Roseanne Barr For 9/11 Truth Part 2

Roseanne Barr continued her public exploration of the 9/11 issue on her radio show today in a discussion with former FBI agent Coleen Rowley and researcher and activist Jon Gold. You can listen to the full interview here.

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Thanks to Roseanne...

And Coleen Rowley, and Bob McIlvaine for trying. There were phone problems, and Bob couldn't make it. I wasn't expecting her friend Scott, who was anti-9/11 Truth. I did my best. Coleen was great.

Very poised

You did not let Scott phase you or draw you off topic. He is the perfect assvissary - he made the other side sound like the psychopaths they are. ;-)

You were steady, unhurried and articulate. Coleen was also excellent.

Well done!

Thanks to Rosanne for her courage to speak out and take the flack.

I agree...

......with everything Chris said. Especially about Scott, who in many ways epitomizes the resistance we get from the so-called progressive left. I didn't know what to think when he came out with "911 truth is a CIA operation." You straightened him out real quick and with class. It's obvious that when you speak, you try to speak for all of us and not just for yourself and you choose your words carefully...and I for one appreciate that.

It's a shame Bob McIlvaine

couldn't make it, cause the fool who called in would have been 100% exposed as a psychotic.

And Thank You Jon

for organizing this behind the scenes and getting the word out once again.

Ultimately everything we do -be it in small steps or larger incremental steps will make a difference.

By setting an example on sound , reasonable debate, it will sow important seeds in the hearts and minds of fence sitters.

Ultimately we are reaching out to those who have hardened themselves to the obvious - so some creative new methods are a good way to break into hard stony ground.

Thanks again and keep it up.

Thanks Jon

That "9/11 Truth is run by the CIA" angle originates with South Park ( "Mystery Of The Urinal Deuce")

...Which was recently covered by SLC, which also "covered" Roseanne.

Jon, in the future, you should consider that telephone lines can be deliberately interfered with. You probably have. The authorities have more options available to them than just eavesdropping. Your profile is growing; you've noticed you've already been spied on. Devise a back-up plan for when phone lines aren't working if you call into a high profile show. (Or has that newsworthy potential) You can cover and plan for both coincidental and, perhaps, non-coincidental interference.

Thanks for keeping your cool; your self-composure under a barrage of dumb, banal stereotyping was admirable. It made Scott look like a flaming idiot.

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Mentioned in the Interview...

The Facts Speak For Themselves - by Jon Gold
Jon good interview and I hope you call in again and take more time and talk more specifically about your paper.

The facts article is on our front page at ...

..where it's receiving the usual attacks saying it's too LIHOP'y :(

I think Jon has been right to keep to 'his' facts, the indisputable facts that are on the public record. For with this approach he is succeeding in engaging with the vocal left and the peace movement.

Another I told you so moment from Jon Gold:)

Regards John


Is updated, and also now has bookmarks.

For instance... would take you directly to Fact #19.

Good Job Jon and Coleen.

I think you both did a great service to the cause in this interview. Jon, you handled Scott beautifully. You were poised and confident throughout which comes from being highly informed and experienced in conveying the subject matter.

Thanks to Roseanne for having the courage to have y'all on her show.



Well, wow that was

Well, wow that was say the least.

Jon Gold, you did a great job. You were calm, coherent and collected. Colleen chimed in admirably as well when she did get the chance to speak. As for Roseanne, I'm not too sure.

She sounded sane on occasion, but then in other instances, I found her scary to listen to. Still, her black and white thinking was no match for the ignorant lunacy coming from her friend Scott. I found it particularly disturbing to listen to that man speak. I suspect that his mind-set represents a large cross-section of the populace who with lazy minds who are quick to dismiss what they deem worth dismissing. His lack of being able to properly contextualize history was also disturbing. I'd have to say that he came across as extremely judgmental and wholly ignorant. One part of the show that really disappointed me was to hear both him and Roseanne cheering for the removal of democratic rights from white men. Something tells me that another round of racial/gender segregation is not the way to go...

Overall, I thought the show's first half was good up until the highly disturbed Scott called in. Afterwards from there, I found it to be uneven roller-coaster ride of good sound-bites from Jon and Colleen in between strange musings and thoughts from Roseanne - not all were strange, but there were some in there that just made me wonder. I have to say that I think she is completely brainwashed with the left vs. right paradigm. Brainwashed beyond belief.