Manny Badillo, 9/11 Family Member “Informs” DHS Janet Napolitano of WTC7 on 09/11/2010

We couldn’t have asked for better circumstances…

On September 11th this year we ran into Janet Napolitano, director of the Dept. of Homeland Security, while visiting the reflecting pool memorial inside the “pit.”

Here is the video of 9-11 family member Manny Badillo’s conversation with her regarding World Trade Center #7.

Please spread far and wide and enjoy!

Thank you Manny! Excellent Job As Usual!!!

You speak with poise and sincerity. I don't really know you, but I am proud of you for what you do.

Thank you Oklahoma WAC for producing the video and thank you Nor Cal Truth for posting.


Every aspect of this communication was perfect. A model interaction!

This is exactly the model to

This is exactly the model to follow as far as public outreach. I wish the video didn't link to infowars at the end though. This website has served to turn off the vast majority of people I have sent there over the years. I think some people at we are change are doing great actions like this. I don't want to see there efforts diminished by being affiliated with infowars. It is surprising to me to see all this Ron Paul promotion from the linked sites. This gentlemen has said in a few different instances that he supports the OCT. His is not a "Truth" candidate. Ron Paul is not spreading 9/11 Truth. I supported him till he didn't stand up for our cause. These video's could have a greater impact with references at the end to sights focusing on 9/11 Truth specifically.

Like she really cared.

Please, yes it was a leveled presentation to a women that acted as though he wasn't even there. All she could do was shake her head and say; "yeah go see the city, not my concern." She had the appearance of someone that was going through the motions and wished she was somewhere else.

This women couldn't care less and I would bet she knows.

I got the same feeling

She just listened. No feeling that she gives a damn at all. Evidence of a criminal cover-up-- overlooked by the "Dept of Homeland Security" for this long? Of course they all know.


but its excellent that Manny did this and its all part of the bigger picture- the steady drip drip of truth, seeping through the cracks appearing in the DAM LIES
until that womans own kids are asking her- shouldnt you be doing the right thing?

She's Not Trustworthy

As Arizona governor, she virtually refused to defend the border against the flow of human traffcking, illegal drugs and other contraband.

As DHS boss, she is central to the push for privacy invading activities and civil rights violations at U.S. airports that are facilitated by dubious "terror" events.

Worse than untrustworthy, she's deeply complicit

Only a true sociopath could look so bored and slow-witted in light of what she knows about WTC7. This is not a tangential figure, this Napolitano. She is a central figure in the cover-up and also happens to be the person charged with stripping civil liberties to soften us up for the planned police state. Central casting couldn't come up with a more dumb and apathetic-looking stooge, but make no mistake, she is inside the game and deep. This clip actually reminds of watching Phil Zelikow speak, so droll and nearly comatose you want to scream, but much more going on behind those dead eyes. But like Zelikow, also a hint of fear mixed in.

Way to go Manny Badillo for forcing her to stand there looking dumb and guilty. How dare she even show her face at ground zero.

way to go, manny. . .

. . . excellent approach.

The best

"confrontation" WAC NY has ever done...
Honest, civil, and no yelling...
Things are looking up for activists speaking professionally to elected officials.


You sure put her in one awkward position Manny. It's fun to see the so-called "powerful" collapse under the cold glare of truth.
Sadly, it will accomplish nothing more than giving Napolitano a restless night.

Come on folks

tell me you don't believe in cold blooded reptillians running the show after after a good look at this video!

It was my attempt at humor

Oh well maybe you already knew that eh?