Australian TV Interview with Activist/Engineer John Bursill - Talking About

From the YouTube notes: Many Kind Thanks to TVS (CH 31, Digital CH44) and "Yianni's City Life" for their co-operation in AIRING John Bursill, Spokesperson for 9/11 Truth in Australia. This was the First TV Program BRAVE enough in AUSTRALIA to give a "Balanced" presentation on the "9/11 Tragedy" that has affected us all.


You can contact TVS and thank them by e-mail at

Sorry it took so long to put this up...

...I was just waiting for a YouTube clip that had our my lips in sink and the correct aspect ratio...thanks to Richard for sorting it all out!

Kind regards John

PS - Thoughtful criticism is highly valued by me...

Great job John

I thought you handled the questions very well, refusing to speculate about exactly what happened, deflecting the inevitable Pentagon trap and hitting on the key points of CD.

My only complaint has to do with the medium itself; it is almost impossible to present a coherent case about anything on television, which relies on concision. If you had a mere five more minutes, for example, you could have raised numerous other issues.

Very good

The only issue I had is that you were forced to verbally "race" through your answers because of time constraints and some interruptions by your host. But overall a good spot. I have more criticisms of your host than anything, he could have prepared some better questions.

Anyway.. kudos John, great job, I hope the response to it is very positive.

peace all





Very very well done. Thank you so much. Great stuff!

Why I love Australia

Honesty, backbone... and a great sense of humor.

I think you did a superb job, John, with the allotted time. You may want to throw in some quotes from 9/11 commissioners (and others, such as Bob Graham) about their own 9/11 investigations. It's a no-brainer and a real incentive for people to come to terms with the fact they were lied to about 9/11.

If this is how you do in the mainstream media, please do more of it, provided you get the chance.