NZ911TRUTH in mainstream news

Jeff Mitchell
New Zealand 9/11 Truth (
Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bilderberg member Hillary Clinton arrived at Parliament today, and was welcomed by a protest featuring NZ911TRUTH. TVNZ aired footage of Mike Woods, who said "the evidence is overwhelming that the buildings [WTC 1, 2 & 7] were brought down by controlled demolition". 3NEWS - the music video and celebrity gossip specialists - did a poorer job by not airing the raw footage on live TV. Although, they did post raw footage on their website. In the online footage, TV3 filmed a clip showing Jade Tuckwell's sign, which read "Hillary's CFR pimps want to steal Iran's oil".

TVNZ political reporter Michael Parkin described the protest as "pretty pitiful". This comes as no surprise given the small turnout, which mainly featured members of Peace Action Wellington and Indymedia. Regardless, it achieved a milestone for NZ911TRUTH. This was the first time NZ911TRUTH received coverage of its own, as opposed to us getting coverage for AE911TRUTH. Follow the links below to watch the videos: