Louis Wolf Restores Sanity at Jon Stewart Rally: “9/11 was an Inside Job!”

The following is from War is a Crime:

On Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, the “Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” hit the National Mall, in Washington, D.C. One of the activists in attendance at the spirited event was Louis Wolf. He’s an author and a peace and justice activist from the Washington, D.C. area. He shared with me his views on 9/11. Mr. Wolf said: “9/11 was an inside job!” See for background on this issue: DC911Truth and also check out my review of Phil Shenon’s insightful book: “The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation,” at AmericanChronicle.  Keep in mind, too, that John Farmer, who was the senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, said: “The official version of what had occurred that morning–that is, what government and military officials had told us–was almost entirely, and inexplicably, untrue.”

Louis Wolf has been an author and activist for a long time.

The following is from 1982, the entire segment can be found at the The Film Archive:  

This program, featuring former CIA official John Stockwell and Louis Wolf, co-editor of Covert Action Information Bulletin, begins with an overview of the general nature and activities of the CIA.  More at the original source..

The following is from Louis Wolfs’ “Government Manipulation and Distortion of History“, written in 1994 during the George H.W. Bush Gulf War:

There is a CIA branch within its Directorate of Operations which deals entirely in media operations, mostly abroad (they’re strictly illegal in the US–though it is known that doesn’t always stop them), designed to influence public opinion. One scholar on this subject posited that the CIA’s budget for covert propaganda and generalized media operations alone, fifteen years ago, ranged between $75 and $200 million. 1

Since the Rockefeller Commission report, 2 the multi-volume US Senate Church Committee was report issued in 1976-77, 3 the 1977 article by Carl Bernstein in Rolling Stone 4, and the House CIA media report, 5 (each disclosing large-scale domestic media operations by the Agency) successive Directors of Central Intelligence have issued internal directives prohibiting certain domestic activities directed at or involving US media, as well as planting propaganda abroad that will return to the US–known in the trade as “blowback.” 6 The reality is that, with the electronic revolution in media technology, there can be little or no control over what will happen to a false article or broadcast that the CIA plants in any media anywhere in the world.


It is not only false CIA propaganda that finds its way into the media, and into more than a few history texts. One of the critical problems of both journalists and historians is a virtually routine, and often blind, acceptance as fact of many prominent myths, including more than a few initially spawned by the designers of disinformation in the ranks of the military and intelligence agencies. Some of the myths arise more than anything from an ideological base, others from a conscious distortion of history. These myths then inexorably grow in stature and become, as expressed by one of the best investigative journalists in the country, Robert Parry, “conventional wisdom.” 7

The profound popular opposition to the war, and mass demonstrations both in the U.S. and across the globe, were largely ignored by both the White House and the Congress amid the headlong rush to war. Alongside dozens of demonstrations nationwide estimated to have mobilized over three-quarters of a million people, there were more than 3,200 demonstrations against the war worldwide, where more than four million people took to the streets. 10 Whether the various histories of the war and the policies leading to it give weight to this mass opposition to the war policy remains to be seen.

What a great life's contributiion

The political world is so confusing - does anybody know it? I mean, if you go out there among the people, is that what you see? It seems more to me like the people inside the Matrix.

People are complicated. It took some good evidence to get me to start turning into a truther. I'm not sure I would as highly respect the mind that does not need good evidence to become one.

When it came time for me to turn, my world view came crashing down, and it had to be reconstructed. I've been through years of having to step back and continually reconstruct mine.

This is very good information. Looking into the CIA and into history is I think very helpful in coming to build a less confused and more comprehensive world view. If people want to tackle the world with their minds, which I didn't do prior to 2003, then perhaps like me they may become very confused. I've peeled the onion a number of times in building a better view.

I think the CIA's involvement in regards to al qaeda has been helpful. I no longer play the "hijackers are still alive" card, due to the quagmire of like Arab names the FBI has gone through with it. But I can still play the CIA-and-al-qaeda card to help someone understand matters more clearly than to simply call it al qaeda.

And above are good history notes, possessing good documentation. I find it very helpful. In 1939, Germany staged an attack upon itself by Poland, and the Soviets staged an attack upon themselves by Finland. In 1941, FDR and top military brass knew weeks in advance about Pearl Harbor, which was brought out in congressional investigations. In the 60s, we know that the cause of our involvement in Vietnam - the Gulf of Tonkin incident did not really happen, and we know that JFK was given plans by Intel to shoot down a commercial airliner and blame it on the Cubans, to which he declined.

The Rally

I feel like I'll never know exactly what drives the Daily Show/Colbert Report people exactly. The Daily Show's executive producer punched a 911 activist in the face last month. (Aren't they the people with the scratch?) But I've seen Stewart on interviews saying that it is just a comedy, and I have believed that before. I don't believe that any more. It looks to me like they may think they are working for a good cause, and that they use comedy to do it. But if that is true, then they may have walled themselves in on what the big picture really is, while also wielding the claim that they know what the big picture is. In any event, they've gotten something wrong for opposing 9/11 truth.

How many (actual, knowing) truthers at the rally? I really wonder. Since this audience will tend to question the MSM, I can only imagine its pretty high?

Response to Jon Stewart and Daily Show - please use this poster



please see blog for context -

Jon Stewart's response to 'what about building 7' was "Al Qaeda Did It?"

These 15 points should be presented to Stewart, or any 'reporter' or 'journalist' who takes an interest in the investigation, or makes public pronouncements about it.

Thanks for your help!

Did you know Jon Stewart's brother is the COO of the NYSE ?!?

Nobody would believe this wild plot twist this far into a thriller novel.

"Jon Stewart’s brother says mom ‘pretty happy with both’

A bit grayer and world wearier, maybe, but there’s no mistaking the family resemblance between NYSE Chief Operating Office Larry Leibowitz and his kid brother Jon Stewart. Unlike the Daily Show host, Leibowitz mostly keeps a low profile, although he did find himself in the spotlight even before his appearance at the Reuters Global Exchanges and Trading Summit on Monday. The Wall Street Journal interviewed him in a story about the NYSE’s effort to turn some high frequency traders — who have been chipping away at the exchange’s business — into exchange floor traders...."


Jon Stewart's brother runs the day-to-day operations of the New York Stock Exchange.

Here another wild twist...

"In the midst of debates on financial regulation and China’s currency in April, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner sat down to discuss the U.S. economy -- with comedian Jon Stewart.

Geithner and Stewart, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” held an off-the-record meeting at Stewart’s office in New York on April 2, according to Geithner’s appointments calendar, updated through August on Treasury’s website.

Geithner didn’t stay for a television interview with Stewart although other administration officials -- most notably President Barack Obama last week -- have turned up for on-camera chats.

“Jon Stewart is influential in America, so we took the opportunity for the two to meet and to discuss the economy,” Treasury spokesman Steve Adamske said in an e-mail yesterday. Stewart’s program has poked fun at Geithner, including a segment last year about the Treasury secretary’s trouble selling his New York home."


US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner went to talk to Jon Stewart off the record about the economy.


Identity of his brother

Yes, the identity of Stewart's brother was discussed in a thread a few days ago: