Exclusive : audible detonations in a new 9/11 video released by FBI and NIST

Today, a French media, Oumma.com, has published online a new 9/11 video released by the NIST and possessed before by the FBI.


For the first time, the sound of the detonations is clearly audible.
Check it by yourself :


As a journalist, who will soon release a documentary about the 911 insider trading, I decided to look by myself for the archives made public by the IC911 Studies. I recently discovered in this huge amount of documents the files of the FBI and decided to focus specifically on them.
I made this video known to the French audience by publishing it but I wanted to announce also this discovery to the first ones who should be concerned about that matter : the American citizens.
911blogger seems to be the perfect place where to send a message for those who still care about the truth on 911.

And, just for the record, I could confirm here that 911 is also a real taboo here in France, even -or should I say especially- for the media. For my part, I was simply curious to know more about it : that's why I have already made some interviews, for example, with Richard Gage, Cynthia McKinney, Niels Harrit, Max Keiser and James Gourley on this subject.

Best regards,

Hicham Hamza

Check out the White Plane (E4B?) or Is It A Helicopter?

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
What is also interesting in this video is the white plane (or is this a helicopter?) which could be the E4B that we have noticed in other videos of that day. This video (at the beginning of the video clip) seems to give a clearer view of it if it is the plane or could it be one of the helicopters that were flying around.
Take Care Matt


Its a helicopter, the tail propeller is clearly visible. What isn't are the supposed explosions, I didn't hear anything too distinctive.