Conversation with Jeremy Rothe-Kushel 10-15-2010

Conversation with Jeremy Rothe-Kushel 10-15-2010 on Vimeo.

I went to the We are Change L.A. meeting with Mike Gravel on October 15th. I met some people in person for the first time that I've only known or seen online. It was quite a moving experience for me. I was left with the deepest sense respect and gratitude for all I saw there. Thanks Bruno Bruhwiler, Katy Kurtzman, Laurel Burik, Bob Sherman, Mr. Gravel, and all contributors. Mr. Rothe-Kushel, thanks for taking the time with me for the above video.


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please if you haven't yet... would you join it will be appreciated.

DJ Green Arrow

Hey, Mr. Defendorf.

I've been watching your actions in regards to the project you mentioned for some time now. You appear to be making a very sincere effort and you strike me as an extremely strong and honest person. Please email me your phone # and a time to call and I'll call you a.s.a.p.

New film with Jeremy and others...

Jeremy and others from the West Coast area are in a new film (sponsored in part by the well-known G Edward Griffin) which came out this October.

FILM promo
"What In The World Are They Spraying?"

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Regarding the criss cross pattern of expanding jet trails in the sky...
About 5 years ago, at Texas A & M for a class, I took air samples before and then after these patterned, expanding trails in the sky. I was testing for aluminum. Absolutely NO aluminum was found in the samples prior to the activity. After the jet trail activity, all my samples tested strongly positive for aluminum.

I had been prompted to do this aluminum testing, because previously to the east near Shreveport, the local news reported a story of tests being done.

NEWS STORY near Shreveport