Very interesting clip

Don't know if this clip has been promoted before, but notice the damage to Tower One from the Tower Two ejections at the point of the buildings demise. Incredible force required to tear into the adjacent face like that, much like a shot gun blast.
Any thoughts?


also, the multitude of small white puffs, apparent blasts occurring in the smoke cloud milliseconds after the rest of the tower had been removed.

Credits due to the Youtube account holder for posting this, Thanks.


Also the obvious fact that this shows the top corner was displaced and falling off center, clearly illustrating how the bulk of the weight from the upper-floor mass could not have been involved with destroying the lower portion under it.

Top corner tips over

Looking like it's going to fall right off the side onto the streets below, then POOF it gets enveloped in a cloud but never finishes toppling over. That chunk just goes away, blown up as it fell one must surmise. That aspect has always gnawed at me: where'd that chunk end up? It feels as though we are watching a huge David Copperfield magic show.