be because we were disturbing the peace, yet still peaceful.

Jon Stewart is not one to make an enemy of.

We do have to remember that John Stewart is stuck, unable to speak out, and all celebrities that do get marginalized in MSM, defense industry owned MSM. General Electric, owns him, and although GE is better than the rest, even he, has limits as to what he can say. I don't know if you have noticed,lately, but the PTB (powers that be) had their hounds on Charlie Sheen, (escapades with porn star) to find his sins for all to see, and we all are imperfect, but who gets the microscope on their imperfections depends on who the PTB choose to take down, and marginalize. Sure, a prominent person in the entertainment biz, people listen to. They are doing what they can to neutralize him.

Despite the frustration we feel, John Stewart does expose a great deal of corruption. Many need to move into more understanding, learn the level of corruption, they hadn't been able to conceive of, prior, about other things besides that 9-11-01 treasonous act. They can't imagine our government of course complicit in such a horror. SO, John Stewart, exposing what he does expose, DOES actually help people to get to the point where they can finally realize the level of criminality, treason, and mafia like tactics of the Powers that Be, then later able to fathom what we all know.

For God's sake, don't marginalize our work, by making us a target for jokes. He has not made fun of us really. Actually, saying "911 was an OUTSIDE job" sort of neutralized his position in a subtle roundabout way. Since those of us paying attention, know it had to be an inside job, and that the real conspiracy theory was that it was an outside job, well, I believe it was subtle, but if he was asked by his corporate war profiteering masters,(while they are still wanting to profit off the Left leaning golden goose, Jon Stewart) and they asked to say something to take us down, well, if he believed we were liars, he really could have done some damage to us. He didn't.

He should never have been asked in a public place, on camera. His job required he say (and I don't think he believes) that Al Queda was responsible solely. The confrontation definitely hurt us. And him. So many know better now. Whether all that know have guts enough to say so, is another matter. I have to admit, early on after having read David Ray Griffin's book, even I was afraid to bring it up, to fellow, open minded Leftists, although I'd known it for a while.

Why did Jon Stewart attack the 9/11 truth movement?

Why did Jon Stewart attack the 9/11 truth movement?

If Jon Stewart does not want to be in the fight, he should stay on the sidelines.

If he wants to front for the lie of the century, he deserves to be publicly called out.

Blowing up buildings with firemen trying to rescue people in them is not funny.

I find it very hard to believe that he is not both smart enough and emotionally mature enough to know that the governments conspiracy about 9/11 is impossible and therefore not true.


Of course he knows,

but in the end what can he really do about it? Honestly what do we expect him to do? He most likely wants to keep his status and feels he can continue to make a positive impact without imploding his career and being marginalized. My feeling is that many people including members of congress and big entertainers know that 911 is a lie, but exactly what to do about it is the problem. Most of them are aware that the parties responsible have almost unlimited power which have clearly shown that human lives are expendable. Some exceptions like Ventura and Willie Nelson can be noted but: Ventura has been branded as a Conspiracy Guy, they surround him with a whole show which will forever limit his credibility and keep him on the fringe, and Nelson is really a non-starter.

The one who speaks up.

Someone has to be the one to say the "emperor has no clothes", so it might as well be John Stewart. Roseanne Barr minced no words when she spoke out, nor did many others. He has the ears and hearts of a younger generation, but not the frankness of the boy who popped the bubble in the H.C. Andersen story.

roseanne barr is a brave lady

but her star fell from the sky when she tried to buck the system. it's not like she didn't mention WTC7 but which one of her co-hosts would even discuss it. hey I am all for calling out to claim the emperor has no clothes and the people who do will always be heroes in my book. I just think it's time we took a realistic look at our expectations and stopped making excuses for what people like stewart know to be a stick of dynamite

and are simply not going to handle it. No matter how you phrase your questions the 911truth subject is just too hot to handle for most celebs etc.

Rosie O'Donnell

I think you mean Rosie O'Donnell, not Roseanne Barr.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with her.

I've always maintained that the only way celebrities would and should come out for 9/11 truth is to call a group press conference with at least five celebrities coming out at the same time.

No one gets on the "A" or even "B" list without knowing the rules and how the system works.

Almost none of these people are willing to risk losing everything for 9/11 truth.

9/11 truth is the third rail when it comes to public figures, that should be obvious to everyone by now.

We need to make it safe for them to come out.

We ARE the leaders we have been waiting for, brothers and sisters, and the truth does not need a celebrity endorsement to be heard and understood by your family members, your neighbors, your friends or anyone else you meet in your daily life.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thanks for waking me up!

Sorry about that.

I believe, most people DONT believe what we know to be the truth

peacefulwarrior said: "My feeling is that many people including members of congress and big entertainers know that 911 is a lie, but exactly what to do about it is the problem."

That is very generous of you, in a couple ways.

I believe it is generous of you to believe they are smart enough to know the truth, to overcome the big lie as most of the rest of the people have not yet done. Yes, many people have questions, and a majority even believe that the government has not told the whole truth, but what else is new? And those notable people who are busy enough to climb the competitive ladder of politics and entertainment generally have hardly enough time to keep track of what they are doing themselves, let alone question what they have been told, and then somehow accept the answer that 9/11 was a horrendous murder of thousands by our own people, and a prelude to a war that is killing 100s of thousands more, supported by our own people.

Why should we hold these publicly visible people in such high esteem that we rely on them to reveal the truth that they supposedly know to the rest of us? We shouldn't bother, and we can't afford to. The fact that we even try is symptomatic of why we are in such a pickle.

No, most people don't know the truth. And look at us. We hardly know much of the truth ourselves - only that the official story is impossible, and elements of the government did know what was happening, and some must have been involved in some way. And we need a real investigation to find out who really was involved.

It is also generous of you to acknowledge that even if they do know the truth, there is not much they can do about it. A few courageous individuals have woken up and spoken out, and we should recognize that they don't get far. It does help raise awareness, but they do so knowing the risk of being able to do any more thereafter. Their effectiveness will be moderated. But I believe that anyone who really does know the truth, and declares the truth even if only to themselves ("yes, damn it all, it was an inside job!") is also committed in the same breath to not being able to ignore it any longer, and they MUST do something about it.

And this conversion, upon learning the truth, is why I don't think many really do know. They probably have questions, some more than others. But when do you really know rather than merely have suspicions. It is difficult. Many of us were predisposed to question what we were told, having studied history to know that this was not the first time, and hopefully it will remain the worst. But in my case, I didn't even realize the truth until after many hours of repeated review of the science proving that the WTC towers must have fallen by controlled demolition. Nothing else was quite enough for me. And given that, I don't know why anyone else would really know the truth until they arrived at the same insight.

And it is not easy arriving at the truth, especially given the huge hurdles, fathoming the implications. That's why, whenever I talk with people about the science, the proofs, etc, even before they can accept the irrefutable evidence, the first question, the dominant question is who could have done such a thing, since it seems so incredibly impossible that our own government would have been involved. All that illusion of goodness has to come down before the truth can be revealed.

I say all this because I think it does us no good to not recognize it. To ignore human nature is to be doomed forever to repeat the same mistakes.

Fantastic Post

If the people in the WAC video had focused in more on the points you brought up "libertie", this awful "confrontation" could have been approached more like a "dialog." Stewart gave the folks a chance to ask their question. The WAC people ignored this important aspect of human nature you described above and shouted out insulting rhetoric followed by statements which are to bold and vague to be understood by the audience. What you "libertie" have brought up here is a very humbling insight which should be fundamental in our every day lives.

the point I am trying to make is that many

people in congress most likely know the official story is not the truth. I 'm aware of one member of congress having told his/her staff that if the people of the US were ever to know the truth about 911 they would run us all out of town. Do you think other stars haven't talked about charlie sheen's views about 911. What do they think about Ed Asner? He's just an old pro who doesn't know what he's talking about? How about the good congressman from Ohio, he hasn't discussed it? How about Amy Goodman? Think she knows everything else that's going on in the world but not 911? And Noam Chomsky why do you think he said 911 doesn't matter? He knows the fix is in. The democrats can't go anywhere with this info they got OK blood on their watch! Come on there are lots of smart/ aware people out there. Give me a break the only people who don't know the Govt Story is a big lie are your friends and neighbors who make up the masses. And guess what some of them know it too! And lot's of them don't know what to do about it. Even I am not sure what we can do about it? The truth elite says we need to stick to the facts and the evidence but we have plenty of facts and evidence and still no body does anything about it. How many nano thermite papers have been sent out? What exactly is everybody afraid of ? How about the slaughter of 3000 citizens, how about anthrax in your mail box? Do you think the people who pulled this off to make war, sell weapons create a control grid and take your rights away are afraid? I wish they were, but I doubt it. They control the show and they're playing for keeps. Yes lots of the average citizens still don't know and would find the truth hard to believe but with almost 10 years gone by the odds against them changing the world aren't getting much better! Sorry try not to shoot the messenger. But if you do then I guess I'll understand.

It does not help to see aggravated truthers

Too bad the Daily Show writers and producers may only see troubled and disrespectful activists. There are many rational truthers as well, such as myself.

But smart, pithy, witty activists are too far and few between. Who has the wit to approach these guys about 911 truth? Who has the wherewithall?

Too much projection of one's one ugly mind upon this world, and not enough regard or recognition for one's own reality. Don't oppose the truth of Stewart's rally, because he's right about some importnat things. I see this all coming down to one thing.

I can joke about the truth of 911 . I know the truth, but I'm not bent out of shape about it. People can take a lesson from Jerry Maguire. Work is tough, but I love my wife, and that's about it. Or maybe it's because I have a higher power than 911 truth. I am not compromised by what I think must be done. I do what I do, and I'm not conflicted about it, or any other thing. I love my self and I love my God. People need to learn how to live in their own skin. The person you never want to be uncomfortable with is YOU, and you can darned well bet that no one wants to be like you either if you don't like yourself.

Sales is the highest paid profession in the world. That's something to think about.

No one has to give in to anything. But something has to be done about public displays of personal insecurity. At the very least, find someone who does not appear to be insecure about themselves, and let it grow on you.

I see inner conflict in 911 activists, and I think it is because of all of their dripping wet needs. A good preacher exudes confidence, even when it's one of those fake preachers. Truthers need to love themselves, and stop hating others. Truthers can learn how to treat others nicely after they learn how to do so to themselves.

There is so often not much love in these hills on text-based Internet discussions. And there seems to be even less in a polarized political environment. Find it. Do it to yourself and do it to each other. And stop hating people. Understand the situation they're in, even if you never understood it before. Find some love, and spread it wherever you go. You are never the other guy, so you don't ever have to answer for him. You only have to answer for yourself, so love yourself, and love everything that you do.

Don't do truther things that make you internally conflicted. Do truther things that make you feel allright. Treat yourself right. Eat your vegetables, and call your mom at least once a week, and to the best of your abilities, learn the meaning of respect. "To look back (at another) with anything raging from regard to esteem" In order to respect something or someone, it has to be real, and the only way to find that is to put any lack of self-respect away. Respect what is really there, and not your imagination about it being wrong. Look to today, and who and what really is in front of you. Don't get lost in the past or the future. Love and respect for self is more important than love or respect for 911 truth or any other thing, and everything else can flow downhill from there.

Take care, Mark

Some claification

Perhaps references to loving or hating oneself are too far from putting the matter more directly, every time it happens.

The thoughts in our heads are where the problem occurs. This is the place where the conflict is - by taking ones thoughts as what they refer to, and not as just thoughts. Worrying about being right or wrong are also the ones whose parents take their sticks away when they fight. They do it out of attention to a reality beyond what is in the kid's heads.

It;s easy to find conflict in the mind, because it is conflict machine. It works with a spectrum ranging from the conflict to the integrity of its internal, conscious bits, in the process of finding integrity among them. But don't you believe it is real. Someone will take your stick away when you are right in your imaginary place, and they may be getting real to do it.

And for whatever one sees in it, I hope my text can be respectfully snipped to suit a given reader.

And love is a trcky business for thinking about. Love is unity. Where there is thought, there is what is real and what is thought, and that is not one. Love is real. Stewart's rally tasted it, but also made an agenda out of it, wielded it in its hand, and they have opposed all who have not conformed to their agenda. That's their problem. You can't hold it in your mind or your hand - you have to bow your mind before it.

Take care, Mark

Other clarification

It finally occurs to me, after sleeping on this...

Two things.

Love and truth are much the same. We bow before the truth, minds and all. We do not possess it, we always seek it. We always bow before the truth, and it is always greater. It is our greatest friend and ally, and we shuld know that we are the greatest of friends, for bowing before it as we do. And we should never dissmiss the minds of others by way of the minds that we ourselves have.

I have seen Jon Stewart say, in interviews, that the Daily Show is just a comedy, and not a real news show. But they do real news. And they held a real political rally, with its own political agenda. While I can accept the statement that they see themselves as working for a good cause, I cannot accept the statement that it is only comedy. Perhaps Jon Stewart has even believed it himself, but this is what happens. When you bow before it, you can be like Abbott and Costello. But when you hold it in your hand, you can be like Stewart and Colbert.

Response to Jon Stewart and Daily Show - please use this poster


please see blog for context -

Jon Stewart's response to 'what about building 7' was "Al Qaeda Did It?"

These 15 points should be presented to Stewart, or any 'reporter' or 'journalist' who takes an interest in the investigation, or makes public pronouncements about it.

Thanks for your help!

Press battery charges

You've got to press battery charges. Assault is not strong enough. He punched you. If you do not say that you are pressing battery charges then they will not prosecute him for battery.