Be Careful Denzel – That Ground Zero Dust is Explosive!

In a recent interview published by The Daily Mail in the U.K., the Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington spoke briefly about his time in New York around 9/11/01:

“I’m from New York, I was at Ground Zero and it changed my life. I’m a native New Yorker to the day I die. I had to be there. I was stunned. I was as close as I am to you now looking down in the hole days after it happened. For everyone involved it was traumatic. I saw people just sitting there exhausted because the guys had worked two or three days straight.”

The New York Daily just ran a story announcing close to 1,000 9/11 first responder deaths: These deaths are attributed to the lies of the EPA, the director at the time  Christine Todd Whitman, and the White Houses’ CEQ which was altering the EPA press releases and effctively downplaying the threat of harmful airborne chemicals so Wall St. could re-open.  It is notable that Denzel noticed a problem as so many others did as well. In the interview, Denzel remembers this:

“In fact, the guy who was walking me around had lost his voice just from tension and from the dust.”

And then Denzel mentions that he collected some dust in a bag and still has it:

“I remember I collected up some of the dust and put it in a little bag. I took it home. I still have it.”

That dust collected from Ground Zero should be handled with care! Remember that the dust was studied and put through scientific study in search of potentially explosive residues. Many things were found in the dust, including unignited portions of what is recognized as thermite! This is from 9/11 Research:


6.  As measured using DSC, the material ignites and reacts vigorously at a temperature of approximately 430ºC, with a rather narrow exotherm, matching fairly closely an independent observation on a known super-thermite sample. The low temperature of ignition and the presence of iron-oxide grains less than 120 nm show that the material is not conventional thermite (which ignites at temperatures above 900ºC) but very likely a form of super-thermite.

Denzel, this explosive material in the dust you collected is way bigger than The Pelican Brief!

The entire examination of the dust can be found in a peer-reviewed journal, please review it here:’

Please also visit Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth for more professional corroboration:

And if Denzel were to ever read this at all and make it this far – don’t be scared to show your support sign the petition at Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth:

Why should he be scared?

Standing on the side of truth doesn't seem to have hurt Charlie Sheen's career lol !

C'mon Denzel ... Charlie did the hard work ... it should be easy(er) now

Follow the example of your other collegue

Daniel Sunjata then. If your a real Newyorker, stand up for what's right. I truly hope you find the courage to do so.

or Dick Gregory!

Is it possible that Denzel is following the movement and letting us know he has dust to examine?

AE911 & Denzel

Like it!

hope someone examines his dust samples

Someone should try to contact Mr. Washington's agent

to see if a sample of the dust can be donated for study.

Mr. Washington Should Be Approached Carefully

If handled properly, Mr. Washington's cooperation with providing the dust for study could be a big boost to the cause.

...and also a big boost for Denzel Washington's career.

Mr. Washington could get a lot of fantastic publicity by having several parties examine the dust.
It would hard for the Press to demonize such an action.

Approached Very Carefully

In the remote chance he would offer his WTC dust to be analyzed, the chain of custody should be verified and the possibility of a 'black op switcheroo" should not be discounted. The red-gray chips in the dust are the biggest smoking gun and the PTB (powers that be) will do anything to discredit that evidence.

What if?

This needs to be handled carefully.

What if, for whatever reason, his dust doesn't have red gray chips?

It would be so wonderful to have Denzel Washington join the fight to expose the truth.

I am just thinking about several possible outcomes of testing his dust.

This also draws me to focus more critically on chain of custody.

Is this by design? Probably just a coincidence.

Washington contact

Anybody know how to contact him.....?

Manchurian Candidate:

His being the protagonist in the remake of the Manchurian Candidate, we could assume he has a reflective view of military psy/black ops. Actors do research their roles...
To which, I "theorize", these kinds of activities may possibly, hypothetically, have played a role in 9/11. Not beyond suspicion, to throw it out there.