Particle Atlas of World Trade Center Dust

I am currently looking into the nano thermite residue and discussing/debating its presence in the dust samples.

As many of you have studied this in detail can someone please explain how the red grey chips could have been overlooked in this publication;

When there seems to be very detailed analysis otherwise.

Online studying is ambiguous these days there is so much content on the subject.

I would really appreciate links or information that can verify the samples, I am convinced myself that these chips are genuine, but in order to continue my truth activism, I need verifiable evidence, and the above list makes it seem as though these chips were not present in the samples tested by USGS. or maybe i am reading it wrong.

thanks in advance for any help.

I do not..

think you're the only person asking that question. FOIA requests for dust samples have been denied to the best of my knowledge. A request for the full report was obtained by FOIA and it was shown that molybdenum had formed. See

Hope that helps


I spoke to Gregory Meeker, co-author on the USGS paper

that you refer to, via telephone, a few years ago.

I sent him a copy of the "Active Thermitic Materials" paper -- and asked him if he had seen "red/gray chips." Same with regard to the RJ Lee study of the WTC dust -- I spoke to a principal author and asked her if they had seen "red/gray chips." Both declined to answer specifically.

I should note that I first observed the red/gray chips after I had collected magnetic materials in the WTC dust, using a strong magnet. I was trying to collect iron-rich spheres (which the USGS report DOES identify, as does the RJ Lee report), and found these striking red-gray chips in the magnetically-concentrated sub-sample, since they are weakly-magnetic. However, please note that the NUMBER of red/gray chips is very small compared to the number of iron-rich spheres!

It is possible that the USGS pair ( Heather A. Lowers and Gregory P. Meeker) missed the red/gray chips because they did not use a magnet to extract a sample which would have a much larger concentration of red/gray chips.

James Gourley and I sent the FOIA request to Mr. Meeker a few years back, with the results described in our paper:

referenced also by dtg (see his comment above). James and I found that the total time spent on the WTC sample by Lowers and Meeker was not a large investment of time, at least not in the data we obtained from our FOIA request. (Their response to the FOIA request was significantly delayed, btw -- they requested an extension of time and James and I granted that. Finally, they sent the data but then some of it was very difficult to extract from the disc they sent.)

I requested of USGS a small WTC dust sample; this request was denied -- Mr. Meeker said they did not have enough sample to share. I wonder if a Congressman could pressure USGS to provide such a sample? -- also, a sample of the WTC 7 steel studied by WPI scientists (discussed in my early paper, see ), which was also denied to our research team.

Thank you professor Jones

Thanks for your detailed and comprehensive reply. Just as imagined it was/is difficult for you to recieve samples from an official source such as the USGS, NIST etc etc, surely there is an abundence of this dust. Only a few months ago they were sifting thorugh the dust for bone fragments, If only a powerful magnet could have been dragged over that debris.

It seems my discussion/debate has come to a dead end at present anyway, silence from the deniers.

I truly think that 'all' efforts should be focused on these materials. I have discused and debated numenrous aspects of 9/11 as most of us here have with people and there is always some angle they get with enough doubt to sway the conversation in another direction.

The existence of this thermitic compostion and it's residue have really got many people thinking. The deniers have to ignore the thermite and try to say the spheres are fly ash or Cenospheres. while ignoring the high concentration of elementary iron in the sample sheres and the existence on the nano thermite altogether.

It really does bewilder me how someone that is trying to look as though they are acting with the best intentions can completely ignore the main point of focus in a discussion and manoever around it, while still taking themselves seriously.

Thanks you so much for you work and effort, you make us all very proud indeed, and with your collegues we may be able to restore jusctice and live a life of peace not war and murder.

Take care, Kia Kaha Aroha Nui

from New Zealand


And Thank you Prof Jones

for clarifying and being so responsive. With confirmation from Dr Harit, Mr. Basile, and so many others about these findings, maybe a congressman/woman will have the power (of course its not the power, it's the will ) to subpoena a sample.

On a side note Prof Jones, has a sample of the chips ever been sent to another lab for study or has request to view/verify your samples increased as more professionals come around? I wondered if sponsoring such a study would be helpful? Thanks again for speaking out, you a great to inspiration to me.

The new experts speak DVD looks to be big hit as well..

peace all

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that does help

Thank you.