Eyewitness Evidence

*Updated December 20th, 2010 - With more eyewitness videos!*

Most of these videos are from the FOIA lawsuit against NIST.

Firemen Explosion Testimony

9/11 Explosion In The North Tower Lobby Eyewitness (WNBC Dub4A 27)

9/11 Explosion In The North Tower Before The Plane Hit - Eyewitness

9/11: NBC News, 11:54 am to 12:02 pm - Pat Dawson reports the Chief of Safety for the NYC Fire Dept said that there was a secondary device planted in the building.

9/11: NBC News, 11:28 to 11:43 am - Ashleigh Banfield reports four explosions

9/11 Eyewitness to Twin Towers Basement Explosion

9/11 Explosion In The South Tower Lobby Eyewitness
- Witnesses from the 82nd floor experience an explosion on the fourth floor and a pyroclastic type wall of dust. WABC-Dub1 Clip 108.

New William Rodriguez support story

9/11 Eyewitness Greg Cherry from the NIST FOIA archives

...and another eyewitness to an explosion in lobby before the plane hit the WTC.

9/11 WTC Survivor experienced explosions

9/11: Three WTC survivors in explosive interview

9/11 There Was An Explosion In The Basement Eyewitness (WCBS Dub2_30)

Second explosion at the Pentagon Live on FOX, 10:10

WTC1 Bomb Early Witness Mututanont Sompors Injured Explosion 37th

WTC eyewitnesses, boom boom boom

Firefighters For 9-11 Truth Explosion Witness

Firefighters for 9-11 Truth - Explosion WITNESS

9/11 Eyewitness Survivor 'Everything Was Fine Until We Got Down To The Basement'
After a few sentences, an FBI guy tells him "don't do interviews" and whisks him away!

9/11 Eyewitness Still Hearing Explosions (WPIX Dub1 23-34)

This guy could potentially be talking about the second plane strike, not sure...

CNN reports third explosion brought down tower

911 Eyewitness to basement explosion in WTC 1 Philip Morelli

Second Video

Witness- "I think a bomb went off in the lobby..first. Then a plane hit the building."

watch it

the fist video

says it all, they had already evacuated the building, and were reporting explosions, BEFORE ANY PLANE HAD IMPACTED, NIST said there was no evidence of explosives yet they had this footage.

That 'should' be all that is needed to prove they were lying, but we all know how common sense has been swayed by propoganda when it comes to the subject of 9/11.

thanks for all the work people, together with purserverence we will succeed.

Well, the first plane had

Well, the first plane had already hit the first tower at the time that video was taken. You can tell because when the second plane impacts the second tower, there is already a plume of smoke above that tower (from the first plane strike).

Still though, the first plane strike wouldn't cause an explosion in the lobby like he described.

Thanks for watching these, y'all!

its time to crash the party where ever he goes

who wants to join with me this sunday 11-14-2010?

I will have at least 200 9-11 truth DVD's and hope that some of the people
going to the Miami Book Fair will take a look at the movies on the DVD.
We will have to be on I-95 from the wpb area no later than 11:00 am get there
and be set up by 1:00 pm somewhere in the vicinity of the book fair, by 4:00 pm
at the latest we will be back on I-95 heading home.....so who wants to join me?

[Edit- phone number removed for user's security - LW ]

Inaugural Afternoon with President George W. Bush
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Destination will be on the right 0.6 mi

Miami Book Fair International
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For some reason, my computer

For some reason, my computer does not have the live links to see the videos, this site, this thread. I went upstairs to my friend's to see if my friend's computer could access this site, this thread, , there it was on his computer. What is going on?

Another thing, today being Veteran's day, I posted on Facebook a support for Veteran's rights group, which was accessible this morning to me, but, tonight, it says, error 404, not found, why clicking onto the link. I did say that supporting our troops means not lying to them, and not accepting our government lying to them also.

Recently, while perusing a Truth site, I also noticed that a link of "Osama" the fake Osama, in which it shows him with a gold wedding band, which we all know here is non-Muslim, that link was also inaccessible.

I read somewhere about a week ago, that in a week or so, they are going to be officially censoring the internet. Holy shit.

Try to censor the internet

Try to censor the internet all they want I say... I downloaded most of the videos that I found to be truthful, and I intend on making sure that they stay on the internet for all to see. They can't stop us all!

vid: @5:10 WTC7 explosion when WTC1 and WTC2 were still standing


RIP Barry Jennings. I'm so

RIP Barry Jennings. I'm so glad people interviewed him about his experience that day before he passed.

9/11 Eyewitness Greg Cherry

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Firefighters For 9-11 Truth

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Excellent collection. Please continue posting the eyewitnesses.