Conflict of interest at the Open Chemistry Physics Journal prior to Jones' paper

Credibility is everything, and when the deniers of 911 truth can't accept the facts at face value specifically because they take comfort in the credentials of others who don't want to hear the facts, there is a need to expose conflict of interests.

In an ongoing discussion between myself and a good friend about credibility issues of the main players in the 911 research scene, my friend scoffs at Jones by sighting the resignation of Pileni as editor after Jones, Harrit et al. were able to publish the findings of the nano-thermite.

In the interview at this website...

.. she states that she is aware that the Jones submission may have a political viewpoint.

It should be noted that her own viewpoint is probably affected by the fact that she is a faculty member of Georgia Tech, essentially an academic arm of the defense industry which the website makes clear.

Here is her Faculty profile page...

And here is the Georgia Tech website linking their work to the funding