Rachel Maddow on Bush's 9/11 Revisionism - 11/8/10

Go to jail.

"Decision Points"

To Questions He Can't Answer, Bush Has A New Response: Buy My Book


"Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th"


Jail is long overdue. We won't be forgetting.

Interview questions

'Oh, and one more question, Mr. President. When the 9/11 Commission was carrying out its investigation, you and Vice President Cheney refused to be questioned separately or even to have any notes taken. People giving truthful testimony are usually anxious that it be recorded accurately. Why did you forbid any record to be kept of the answers you gave concerning the most important day of your presidency? And why was having Cheney present necessary in order for you to answer questions about what you did that morning? A morning on which the two of you weren't even in the same place?'

think cheney respecting papa bush made sure that:

on the big day little georgie was on live TV in a classroom with 1000 's of witnesses so it was clear he wasnt pressing buttons and doing evil master plots

he'd child-mind georgie in all other aspects to make sure he didnt get in trouble

honour amongst psychopaths
(maybe like some serial killers have respect for each other)


"Sibel brought us many whistleblowers"

use that when deniers say- "oh, someone would have come forward by now."

Email Address...

Possibly worth trying to contact her or the people behind the scenes of her show..

Good idea


Rachel can be an important ally in the quest for a new investigation.

All we need to do is to arouse her curiosity and get her to re-examine 911 by asking some basic questions.


All we need to do is arouse her curiosity?

If only.

Maddow is avoiding 9/11 like the plague. To suggest that she needs her curiosity piqued is a bit naive in my view. She is gagged by people at her employer GE. She's not allowed to go there. She doesn't live in a vacuum, she knows what's up with 9/11. Having said that, I hope she does jump the sinking 9/11 coverup ship. Like Chomsky, Maddow will have to come around and not too late. Train's leaving the station Rachel, all ABOARD!

Wow, war under false

Wow, war under false pretenses...

Wouldn't that make it an illegal war? Do you think Rachel or her network would ever even come close to uttering that? Wouldn't that make him a war criminal as well for launching a unprovoked war of aggression? It's interesting to see how the media spins this to be about the decisions of an individual while injustice and transgressions continue to prevail.

Where are the 9/11 records?

Where are the agents involved in those pre-9/11 al Qaeda investigations?

Many of the records are still classified and the media refuses to interview the agents. Instead we get books from self serving government officials.

"self serving government officials"

Cindy Sheehan wrote a great piece yesterday on W's thirty-five dollar roll of toilet paper...


best line: "I am sure there's about as much truth in Bush's book as the piece of fiction that came out of the 9/11 Commission."

gotta love Cindy. peace.


"Rachel can be an important ally in the quest for a new investigation". No she can not.



Have you informed Michael Moore about how you translated his idea into action? He's going to love this.. your Youtube video might skyrocket. Try it.

This is single best 9/11 Truth related pun I've seen, even though in many ways, the implications aren't funny.

Awesome job Jon. Comedy Gold.


Oh well... I guess many people may already be doing it:

"In his memoir (which some wise people have already moved in bookstores to the CRIME section) George W. Bush admitted that he authorized that detainees be waterboarded, tortured, a crime under US and international law. "

But then again, your particular interpretation resonates with me best.