Tutor spreads truth

The economic downturn has led to the loss of my job and a return to school. I am now a mature student amidst the younger generation, the next generation. One of the things I find disturbing at school is the amount of brainwashing that is going on. In our library, for instance, you won't find a single book which contradicts the events of that day. In fact, there is very little on the subject save for the 911 commission report and a couple others.

Yesterday, while studying in a large common walkway, I overheard a rather elderly private tutor instructing his student. He was talking to her about political correctness and belief systems. He then broached 911 and went through the official story relating the jet fuel and how the fires brought the buildings down. Then, he countered that saying in point-of-fact fashion how that really wasn't the case at all. He went on to tell her how the buildings were wired with explosives and brought down via controlled demolition. I couldn't help but smile as I stood right next to them. His young pupil took it all in stride as he went on with the description of how it actually occurred. I couldn't believe it. One thing that I have championed is for the need to get the truth into the halls of academia so that the "enlightened intellectuals" will eventually speak out. I think what this elderly tutor did was amazing. And I hope that he continues his subterfuge by informing his clients of the truth at my college.

It was so brilliantly subversive that I had just had to share it with you all.

Still more groups needed

Thanks for sharing.

Re your comment on the school library, I can only think--Damnit! There's another group we need: Librarians and Booksellers for 9/11 Truth.

Cool story!

I love hearing stories like this.
All actions (big or small) add up.

"Repeat the 9/11 Truth message"