9/11 Family Group Releases TV Ad Calling for World Trade Center Building 7 Investigation

BuildingWhat? TV Ad is on the air now in NYC

BuildingWhat.org | November 2

NEW YORK CITY — The NYC Coalition for Accountability Now (NYC CAN) is launching a television ad campaign on Election Day in New York City calling for an investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, the third building to collapse on 9-11. Building 7 came down at 5:20 in the afternoon although it had not been hit by an aircraft.

The ad, which is entitled “BuildingWhat?” and can be viewed at BuildingWhat.org, will air 350+ times from November 2 through November 10 and is estimated to be seen by millions of viewers in the New York Metropolitan Area, reaching core target audiences multiple times. The ad will appear on thirteen channels including MSNBC, CNN, Comedy Central, HGTV, Logo TV, Bio TV, Versus TV, MSG, Sports NY, VH1, HLN, CNBC and Bravo.

NYC CAN’s goal is to generate public pressure on the New York City Council to open an investigation into the destruction of Building 7, which until 9-11 housed the City’s Emergency Operations Center, also known as “Mayor Giuliani’s bunker.”

“We’ve been educating the City Council about Building 7 and the need for a new investigation for the past six months,” said Bob McIlvaine, father of Bobby McIlvaine and one of the 9/11 family members who appear in the ad. “We are asking them now to do something about it.”

Patricia Perry, mother of NYPD officer John Perry, opens the ad saying, “Most people don’t know that a third tower fell on September 11th.” Footage of Building 7’s destruction begins to play while other 9/11 family members explain that 1,200 architects and engineers have examined the evidence and disagree with the official report issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which concluded that office fires brought down Building 7. This would mark the first and only time in history that fire has caused a steel-framed skyscraper to collapse. The ad closes by asking viewers to go to BuildingWhat.org to learn more.

Watch the TV ad

The “BuildingWhat?” campaign is also being sponsored by the group of architects and engineers referred to in the ad. According to their website, www.AE911Truth.org, they now number 1,346 verified architectural and engineering professionals who have put their professional reputations on the line to publicly voice their disagreement with NIST’s findings.

“The most irrefutable evidence is the free fall descent of the building,” said Anthony Szamboti, a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. “You can’t go from zero movement to free fall acceleration instantaneously without an external force simultaneously removing all of the columns in the lower part of the building. If the upper structure has to do any work crushing what’s below it, it’s going to slow down.” According to Mr. Szamboti, NIST acknowledges in its report that the building underwent free fall, but it does not explain how.

For more information and to view the TV ad, go to: www.BuildingWhat.org


Do you realize how many people are going to be watching the news tonight for the election results. This could be huge.
Notice how prepared the website is for the influx of new visitors: www.BuildingWhat.org
Help spread the Ad around as much as possible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or-1GVknJjo
See more coverage here: http://911blogger.com/news/2010-11-02/ad-focusing-wtc-7-begins-airing-ne...

Gatekeepers In NYC Government May Be Getting Busy

This campaign may create the breakthrough for a local investigation by NYC, to find out who was doing what within the WTC pre-9/11.

Don't be surprised to see counter-ads sponsored by such places as Mayor Bloomberg's office however (well connected biliionaire, Council on Foreign Relations member).


I would be surprised. I don't think they would dare. It would heighten the controversy. They're gonna want to neutralize this, not bring attention to it. It's most likely that they will do nothing for as long as they can. If they do anything, my guess is they would do something like appoint a "Blue Ribbon Panel" to look into it and drag their ass for 3 or 4 years and then declare that they looked into it and found nothing suspicious. I don't really care what they do. I would simply like to see a measurable public reaction that inspires us to do it again, and again, and again........... If this works even in the slightest, I think we've got them on the ropes. Then the only question will be can we keep them there.

We're in the big leagues now. Wow!

PR Efforts (Ads?) Referring Locals To Government Reports

If the "Building What?" campaign becomes too successful and generates public pressure, there is a real possibility of local government sponsored public relations efforts to ridicule "conspiracy theories" and refer those with questions to the 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST and FEMA reports, which may backfire in any event.


Re: "If the "Building What?" campaign becomes too successful...": Alas, another possible response would be False Flag 2.

Even there, our best approach is via education, like this. False Flag ops take lots of people's knowing or unknowing cooperation. We all need to expose, expose, expose, and the more the better. More and more people need to see. Safety in numbers.


This is a powerful message. Brilliant.


should open some eyes. If it doesn't I don't know what will. The Controlled Demolition of Building 7 is absolute proof that 9/11 was an inside job. You just can't get around it. (Unless you are brain dead)

Now would be a good time

if we had the resources, to run the Ed Asner add on the radio, all throughout the NYC region, for good measure..

This has really come together brilliantly!

The site looks and works great, the add is really simple and strong and the links and info are all spot on!

A credit to us all, thank you!

Kind regards John

I know

who Bob McIlvaine, Manny Badillo are, I now know the name of Mrs. Perry, what's the name of the other lady? Could somebody fill me in?

Great ad, great outreach. I'm stoked with this kind of heartfelt, credible action. How a judge's incredulity became a slogan....

Thank you!

This is so appreciated.

Hey can some who live in NYC fill us in how some folks they know respond to this? Progress...

Any feedback yet..?

Curious as to what New Yorkers who saw the ad have to say...


another Significant Development.

911 Truth is not going away. Not by a longshot. And the excuse of "not respecting the family members" is not going to work anymore.

WeE should have clips of this video on our phones, ipads, netbooks etc and show it to detractors so that at the very least we get them curious enough to research for themselves.

All we need to do is get people to THINK for themselves. They will get there.

Once they realize there was a demolition in progress perhaps they might also come to realize that the entire Republic and what it stands for is also being demolished. One thing leads to another - the wars get questioned, foreign policy - the structure of the Military Industrial Complex and most significantly the FAILURE of the Fourth Estate i.e. the MSM from informing us/them of the ACTUAL FACTS.

I believe many "latecomers" to the 911 Truth Movement i.e. the many we will most certainly convince due to efforts like this, will end up being our most vocal and ardent supporters demanding for a New and AUTHENTHIC investigation.

This will only grow.

Good Work and God Bless to all the family members and volunteers who have worked on this project.

Kudos to all involved

The decision to wait until election day when the rates for adds are cheaper, allowing for more adds, and starting on a day when everyone [who still watches TV] is watching, was very astute.

Hopefully the adds will generate more contributions that will allow the adds to continue and spread.

There is also this in the works.

Whoa, that is AWESOME!

Now we're getting somewhere. Nice! : )

Time for another poll maybe... perhaps we're nearing HALF now..?

I'm just curious as to where the tipping point might be such that Cheney get's that ominous hard knock at the door BEFORE his ticker gives out naturally..