9-11 cover up conspiracy swamps the blogosphere

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9-11 Coverup

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9-11 cover up conspiracy swamps the blogosphere – part 2 - video

  • November 1st, 2010 5:57 pm ET
  • By Bill Belew, Blogosphere Buzz Examiner
  • We found a lot more 9/11 cover-up conspiracies inundating the blogosphere.

    We have heard that FEMA, the Federal emergency people the run around after a disaster writing checks to help get things running again, established a command center at pier 92.

    The strange thing is the date when they had the center in place: September 10, 2001.  This was a day before the WTC attack.

    Some are even blaming Marvin Bush who owns the security company that was guarding the WTC buildings.

    Yes, Marvin is George W. Bush’s brother.  One of W’s cousins is allegedly involved too.

    ParaSpiracy reports: For the U.S. government, Sonnenfeld, 41, is a troublesome witness on the loose, whose documented evidence can expose its fraudulent account of 9-11.

    World Wide News, Trends and most Popularblog tells us: Judge Napolitano asked Lt. Col. Shaffer if the supervision central in Philadelphia had pronounced either any one upon the 9/11 Commission “had an agenda, or was covering up for somebody, or was safeguarding somebody.” The commissioner’s reply was, according to Shaffer: “Everybody upon the elect was covering for someone.”

    Northerntruthseekersays …..recent comments made by Australian Trades Union leader, Kevin Bracken, where he questioned the facts behind the 9-11 attacks.....    Since then, Kevin Bracken has been under relentless attacks from the controlled media.....

    There are also a lot of outright insane people out there that claim world-wide conspiracies.

    Some try to point to controlled demolition of both towers 1 & 2 and cite some really dubious video proof.  See the attached video.

    There is also alleged FBI involvement in covering up conversations with firemen before the towers collapsed.  Those conversations supposedly allude to explosives the FBI may have placed in the towers.

    We can look to these conspiracies and more of continuing to spread around the blogosphere for a long time to come.